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Jon had joined the wildlings at Qhorin Halfhand’s command. “Ride with them, eat with them, fight with them,” the ranger had told him, the night before he died. “And watch.” But all his watching had learned him little. The Halfhand had suspected that the wildlings had gone up into the bleak and barren Frostfangs in search of some weapon, some power, some fell sorcery with which to break the Wall … but if they had found any such, no one was boasting of it openly, or showing it to Jon. Nor had Mance Rayder confided any of his plans or strategies. 

Since that first night, he had hardly seen the man save at a distance. I will kill him if I must. 

The prospect gave Jon no joy; there would be no honor in such a killing, and it would mean his own death as well. Yet he could not let the wildlings breach the Wall, to threaten Winterfell and the north, the barrowlands and the Rills, White Harbor and the Stony Shore, even the Neck. 

For eight thousand years the men of House Stark had lived and died to protect their people against such ravagers; and reavers … and bastard-born or no, the same blood ran in his veins. Bran and Rickon are still at Winterfell besides. Maester Luwin, Ser Rodrik, Old Nan, Farlen the kennelmaster, Mikken at his forge and Gage by his ovens … everyone I ever knew, everyone I ever loved.

 If Jon must slay a man he half admired and almost liked to save them from the mercies of Rattleshirt and Harma Dogshead and the earless Magnar of Thenn, that was what he meant to do.

kuvirametalbender asked:

Hi! In the Pink Letter why would Ramsay want Val, and the wildling prince?

cont. also, why would he assume Jon has Theon?”

(spoilers for TWOW)

Hiya! I think Ramsay wants Val and the babe to torture/murder in front of Mance, as is his heinous wont. As for Theon…in his released TWOW chapter, Stannis learns (thanks to Jon) that Arnolf Karstark is a Bolton catspaw. After arresting the treacherous Arnolf and his kin, Stannis says two very interesting things: that he plans on personally winning the ~400 Karstark soldiers to his side anyway, and that he’s planning on faking his death. 

“In Braavos you may hear that I am dead. It may even be true.” 

I think those two plans are connected: after defeating Hosteen Frey thanks to the thin ice, Stannis will send the Karhold men to Winterfell ahead of the rest of his army. There, they’ll tell Ramsay that they turned on and killed Stannis according to plan, and present Lightbringer (given to them by Stannis) as proof, which is why Ramsay says he has Stannis’ “magic sword.” 

But! What do they say when he inevitably asks about Jeyne and Theon? Since Stannis is indeed sending Jeyne to Castle Black, I’m betting he ordered the Karholders to tell Ramsay that Theon went along as well. Thus, Ramsay thinks both “my bride” and “my Reek” are with Jon, and so sends the Pink Letter…right before the Karstark men open Winterfell’s gates to their king, Big Walder betrays Ramsay to Stannis, and the Bastard is given to his dogs.