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Defenders of the Universe, huh? Has a nice ring to it.

@riahchan I know you requested this ages ago, and I’ve just finally gotten around to watching Voltron, so here you go!

Sometimes i hate to ship jonerys, i really do. Mostly because when i read their theories, they treat jon as a freaking sperm. They just want jon with daenerys, so she can have literally everything. Not just the throne, but being azor ahai, and also give her an heir. And then they just kill him. 

I ship jonerys because, first, i love house targaryen, and i love jon being rhaegar’s son. And there’s nothing that i would like more than to see jon being a full targaryen, riding a dragon, having anger attacks, following their traditions and all that. Second, they’re pretty much two sides of the same coin, their lives have been constantly paralleled. And third, because (in books) daenerys seems to have an undeniable connection with jon.

But i don’t want daenerys just to give him a freaking son and then just die, but to give him some sense to his life, and to fill what he always felt it was missing. I want him to love again. Even if it’s not permanently. 

And some can say “well, you want jon to have everything”. Personally, i don’t. I want jon to be HAPPY. TO HAVE A FREAKING BREAK. By the end of the war of the dawn, he will lose pretty much everything. Army, friends, probably some family member, dragon, direwolf, and most important, himself. Jon will not be the same knowing that his entire life was a lie, and he was never the person who he thought he was. He always wanted to be a Stark, and he was very attached by the fact that he was Ned’s son. He felt proud of it, and also sad because he wanted to be like Robb for him. But instead, he’s the son of the man who supposedly kidnapped and raped his mother. This horrible man everyone told him terrible stories about when he was growing. So, the throne will mean nothing but pain to him.

So, I will say this again: Jon is not just a freaking sperm.

hypothetical-monster  asked:

So, I guess that what you mean is that somehow (via Melisandre) Jon´s consciousness is brought back from Ghost to his resurrected body? Probably I am wrong, but I think that being resurrected by Melisandre adds nothing. His bond with Ghost is so strong at this point, that he even smells what the direwolf smells at the same time. I think that it is more important the acceptance of his true nature. But as I have said before, I am probably wrong. Thank you as usual.

Thing is, if he’s just wounded, what’s the point of warging into Ghost? How does that help him in any way? It doesn’t heal his body, and he doesn’t need a place for his soul to hang out if he’s not actually dead. Again, the setup is right there in Varamyr’s prologue: a warg dies, he gets a second life in his wolf. To restore Jon to his human body, though, you need another power entirely. And we already know the power of R’hllor can bring someone back from the dead…


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“So, dad’s dead now.” That is all the greeting she gets when she answers Arya’s call. She supposes shock or sadness is supposed to set in at this point but it’s a bit hard to feel anything when she’s stepped into a pile of dog shit.

“What?” She asks again, torn between screaming at the shit now oozing into her shoe and well, doing the usual actions associated with grief: crying, screaming, ripping at your hair. You know, the usual things.

“Dad’s dead.” She stops then. Arya’s voice is conversational, almost as if she’s talking about the weather or something pointless rather than delivering news about their dead dad.

“Right, ok. I guess I’ll see you soon then. Just give me a moment” And then she hangs up. Arya calls back immediately after and she picks up again. “What?”

“Don’t just hang up on me!” Arya snaps at her. She doesn’t say anything. She’s certain that this isn’t correct finding-out-your-dad-just-died etiquette but then again. Her former nanny Mordane would be ashamed of her. It was rude to just hang up on someone, ruder to hang up on someone when they’re telling you about your dead dad. You tend to give up etiquette and all that when you find out that your dad only has six months to live. That tends to do the trick in most situations.

Knowing someone is going to die and living with it are two very different things, is what Sansa was beginning to realise.

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I'm a Jon stan who ships Jonerys. I want them to be equals, since I think that's what GRRM has been building for them. They are leading separate lives but come together at the end, making them both strong, well rounded people. He's not just sperm for her, he's a partner and a friend, just as she will be for him.

A partner, a friend, AND family. Which is really important as well, considering that daenerys always wanted that, and jon always needed something more (feel truly loved). So, yes, i agree with you.

(i’m shook about what happened in the oscars lol, that was embarrassing)