The Hound from Game of Thrones really is dead...and Jon may be alive...according to HBO

- So HBO is promoting their new “Honor the Fallen” toy line, that features dead characters. I think they even have Sansa’s direwolf there.

They have Stannis as well. But, no Jon Snow. Hmmmm, maybe he’s not dead.

However, the Hound (Sandor Clegane) is in the line and I’m bummed out. I had hopes he wouldn’t be following some book theory. I’m bummed.


Game of Fashion !

As I thought Game of Throne’s costumes were really good, I thought it would be funny to imagine some of the main characters wearing Haute Couture pieces witch matches with their style and personalities.

So here are :
- Jon wearing an Alexander Mc Queen suit
- Daenerys wearing an Elie Saab dress
- Cersei wearing a Dior dress

More is coming !

“Someone was shouting her name, Harwin probably, or Gendry, but the thunder drowned them out as it rolled across the hills, half a heartbeat behind the lightning.” (Arya, A Storm of Swords)

“Through the madness he heard someone call his name, but whether it was Ygritte or the Magnar he could not say.” (Jon, A Storm of Swords)