Stark Family Huddle

The Starklings get together to form a battle plan. 

Arya: Ok this is how we’re gonna do this.

Sansa: Umm..I’m really gonna be Queen right?

Arya: Yes, shut up.

Bran: So first..

Sansa: Cersei really hates me ya know.

Arya: Ok first we kill Cersei. Then Littlefinger

Sansa: Oh good…Littlefnger is my kill remember.

Jon: What about the White Walkers?

Bran: Yea…the white…

Arya: Ok so after Cersei. Will convince this other blood b*tch with the dragons to help us with the white walkers.

Jon: Hey that’s my aunt don’t call her that.

Sansa: Whatever…we’re still gonna get married right?

Arya: Yo’ guys first we gotta kill all these people.

Sansa: Then, I can have a big wedding.

Arya: Whatever…shut up…

Bran: I had these visions that…

Arya: Nobody cares about your stupid visions.

Jon: Maybe we should…

Arya: My wolves will take out the the white walkers.

Sansa: Then, I can marry Jon and be queen and have babies?

Arya: Yea…whatever…

Bran: These visions I had…

Jon: ummm…guys…

Jon Imagine...

Imagine Jon Snow being different after resurrection and being a free folk who had always loved him even when he was with Ygritte.

((Sucky summary. Sorry! I hope you all like this! It sort of came out of nowhere haha))

Word Count: 1,957

Warning: None that I know of.

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