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From your fic and various bits of meta that you've wrote, I get a sense that you are a Stark family fan, and when you write about the Cat and Jon relationship in your fics, you don't sugar coat the relationship between them. You allow them to not like each other for valid reasons, and at best grow to tolerate each other for Ned and the kids sake.

Well, I honestly believe that sugar coating that particular complicated and painful situation is unfair to both characters. In a story which follows canon precisely, I do think it’s impossible for the two of them to become magically close and loving–too much water under the bridge, so to speak.

But depending upon what events are thrown at them, if-when-how Jon’s parentage is revealed to both of them, what people remain in their lives, etc., that the eventual outcome of their relationship, even in a canon universe setting, has a pretty wide spectrum of possibilities. I absolutely do believe they could move past simple tolerance EVENTUALLY–given honest effort on both sides. The simple fact is that there is a great deal about both of these people which is worthy of respect, and I think they could get there in the right circumstances. Real affection would be much harder–not impossible, but MUCH harder, and certainly not a parent/child type relationship like Catelyn shares with her own children. And not without a great deal of anger, resentment, and just plain HURT to work through. But I have written them working through that to a place of genuine caring about the other, even if still tinged with old pain and never completely without barriers.

In stories that go completely AU early on, ANY type of relationship between the two is possible. One of my biggest pet peeves is having Catelyn despise Jon in EVERY setting just because that’s what she chooses to do–she hates Jon because she’s a hateful, awful person. That simply isn’t true. Her resentment of Jon and anger over the situation she’s in with her husband’s bastard living in her home in the books is caused by very specific reasons. Is it fair? No. Is it kind? No. Does Jon have a right to resent the hell out of her for it? Yes. But in settings where all the book-specific issues don’t exist, their relationship would have to be different in some ways from the beginning. “Cat will always hate Jon no matter what because she’s just a Jon-hating bitch” fics have never made sense to me.

So I refuse to simply their relationship either by sugar coating it and making Cat less culpable for focusing her anger and resentment for her husband’s actions on a child OR by simply making her a hateful, wrong person who just hates. Neither does these characters justice in my opinion.

The North Remembers, by qqueenofhades

the best asoiaf fic i ever read. Post-ADWD, an attempt to finish the saga, 113 chapters, including new POVs such as jeyne westerling, val, the hound, or willas tyrell. very good writing, very similiar to GRRM, so it feels very authentic and the-winds-of-winter-y. the characters are very well understood, their development is beautiful to witness, and their arcs come to great resolutions. nice lotr references. i cried once or twice, was on the verge of tears a lot more times, the death toll is in typical asoiaf fashion high, and the ending is very bitter sweet. read it, it’s so much more than worth it, you will not regret it.

  • Sansa is so so so great
  • perfect explanation why Melisandre thought Stannis was Azor Ahai; this entire North plotline was so good, very poetic, heartwrenching; I honestly can’t imagine how GRRM could come up with something better than this
  • Lady Stoneheart!!!
  • Theon’s POV is one of the best if not the best. Theon. Him and Asha
  • Ramsay has a POV as well…i hated him a lot before reading this fic, but my hate rose to murderous levels now. Don’t read his POVs while eating, brace yourself for a lot of awful disgusting stuff
  • there are a lot of dark moments, a lot of despair and cruelty, but the light in between!! love and friendship and bravery, heroes, i cry
  • Jaime and Brienne
  • one quote:
  • Men destroy themselves so often, Sam thought. But they also save themselves too.