when fire meets ice ep 9 [final]

thank you all for the amazing support on when fire meets ice serie  
 i will be back doing more when season 8 arrives , i will try to post some fun
got things for you guys, you can also send me fun ask questions for the characters or me , love you all♥

jonerys, hogwarts au

god, drawing jon without a beard was weird!! but they’re in school, so i had no choice!

so… i’ve thought about their houses and jon’s about %30 hufflepuff and %70 gryffindor imo. he just wants to chill but he can’t help it and always rises to the occasion. obv. he’s a prefect (didn’t want to be) and the keeper in the team. most of the time he just wants to hang out with ghost by the great lake. favorite subject: defense against the dark arts. 

dany is smart sure but she also has ambition and a desire for greatness so she’s %20 ravenclaw and %80 slytherin imo. she’s a seeker. she also loves dragons. who knew… she may be a parseltongue idk but def. can speak more than one language. favorite subject: history of magic. hates divination. 

edit: he doesn’t have a magical, sparkly butt (i beg to differ) his wand just happens to be in his back pocket