I hope Noah addresses his past, because his words aren’t going to go away. But I hope also that that fate of a show that matters deeply to a lot of us doesn’t rest on the swift and often unforgiving mob justice of the Internet. Noah’s been ignorant and unfunny. I don’t want his head for that. I just want him to now show us he’s a better man, because that’s what “The Daily Show” deserves. And if he isn’t, the network behind it should be pretty clear now that we won’t stand for it.

Yes, his old jokes are insensitive and dumb — but let’s see what he does now

Jon Stewart’s replacement is being lambasted for sexist and anti-semitic tweets

I’m going to take a pass on lambasting Noah for his tweeting history because words cannot capture how very disinterested I am in all of that, and because what I find truly fascinating is that apparently not a single person at Comedy Central or the Daily Show thought it would be a good idea to vet his twitter feed before announcing him as Stewart’s replacement


Trevor Noah To Replace Jon Stewart On The Daily Show