Dungeonesse - “Drive You Crazy" 

The song was created, written, and produced by Jon Ehrens (White Life) and Jenn (Wye Oak) provides her amazing voice 


New Music Crush: Dungeonesse

She caught me with her strong voice and driving indie pop sound of the duo Wye Oak. But now Jenn Wasner has teamed with producer/songwriter Jon Ehrens (White Life) on self-titled album of a decidedly more pop and r&b nature with a distinct nod to the 80s. Dance pop is Ehrens’ territory and Wasner is a great complement.  I’m excited to see her take on a new genre. This single, Nightlight, showcases Wasner’s beaut of a voice.

For comparison, here’s the single “Holy Holy” from Wye Oak.

And “Time is Wasting” from White Life.