Jon Stewart had a few words for the people who cry about wanting their country back

I’ve missed Jon Stewart so dang much. The daily Show just isn’t the same without him.

I’m glad he once again called out Fox News for their BS and those “I’m from Real America” people who act like they are the only “real” Americans. #Love it!


LSSC | 2016.07.21 | Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert’s Late Show Desk

Here’s where we are. Either Lumpy and his friends are lying about being bothered by thin-skinned, authoritarian, less-than-Christian, readers of prompters being president, or they don’t care. As long as it’s their thin-skinned, authoritarian, tyrant, narcissist.

Jon dusts off the desk, tie, and not-quite-fitting suit jacket to come at Fox News, and Sean Hannity’s blatant hypocrisy. And Arby’s. For old times’ sake. 

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, reunited, discussing who the GOP presidential candidate is.
  • STEPHEN:It's Donald Trump.
  • (JON does spit-take into STEPHEN's face.)
  • JON:The guy from "The Apprentice"?
  • STEPHEN:Yep.
  • JON:The guy who did a McDonald's commercial with Grimace?
  • STEPHEN:Same guy.
  • JON:The guy who filed for bankruptcy in 1991.
  • STEPHEN:And '92.
  • JON:And 2004.
  • STEPHEN:And 2009.
  • JON:That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes.
  • JON:Mike Tyson's business advisor. That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Indeed. Same guy.
  • JON:The guy whose eyes look like tiny versions of his mouth.
  • STEPHEN:Yes. The guy who looks like an angry Creamsicle.
  • JON:Decomposing jack-o-lantern.
  • STEPHEN:Human-toupee hybrid.
  • JON:That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes.
  • JON:A guy who looks like he's actually wearing a Donald Trump costume. That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes. A loose-fitting one at that.
  • JON:The guy who wrote, and I quote, "Oftentimes, when I was sleeping with one of the top women in the world, I would say to myself, 'Can you believe what I'm getting?'" That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes. The same guy who said, and I quote, "I have black guys counting my money; I hate it. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day."
  • JON:That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes. That guy.
  • JON:By the way, we wear them at night, too.