Jon x Sansa Parallels with William and Mary of England

William was two years older than Mary. Jon and Sansa have a three year or soage gap.

William and Mary were first cousins. Jon x Sansa are first cousins.

Mary was his maternal uncle’s daughter. Ned Stark is Jon’s maternal uncle.

Island Nation on the west loyal to his opponent- Yara is currently team Stannis to some degree.

Mary brought up in a different religion (Anglicanism) than her father (Catholicism)- Sansa follows the new gods more than the old (until recently).

Mary taught mostly “music, dance, drawing, French, and religious instruction”(Wikipedia). Sansa is also mostly taught to be a lady.

Mary was passionately obsessed with Frances Apsley, an older girl in her court (Aka Margaery Tyrell).

Mary initially didn’t want the marriage but fell in love with her husband later, which is how many imagine Jon x Sansa will be.

William was a warrior and often on campaign; Jon is a strong warrior.

Mary and her sister purportedly did not get along but still love each other; Sansa and Arya don’t get along often but still love each other.


Jon and Sansa


“‘Then I will spoon your eyes from their sockets and let my dogs do the rest. Come and see. Ramsay Bolton, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.’”
“… ‘Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North’?”

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King. Cousin. Leader. Lover.

The wolves have come again, from the banners on Winterfell’s walls to the roaring pack outside the castle’s gates. Bran speaks to the trees, tracing the movements of their strange enemy as the Others approach the Wall. Arya prepares for battle with the Valyrian steel sword, Dark Sister. 

And Sansa stands at Jon’s side, preparing the castle and its people for the winter that has reached them. His ardent supporters doubt her place there, but what is an alpha wolf without his lady? Her council is the the first he seeks for every issue. She is the one he turns to as the nights turn colder. Wrapped in sheets or sitting at the high table, it makes no difference. He is her cousin and her commander, she loves him and she will follow him wherever he asks her to go.

Trust bloomed in a barren garden of salted earth, and the plants grow fresh for the first time in years. Each brush of Jon’s skin against her own sends ripples through her, each commanding word spurs her on. They are equal in all things, even in their command of one another, and together they will see them all through this long night.

Preference 04: Confession

Joffrey Baratheon:

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“You look lovely today my lady.”  He complemented, pulling her closed to his side.

“Thank you, your grace.” You smiled thankfully.

“Joffrey, please.” He spoke kindly, stopping at a bench.

“Joffrey.” You paused, closing your eyes fearing a blow to your cheek but when none came you sighed and look at him, and he flashed you a cat-like smile, “Joffrey, thank you for taking time to walk with me.”

Though it was you who requested my company.

He smiled brighter, growing into a smirk and dropped your arm for your hand, “Yes.. Sit with me.” He spoke emotionless and you obeyed quickly looking at the flowers instead of him, still slightly afraid.

“The flowers are beautiful yo- Joffrey.”

“I’m sure they are nothing compared to the ones Highgarden, I am sure.”

“Neigh.” You forced a smile as the lie fell through your lips, “Everything is more beautiful in the capital.”

“Certainly.” He sighed in a whispered tone as he grabbed your cheek and turned you to meet his eyes, placing his hand under your chin and not moving it. “Y/N… I have brought you here today, to the spot were we first met, for a reason.”

“Yes, your grace.”


“Sorry… Joffrey…” You blinked and portrayed a look of innocence in attempts to hide your fear. But his gripped stronged as he placed his other hand on your cheek.

Joffrey smiled gently, “Lady Y/N Tyrell… I know I am promised to your sister-”

Oh gods… Oh Gods please no…

“And I did love her for her beauty. But then I laid eyes on you.. And the moment I did my world stopped… What I am trying to say is I have moved my bethrothal to you other than your sister and we will be married by months end and I couldn’t be happier.”

You were gaping but you couldn’t hide your shock.

You needed to get out, right now.

“May I be excused, your grace?” You asked, pulling away, standing up and walking off, before getting your response Tears of fear and panic cluttered your face as you bit your lips to stop a sob from escaping your mouth.

Jorah Mormont

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The sand felt nice on your as you walked along the beach, your friend carrying your shoes in his hands.

“You are right, Jorah.” You smiled at him, then at the ocean beside you, “This truly is beautiful.”

He smiled thoughtfully at you, nodding in agreement and a calming silence filled the area.

“How is the Khaleesi?” He asked, breaking silence.

“Doing the best she can I suppose.” You shrugged sadly, “She is so strong and brave. yet so graceful. I wish sometimes that I held her faith and strength.”

Jorah smiled at this, grabbing your hand and giving it a small squeeze as you looked at him, then back out at the never ending sea as it spit in your face.

You sighed, knowing that there was no use in waiting.

If I do not tell him, Dany will.

“Jorah?” You questioned looking at him, he made a small hmmm, and looking at you, your hands shaking and you looked away. I must do it now…. “Jorah I have these feelings for you… And I have to know if you share these feelings at all or if… If I not I would not like to lose our frien-”

He cut you off by placing a sweet kiss to your forehead, squeezing your hand tightly. Murmuring against your brow, he said, “I have found myself loving you as well, Y/N”

Smiling at this, you looked up at him, leaning on his shoulder saying a silent thank you to the gods that you did not make a fool of yourself.

Jon Snow

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Tear flooded your eyes as you looked at his body.

This literally cannot be happening… You thought. Why is this happening…

“M-May I please have a moment alone?” You questioned the men, not looking back to see their response, only hearing the door shut.

It was then when you threw yourself onto the slab and clung to your friends dead body, sobbing uncontrollably.

He is cold.  Cold and bruised and scraped. Something he should never be.

Shaking, you placed your lips to his forehead and hugged him, whispering in his ear silent things that you had kept secret. You whispered of your love for his eyes, for his hair, for his mind, for him, and trembled at the sight of his pale skin.

You barely noticed when a women placed her hand on her shoulder and a man picked you up, setting you on a bed where you fell into a dreamless sleep.

You woke up to warm breath and the tickle of beard against your neck, the sent of pine filling your nose. Looking up, you saw those dark eyes that you had fallen for such a long time ago and reached up, cupping his face with your hands.

“Have I died from grief, my love?” You spoke weak and hoarsely, blinking several times as Jon moved closer to you.

He shook is head, a smile brightly on his lips, one you had never seen in your life. You made a small o with your lips, your voice hurting too much to respond causing both of your eyes to water slightly.

“I heard your words.” Jon confessed.

“Did you?” You asked, too weak to figure out if he was truthful or not.

He nodded, “Aye.” He smiled again giving you a small gentle peck on your lips and pulling your weak body up as to hug you tightly. When at last pulling apart, you placed your forehead to his as he mumbled against your lips, “I feel the same.”

Robb Stark

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“Are you doing alright Lady Y/N? Truly?” He asked panicked as you nodded, grabbing his hand as you knew it calmed him down.

He was afraid, and rightfully so. A Baratheon in the North? It was danger which is why he locked you in his own tent, you sleeping in the day and him at night, though truthfully neither of you got much sleep.

You had told him all the plans you, knew, which wasn’t much but his words fear was one of his men finding you here and hurting you, perhaps even throwing you in a cell with your Uncle Jamie. Who knows what would happen from there.

“Robb your generosity is something I cannot thank you enough for.” You smiled lightly, “I am safer here than I was in King’s Landing.” You squeezed his hand gently, causing him to exhale and kneel beside you, his eyes never straying from yours. “I… I am so sorry Robb.” You sighed gently, tears in your eyes as you looked away. “I wish I could have-”

“You were packing and on your way to me, Y/N. There is nothing you could do.” He sighed to quickly, something you assumed he was doing to mask his tears. “I am sorry about your father as well.”

Smiling at the memory of your Lord Father, you looked down and sighed, “He died justly. Peacefully. It was the only way I could imagine him going I suppose.”  Robb and you both chuckled at this and silence once again fell until Robb broke it.

“I.. I think I am love with you, Y/N.”

Your heart panged in your chest and you looked at the ground blinking slightly until you kneeled beside him, wrapping him in a tight embrace.

“I think I am in love with you too Robb.”

Tommen Baratheon:

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“Can’t we go on a walk around the garden?” You smirked at him, “Aren’t you bored?” He looked up from his desk and eyed you as you toyed with books off the shelf. Gently smiling, he looked back at his paper work. “C’mon Tommy!”

“Fine.” He confessed, “I am bored. These people think they get so much for doing so little. But I am the King. It is my duty to finish this. Ser Pounce is sure in need of a bit of fresh air though-”

You sighed, picking up the cat and sitting on Tommen’s desk, the cat being put in your lap as you stroked his ears, “ Tommy I haven’t seen you properly since Joffrey died-”

“Nor I you since the Red Wedding.” He spoke in agreement, taking a free hand to pet his cat. “Look… Y/N I-”

“Is this for the wedding?” you asked, seeing an envelope with the Tyrell Rose on it. Tommen nodded, a strange look on his face and you bit your tongue to prevent yourself from swearing, “I am very excited for you my friend.”

He chuckled curtly, “I am not.”

You eyed him suspiciously and looked him up and down, “Why not Tom?”

“She is a beauty. Any man would be lucky to call her his Lady wife, but there is such an age gap.” He pursed his lips, “Besides, my heart lies with someone else.”

Your heart skipped a beat at this. You knew that it couldn’t be you, but you truly hoped. I am a traitors daughter. A deserters sister. You reminded yourself  I mean nothing to him.

“Who?” you asked numbly. Though you did not really want to know, it was polite to ask.

Tommen blushed and dropped his pen, reaching for your hand across the desk with one arm, and the other turned you to face him. His eyes were the softest and most gentle you had ever seen and it as though you were having a conversation with your eyes.

Forcing him to drop your hand you fell into his arms, looking up at him so you could respond.

I love you to Tommen. I have always loved you.

Theon Greyjoy:

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You couldn’t stop crying. You knew you had to, but you couldn’t. It was worse, somehow, when “Reek” had come to walk you down the isle.

Instead, you ran to him, wrapping your arms tightly around him and sobbed into his shoulder.

“Please don’t make me do this.”

“Lady… Y/N…”

“I don’t want to marry him.” You let go of Reek and began pacing. “He’s a foul creature. A monster. He’ll kill me I’m certain.”

He slowly made his way before you to reach out and touch you. “Y/N.” He repeated, still in a whisper, clearly not audible to your panic.

“He’ll poison me with his seed and as soon as I pop out a son he’ll feed me to the hounds like all the daughters I birthed before our boy.”

“Y/N!” He yelled at last but you weren’t listening.

“No… No maybe he won’t.” You pondered, oddly calm, “Maybe he’ll throw me from a tower. Or maybe he’ll cut off my legs so I can’t-”

Reek cut you off by grabbing you tightly and pressing his shaking lips to your temple, knowing it calms you.

“Y/N…” He whispered again, “I don’t want you to marry him either.”


“Re-No… No Theon… Theon…” He smiled gently, “More or less.. Theon Greyjoy would say he has loved you for the longest time and will defend you to the best of your ability. And will kill anyone who tires to catch your fancy,”

You laughed quietly and squeezed him tightly, “Y/N Stark would say that she shares his feelings and would wed him right now to save the two of them to the bastard she is promised to.”

He kissed your chin as he let you go, looking you up to down.

“Theon Greyjoy, and Reek I suppose, must protect their lady. Starting with this.” He dropped a small vial in your hands and you looked at it confused, “Drink it now.”

You almost dropped it when a knock came at your door.

“Reek! Hurry now! Everyone is freezing.” The bastard yelled from outside the door, “Tell my bride to walk down naked if she must! I will not wait another-”

“Take it. Now my lady. Hurry.”

You obeyed and forced the liquid into your mouth, Theon, taking the bottle once you had finished and threw it into the fire, linking arms with you and leading you outside.

And you cried out again. Tears of fear, loss and helplessness, but oddly enough, tears of joy.

Tyrion Lannister:

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“Why are you here, mi-lady?” He questioned you. “Is everything alright?”

You smiled at him, bowing your head before you sat at his desk, a small blush on your face.

“I am sorry to disrupt you, my lord but it is a matter of most importance.”

Tyrion dropped his pen and looked up from his piece of paper, his mind filling with concern as he went through all the possibilities big or small.

Are you dying? Are you leaving?

Did something happen to your family? Did something happen to his family?

 Are you hurt? Are you sick?

 Are you-

“My Lord?” You asked, your eyes filling with his concern, “My lord are you all right?”

He nodded, grabbing your hand and forcing a smile, “Quite. What Is the matter?”

You sighed and squeezed his hand tight before releasing the grip to calm yourself, “I have… How do I say it… I have grown feelings… But they are improper.. And I have tried to push them away but I have failed.

“Feelings?” He spoke numbing, fearing the response you would give, “Feelings for Joffrey?”


“For Jamie?”


“For my lord father?”


“For Gods sake.. Please tell me they aren’t for the Queen regent!?”

You chuckled slightly at this, “Nay my Lord. I have grown feelings for you.”

His eyes widened at this and he opened his mouth to release an Oh, but no noise came out as he sat in shock.

“I am sorry my lord. I know of the improper nature, for I am a serving girl and you are a high born Lord but I thought it best to tell you that-”

“Nay.” He repeated and you tilted your head to the sighed, “No don’t say another word about impropertity cause I do not care.” He smiled brightly at you and brought your hand to his lips, “Meet me here come nightfall. We shall take a walk.” You bowed your head, smiling before standing up and walking to the door before he stopped you.

“Oh and Y/N.”

“Yes my Lord?”

“Thank you for telling me.” He smirked at you.

For I feel the same and never would have told you the truth

How many times were the Stark siblings told to go North to their “brother” Jon Snow for protection?

I find it funny that as ill as Jon was treated and mocked as a “bastard” his whole life, at the end of the day, those same people knew he would be the one to protect his siblings at all cost.

Can someone gif everytime a Stark was told to go North to Jon? I would, but have no idea how to do that. Hehe. 😘

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I feel extremely confused as to why Jon keeps on having dreams of the stone kings telling him he doesn‘t belong down there. By all accounts, he’s Lyanna’s son, so he’s a Stark as well, by blood. And if the theory of Rhaegar’s arp being in Lyanna’s grave is true, wouldn’t they be calling him in?

I think maybe it’s just meant to be a sign as to who he’s fathered by. The people that end up in the Stark crypts are usually the former Kings of Winter, Lords of Winterfell, and their sons. Lyanna was a special addition. And though she may be Jon’s mother, Rhaegar is his father. If Jon had been raised with his father’s family as I’m sure Rhaegar intended, he would have been cremated upon death in the style of most deceased Targaryens.

Jon’s dreams feel like a message from the old gods to me. I don’t know if there has to be anything down there for the significance to remain. I certainly don’t think Rhaegar’s harp is down there. What would be the point in that? If there is something tangible in the crypts that could reveal Jon’s parentage, I would assume it’s something from Lyanna. She was actually important to Ned, and the mystery of his mother is something that has consistently plagued Jon throughout the story. If he’s getting an heirloom or trinket from either of his biological parents, it’s from Lyanna.

Jon Snow: I chose a wife

Words count: 1802

Warning: a bit of a kissing scene and mention of sex.

REQUESTED: I hope you like it and I don’t write smut. the end is all i could do for you.

Jon Snow: I chose a wife

You looked from where you stood as Jon went to the other side of the wall, to talk with the wildings. He took a look at you before he disappeared. You sighed sadly. You liked Jon Snow, you didn’t care that he was a bastard. The only problem was that he was part of the night watch. The commander of the night watch, you can never express how you felt about him. Besides you’re leaving the wall soon.

“Amara!” You turned when you heard your voice.

“Yes?” You asked Melissandre, the only other woman here.

“Dinner is ready.” You nodded and followed her to her chambers. You two always ate together, after all the whistles and talk you got from the men, on your first day at Castel Black.

After Dinner you went to your bed, you had a room to yourself. It had a lock from inside for safety, especially now that Jon isn’t here to protect you.

It was the next day at noon that Jon came back. The free folk agreed to cross the wall. You were sure that that wouldn’t set well with the rest of the night watch. And you dreaded the day they will act.

“Amara, can I talk to you?” Jon asked you and you nodded and followed him silently to his office. He sat on one of the chairs in front of the disk and you sat in front of him. “Has anyone bothered you while I was gone?”

“No, not at all. I just kept to myself really.” You told him a bit shyly.

“Good.” It was silent for a moment. “What do you think about the free folk crossing the wall?”

“Honestly, I see their point. It’s not their fault that the wall was built while they were on the other side.” You said honestly. “And with everything going on at the moment, they have to cross the wall more than ever, but…”

“But what?” Jon asked confused.

“But I am afraid what the rest of Westeros will think about them.” You moved a stand of hair out of your face, Jon was watching you as if he was trying to memorize everything about you.

“That’s what I fear too.” He said he frowned, he was clearly stressed.

“Hey, don’t worry about it now.” You told him and took his hand in yours and give it a squeeze. “You should rest.”

You let go of his hand and stood up.

“Amara.” Jon called for you just as you were about to leave.

“Yes?” Jon seemed to hesitate.

“Thank you.” He settled with saying, you smiled but knew that wasn’t what he really wanted.




It was two day later when it happened. They killed Jon, traitors of the nights watch. You stood beside the table he laid on crying softly. Sir Davos and a few loyal men of the night’s watch were with you along with Ghost. Edd one of Jon’s close friends went to notify the free folk, as Alliser Throne and the rest of the night’s watch demanded Jon’s body.

“It’s time, open the door or you will all die.” Alliser said from the other side of the door, at night time. You stood in front of Jon, with Ghost by your legs, it was as if she was protecting you.

You closed your eyes waiting for them to burst through the door. But after nothing happened, you looked to your companions in confusion, especially when you heard shouting from outside. A few minutes later Sir Davos and the other men walked out, and you stayed in the room.




You were a bit embarrassed seeing Jon naked, dead or not. It just didn’t feel right. You stood to the side as lady Melissandre tried to bring Jon back to life. You tried to not get your hopes up, but you couldn’t help but hope it’ll work. We all stood around for what felt like hours, but it was clear that it was not working. That’s when Tormund stormed out of the room followed by Edd, Melissandre and that left me Sir Davos, Ghost and Jon’s body. A sob rocked your body as you cried, Sir Davos put a hand on your shoulder in comfort.  It was when Ghost started howling that you looked up just to see Jon gasp for air and sit up.

He was beyond confused.

“Oh gods.” You muttered.




While Sir Davos was explaining to Jon what happened, you went and brought him his clothes. When you got back, they were done talking, and Sir Davos was just leaving.

“Here are your clothes.” You said and put it on the table, while giving Jon a smile. “Call me if you need anything.”

You were about to leave when Jon held your hand. You turned to look at him.

“Thank you.” He said looking you right in the eye.

“Your welcome.” He let go of your hand and you left, your heart beating fast and a smile on your face. Every time he touches you, your heart beats faster and faster. You don’t know how long could you hid your feelings for.



It was just the next day when Sansa Stark arrived. And a couple days after that the battle was announced. It was Ramsay Snow/Bolton against Jon/Snow. Two bastards.

To say that you weren’t scared for Jon’s life would be a lie.

“Are you coming with us?” A very familiar voice asked and you turned from you bag to the door, where Jon stood.

“Yes, I can’t stay here any longer. Especially with you gone.” You said blushing a bit at the last part. “I don’t think the men here will treat me right.”

Jon nodded and you two stood in silence for a moment. He was about to say something when someone called for him, he looked disappointed, before he left. And you yourself were disappointed.




The day of the battle you were nervous, you were scared. You had so many emotion running through you, and you weren’t even fighting.

When it was time, Jon came to you. You were looking for him, but it looks like he found you first.

“Come with me.” He said and turned to walk, and you followed after him.

You followed Jon until you were far from everyone’s praying eyes.

“What is it Jon?” You asked him once he stopped walking.

“There has been something I have always wanted to tell you.” He stopped walking for a few moments and you looked at him hopeful. “Amara, I love you.”

You smiled, and left out a giggle, before throwing yourself in Jon’s arms. His lips soon were on yours. You wrapped your hand around his neck and the other in his hair, pulling him closer to you. Jon’s arms moved around your waist closing the distance even more, if that was even possible.

You pulled back for air, you opened your eyes and looked into Jon’s.

“I love you so much Jon Snow.”

“I have to go, but after this battle, I’ll marry.” Jon said and you smiled even more.

“And I’d love nothing more than that.” You said. “Just don’t die.”

“I won’t.” Jon said and gave you a pick on the lips before leaving, it was time for him to go.




The battle was over, and Jon is alive. Ramsay is finally defeated. Winterfell finally has a stark in it, it was finally back to its rightful people. And the best thing is Jon finally got what he deserves. He’s now king in the north. It worries you now he’s king, would he still want you? And if he does will you be a good queen?

“I know you just chose me a king.” Jon’s voice called in the silent room, holding everyone’s attention. “I have something to announce, now that I am no longer a part of the night’s watch. I am getting married.”

Everyone cheered, and Sansa smiled at her brother already knowing who he’s going to wed.

“Now, I also wanted you all to know that I already chose someone.” Jon cut the cheering.

Everyone went even crazier and you blushed. They started shouting ‘who!’ over and over again.

“The girl you all my have seen, she’s Amara.” He said and raised a hand for you to come to where he stood. Your cheeked turned even redder. Even though you were blushing, you held your head high your back straight. You walked like a queen the one you were meant to be.

To your surprise everyone was still cheering, even Sansa, but she made it look so elegant.

Jon took your hand in his and pulled you close. You smiled up at Jon as he smiled down at you. Both of you had so much love for the other that even a blind man could feel it.




You and Jon had a big wedding, it was amazing. You never looked better. It was the feast that was crazy. So many drunk people. You and Jon decided to not go by tradition, and there will not be a bedding ceremony, where men will strip you and carry you to your chambers, and women do the same to Jon, then some of your most trusted men and women will watch you as you bed for the first time. No you will just leave whenever you two felt and retire to your chambers where you will be alone. Enjoying your first time together alone.

“I think it’s time for you two to go.” Sansa said leaning close to you and Jon, from the other side of Jon as you all sat at the high table. “If you are waiting for them to calm down, you’d be waiting for a long time.”

You and Jon shared a look before you agreed. You giggled as you and Jon left the room, and no one even noticed.

“Come on.” Jon said eager, pulling you behind him.

“Okay, I’m coming.” You giggled even more.

When you got to your room, Jon didn’t wait his lips attacked yours, and he pulled you for a lustful yet passionate kiss. You held his head close to yours, as you two go each other’s clothes off in a hurry. You both couldn’t wait. Jon moved his lips to your neck and continued to kiss and suck, you let out a moan and finally you were both out of all your clothes. Jon pushed you into the bed and you two made love that night.

You felt loved, when you fell a sleep that night. With Jon’s arms around you.

“I love you Amara.” Was the last thing you heard before you fell asleep.

Chapter 17: The Good and The Terrible

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Your life with the Starks is great, it’s more than you ever imagined. You and Jon Snow have a beloved little secret, but will that change all very soon? What will happen to Jon and especially you as new series of events start to stir causing a plethora of mishaps and sinister evil beings try to plot against the Starks, what will you do to play your part in the Game of Thrones?

Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 18

I really like this song guys and it’s super cute, it reminds me of Sansa. -> Song I like 

“So what do you think of your new room? I added more candles and books to read.” I told Sansa as she sat in chair looking at me.

“I think it’s wonderful. Do you think you can sleep in here with me tonight?” She asked me ever so softly. She is still a little girl in my eyes, that little girl with the red hair like her mothers.

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