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Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Friction between the houses leads to full-scale war. All while a very ancient evil awakens in the farthest north. Amidst the war, a neglected military order of misfits, the Night’s Watch, is all that stands between the realms of men and icy horrors beyond.

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“Game of Thrones s6e1” review

pretenderoftheeast asked:

What if Theon took the black? Would the North be in a better shape then before? Would Jon have knifed Theon in his sleep for his part in Winterfell's fall, especially before Theon took his vows? Would Theon be a valued member of the Night's Watch and against the Others?

Hiya! The big, big question here is what Ramsay does. If Rodrik grudgingly agrees to let Theon take the black before Ramsay returns from the Dreadfort, then we have a castle full of very much alive people all of whom saw Ramsay posing as Reek and helping Theon. So Ramsay will probably still attack Rodrik before the latter comes looking for the former, but he won’t have Theon to blame it on. 

And of course, one of the tragic could-have-beens of the series is if Robb or Catelyn or anyone loyal to them had learned, before the Red Wedding, the full extent of what happened at Winterfell at the end of ACOK. Had Ramsay been exposed, either because he lost to Rodrik or again because he had no one to frame the sack of Winterfell on with Theon having been sent to the Wall, Roose would have faced much stronger suspicion and scrutiny than in OTL.* This might have led Robb to wonder about Robett Glover’s supposedly self-motivated attack on Duskendale (and Roose’s Frey marriage, and Frey allies, and about what else Roose might have accomplished with his own birds at Harrenhal), and the scheme could potentially have unraveled from there. 

As for Jon, keep in mind he’s not at the Wall at this point; he’s in the Frostfangs. By the time he makes it back in ASOS, Theon’s almost certainly taken his vows, and Jon needs every man (especially an archer as deadly as Theon) against first the Thenns and then Mance’s whole army. While he’d certainly want to take revenge on Theon, he’d probably force himself to wait until after the (multi-day) battle, and by then…

Maybe the bonds of battle, the black cloak, or simple familiarity (even though they never got along) prompt Theon to tell Jon the truth, both that he didn’t kill Bran and Rickon and that he betrayed Robb and took Winterfell out of tragic fucked-up identity issues surrounding the place that are, of course, not dissimilar to Jon’s own. Except Theon has done that which Jon promised himself he’d never do: turn on House Stark and violently take Winterfell for himself. 

Which, sure, could lead Jon to kill him. But it also might make him look at Theon the way Frodo looked at Gollum, with the strange wretched fascinated empathy of seeing your worst self externalized, a walking cautionary tale. As such, Jon may see Theon as exactly the kind of person that the Night’s Watch (if run by the right person) can redeem, drawing out Theon’s best features (again, including that skill with a bow) while denying him the capacity to act on his worst. And I like to think that hell yeah, Theon could actually do very well as Jon’s lieutenant. Don’t get me wrong, Theon isn’t at all temperamentally suited to be a Watchman in normal times, but these ain’t them, are they? Given a world of wildling armies and giants riding mammoths and royal deus ex machinas (Davos ex machinas?) and the chance to go up against Evil Itself…I could see Theon quietly healing and self-improving in this totally new context and identity, given as he would be a constant opportunity to prove his worth in simple, legible ways and be a dashing romantic badass while actively doing good. It’s really heartbreaking, honestly; had he only made it out of the castle in time, had he only leapt three books earlier…

*FWIW I firmly believe Ramsay was acting on Dad’s orders RE the Hornwood inheritance, and contacted him at Harrenhal for further orders when he returned to the Dreadfort; why else would Ramsay command that the Walders Frey specifically be brought to him unharmed at Winterfell unless Roose had instructed him to spare his in-laws?

pretenderoftheeast asked:

With everyone theorizing who Azor Ahai is, I kind of wonder, even before that... what's the thematic point of putting that myth in? To address how being the messiah/hero is harder than past fantasies made it look?

Yep, I think you nailed it, especially in Stannis’ case. The other major point of the AA myth, which is intertwined with the one you mention, is to see how our characters react to being named the messiah. Again, that’s driven much of the drama for Team Dragonstone; we’ll see how Dany and Jon take the news.
'Game of Thrones' is in desperate need of Lady Stoneheart
No, but seriously.

No, but seriously. Every time I see a headline like this, I get all excited thinking that a writer out there is finally gonna take this shit-show to task only to actually read it and find a whole lot of tip-toeing and over-diplomacy. Like they want to point out a mistake the show made but don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feeeeeeelings. (Or face the wrath of the rabid show-apologists…) This one is no different, of course.

Perhaps a controversial take, as a slice of the Game of Thrones fandom doesn’t like her and thinks her a superfluous character.

Wait… what?? Who doesn’t like LSH?? Book-readers been clamoring for her for TWO seasons now!! Is the writer referring to show-only fans perhaps? That would make more sense, of course, because LSH is someone the book-readers want and is therefore automatically dismissible. 

Now they could have Sansa step into her mother shoes — only not as an undead avatar of vengeance, obviously.

I love how matter-of-fact they are about this. They already (glibly) pointed out how Sansa has been torn from her own storyline (”Several other characters have taken major detours or been merged with side characters — as in the case of Sansa’s story merging with Jeyne Poole’s — to compensate for the condensed timeframe.”), so it seems there’s now this casual attitude of acceptance when it comes to just inserting Sansa in other character’s storylines wherever it’s “convenient”, regardless of logic or faithfulness to who Sansa Stark really is. Ugh.

BUT THE CLINCHER – their “argument” for why LSH should be on the show (other than finally addressing the Freys in the aftermath of the RW, which, granted, is true) is so she can be there for the big reveal of R+L=J… SO THAT SHE CAN FORGIVE JON.

Yeah, I’ll just leave it at that and let y’all bask in the fuckery.