The YES concert was literally the best night of my whole entire life. Seeing them so clearly from the third row was insane. Screaming the lyrics from every song. I was right in front of Chris Squire and I’m pretty sure he made eye contact with me a couple of times and I wanted to cry. Then meeting with them and talking to them and taking pictures was amazing. I never thought I would meet my idols.
And I leaned Steve hates shaking hands and he refuses to sign any musical instrument or instrument piece and Chris is the nicest guy in the world and I’m in love with him even more then before.

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listen … you fuckin asked for it


1. introduce them
o fuck let’s just do their “””classic”””” members and the current guys:

chris squire: tall dark and handsome, talented as fuck, love of my life

jon anderson: tiny, doesnt have a firm grasp of the english language

bill bruford: stupidly talented, handsome, an absolute ungrateful prick

rick wakeman: also stupidly talented, crude humor, obnoxious but somewhat less of a prick

alan white: can play the drums, the sweetest man ever, loves me

geoff downes: synth baby, also loves me, he and alan when together are like the two old muppets in the theatre balcony cracking jokes, they are my grandpas

billy sherwood: hauntingly similar to chris in stature and presence, absolute sweetheart, also crazy talented, friendly and humble and generally a fantastic human being, also the love of my life

jon davison: THE most humble person alive, friendly as can be

2. when did you get into them
 my freshman year of high school, late 2011

3. what drew your attention
the first song i heard was ctte- the bass first and foremost blew my mind

4. favourite thing about them?
fuck.. everything?? the talent, overwhelmingly positive, beautiful lyrics

5. is there anything you don’t like about them?
 bill bruford’s personality lmao. ok there’s other things that override that but still.. i want to like him so much but god he has just said some really bitter things that are inexcusable in my opinion 

6. tell us a little known fact

i mean this isnt really that little known but its all i can think of atm: eddie jobson (another love of my life) was technically in the band during the 90125 era before tony returned, just long enough for one photoshoot, nothing else

7. tell us how much you love them
more than i can put into words , and im a creative writing major, thats like, what i Do (.. ok i could but it would take like 3 pages double spaced)

8. is there anything you associate with them?
the color yellow! and happiness 

9. how do they make you feel
so, so happy and filled with love and peace

10.  free Space! Anything you want to add, anything goes! promote them, have they inspired you to do anything?, favorite ________ from them, little things that make you squee….anything. :D

chris and steve in particular inspired me to play bass and guitar and to buckle down and commit to learning their stuff rather than just learning easy chords that i could just sing along to

i never tag ppl for this stuff SO if you have a fav band that ur itchin to yak about please do so!!! i think its so much fun idk