Parallel’s- Zac and his ‘Workshop’ for Jon and Sansa

“Besides the fact that Jon and Sansa were filmed to look like Ned and Catelyn, due to stance, attitude, scenic and shot (way it was filmed) and cooperation, there is more to this scenery.

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Jonsa fic

So I’ve decided to dive straight into the deep end. In response to a prompt  from @bricklebeary, I have written a prologue for this fic. Would love some feedback people! Also title suggestions. I haven’t flexed my creative writing muscles since I graduated high school and no one else has read this, so I really would like to know if this piques anyone’s interest. 

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They had come for a war, for adventure and plunder, and for a glorious death to spare their kin beyond the Neck one more mouth to feed.

The poisoning of Aegon II had denied them that chance. Lord Stark still marched his army into King’s Landing, but to a much different outcome……[I]n one thing, Lord Stark would not be dissuaded: the betrayers and poisoners of King Aegon II must pay the price. To kill a cruel and unjust king in battle was one thing. But foul murder, and the use of poison, was an offense against the very gods who had anointed him. Cregan had twenty-two men arrested in Aegon III’s name…Cregan Stark served in that office [the Handship] for a single day, presiding over the trials and executions. (WOIAF)

Bolton’s silence was a hundred times more threatening than Vargo Hoat’s slobbering malevolence. Pale as morning mist, his eyes concealed more than they told. Jaime misliked those eyes. They reminded him of the day at King’s Landing when Ned Stark had found him sitting on the Iron Throne. (ASOS, Jaime IV)

Jon paused, frowning. “I would sooner take off Mance’s head myself.” (AFFC, Sam I)

Starks get so mad when people bogart the regicide.


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