Also can we stop acting like Sansa calling Jon her bastard brother is wrong when she’s not the only one who does it? Bran uses it several times, because it’s just a fact:

Bran’s bastard brother Jon Snow moved closer. “Keep the pony well in hand,” he whispered. “And don’t look away. Father will know if you do.”

AGOT, Bran I

It would never be the way it had been, he knew. The crow had tricked him into flying, but when he woke up he was broken and the world was changed. They had all left him, his father and his mother and his sisters and even his bastard brother Jon. His father had promised he would ride a real horse to King’s Landing, but they’d gone without him. Maester Luwin had sent a bird after Lord Eddard with a message, and another to Mother and a third to Jon on the Wall, but there had been no answers. “


Who are they mourning now? Had some enemy slain the King in the North, who used to be his brother Robb? Had his bastard brother Jon Snow fallen from the Wall? Had his mother died, or one of his sisters? Or was this something else, as maester and septon and Old Nan seemed to think?

ACOK, Bran I

"At the Wall?” Bran had always wanted to see the Wall. His bastard brother Jon was there now, a man of the Night’s Watch.


Secondo me Jon Snow nella nuova stagione incontra Khaleesi e all’inizio sono tutti e due sul chi vive come i cani dietro i cancelli e poi si lasciano un po’ andare e Tyrion fa una delle sue battute assolutamente inutili e si scioglie la tensione tra le risate e Khaleesi poi chiede a Jon cosa vuole bere e Jon risponde acqua e menta e Khaleesi si irrigidisce di nuovo perché lei odia l’acqua e menta e allora lo caccia per sempre e si fanno la guerra, mentre Cersei intanto si trova in quella fase drammatica per le donne di quando ti ricrescono i capelli e sei tutta una forcina.

Sansa to Jon is basically what Tyrion is to Dany. They became real rulers once Tyrion and Sansa (again) came to their lives. While rewatching GoT I realised that.

The scenes when they finally meet are kinda similar, also the conversations after. Dany and Jon both so much in their own worlds, and Sansa and Tyrion trying to convince them that their point of views is kinda wrong. When Dany spoke about breaking the wheel, and Jon about going somewhere south, both Sansa and Tyrion were rolling their eyes lol

Also when Jon was making the battle plans and Dany was going to kill all masters, Sansa and Tyrion spoke up, said that that is wrong, that they shouldn’t do things that way.

Just admit it, Dany and Jon (as much as I also love them) sometimes do some very stupid things.. But Sansa and Tyrion are the different story.