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Chuck Ragan - “Nomad By Fate” in Toronto exclusively for TV

Band: Chuck Ragan with Joe Ginsberg on bass and Jon Gaunt on fiddle

From the Revival Tour

On a whim, my brother and I decided to go to the Revival Tour at the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia last Wednesday, March 28. Actually, to say it was done on a whim isn’t entirely true – we bought tickets as soon as it was announced that Brian Fallon from the Gaslight Anthem would be there. We’re big fans.

My brother was familiar with some of the other acts on the bill, but I must say, I’d never heard of anyone else, or their music. But the price was right, and the Troc is pretty intimate, so I figured it’d still be a pretty solid night.

It ended up being a spectacular show. I was blown away by how intense and engaging every single act was. It was just guys getting up and singing their songs with their guitars, and I was totally, completely into it. Here are some things that stood out:

Cory Branan, by my count, has four left hands, and can use them all at once. I’m not too into guitars, but he was phenomenal, through broken strings and all. I listened to him on Spotify for about four hours straight last night. He has a new album coming out in May.

Tom Gabel is a wiry man with puffy hair and a big, big voice. It must be a tremendous benefit to a singer to have a voice that lets him sound like every single word is part of the most important thing he’ll ever say. Another awesome guitar player, EVERYONE seemed to be singing and throwing fists in the air to his songs. Big communal moment for the audience, minus about five d-bags who shoved their way to the front during his set. I’ve spent another four hours tonight listening to Tom Gabel’s Heart Burns album on Spotify. No exaggeration. Repeat, repeat, repeat, all night.

Tom Gabel is also a very animated singer.

It is a lot of fun to watch Jon Gaunt play the fiddle. It’s also fun to hear him play the fiddle. He was stellar. Especially during Brian Fallon’s set. 

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the full set from the Revival Tour at the Ramones museum in Berlin 

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Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music performing his song “Nomad By Fate” with Joe Ginsberg and Jon Gaunt live for Cardinal Sessions.
We met them before their gig in Cologne in October 2011.


Chuck Ragan, Joe Ginsberg & Jon Gaunt - Nothing Left To Prove (Cardinal Sessions)


Stripped Down Session: Chuck Ragan ft. Cory Branan, Nathaniel Rateliff, Jon Gaunt & Joe Ginsberg “Nomad by Fate”