Entertainment Weekly | What should Jon Stewart do next? Former Daily Show correspondents offer advice

Ed Helms: Dream job for Jon Stewart: Speaker of the House. Let’s put him in charge of Congress.

Josh Gad: I would love Jon to become the first Jewish President of the United States of America. I think that he could be what Kennedy did for the Catholics. And I actually think that if Jon did run for president, he’d win, and that’s how unbelievable I think he is

John Oliver: I want to see him become the official King of New Jersey. I think New Jersey would probably move to a monarchy for him – it would be him and Springsteen duking it out, War of the Roses style.

Mo Rocca: I’d want him to create more shows — and create one for me. [Laughs] But I’m somewhat serious about that.

Lewis Black: I’m not giving him any advice without a consulting fee. He would need to pay me a lot of money and it would be … I could give him a half hour of my time.

Rob Corddry: Maybe a one-on-one Charlie Rose-type of show? That would be fun for me at least. I that’s what I would like to see him do.

Michael Che: Man, I want to see him take a five-year break. This guy’s been doing this show every single day for like 20 years man. I want to see him get a tan.

Olivia Munn: He should clean his office. Just clean his office. And he has a few Emmys in a box somewhere. And by a few I mean like, 30. You know, just maybe pass them my way. But honestly, I would just like him to clean his office. It’s overdue. It’s been years.

Stephen Colbert: Mostly I want him to say, “I was just kidding. I’m not going anywhere.”


Seth Rollins surprises Jon Stewart with a custom “The Daily Show” WWE World Heavyweight Championship

‘In his second unscheduled visit to “The Daily Show,” The Architect shocks host Jon Stewart with an honorary WWE World Heavyweight Title.‘

anonymous asked:

Can you link Jon's comedy specials?

Do you mean stand up? As far as I’m aware Jon has only done one stand up special for tv - Jon Stewart Unleavened, for HBO in 1996. You can watch the whole thing here 

 Searching for ‘Jon Stewart stand up’ on youtube will bring quite a bit of other (often bootlegged) stuff up. You can see his entire set from Baltimore in 2013 here for example. And if you add northeastern to that search most of his routine from Northeastern University in 2008 is up in bits.

I’m pretty sure his snl monologue is available free on hulu too.

Hope that helps! Unleavened is great!

What should Jon Stewart do next? Former Daily Show correspondents offer advice

I think of all the former TDS correspondents, Stephen’s answer is the most heartfelt and serious (well, actually the only heartfelt and serious answer imo).

And of course he voiced exactly what every fan thinks!

Stephen Colbert: Mostly I want him to say, “I was just kidding. I’m not going anywhere.”

The Hollywood Reporter | Bill Carter: How Jon Stewart Changed Media (and Made Megyn Kelly Cry)

Mainly that departure is expected to leave a void for loyal followers of liberal causes, though it also may inspire sighs of relief from the horde of public officials Jon has eviscerated over the years.

The only place those sighs will echo louder is within the newsrooms of the major media enterprises, which have, if anything, endured an even worse bludgeoning thanks to Stewart’s relentless scrutiny. It is no exaggeration to say it: When Jon Stewart goes, the country will be losing the most focused, fiercest and surely funniest media critic of the past two decades.

As one longtime executive at CNN put it to me: “The irony always was that most people in the place truly enjoyed his show, never missed it. So it was always incredibly painful that he would attack us the way he did.” …

Presumably the holdover staff can keep up that standard after Stewart is gone. (Comedy Central’s talent drain – with Stewart, Colbert, John Oliver and Key & Peele all gone in the span of about a year – has left much of the rest of the television business boggled.) But replacing the filter of his high expectations and righteous anger will be much more difficult.