1990. Swallowed In Black

is the second album by band Sadus.

Sadus is a band that is very well known for their bassist, Steve DiGiorgio, and while he’s not the only reason why this band is great, he certainly does stand out from the other musicians because of the pummeling roar of his fretless bass, which demonstrates the mastery of throughout the album.

Sadus are very techinical. Listening to this album, you can see that all musicans know their instruments exceptionally well, as you can tell by the amazing interplay shown in various parts of the album. 

  Darren Travis    Rob Moore   Steve DiGiorgio   Jon Allen


Jon Allen / Drawing Geometry

The book offers instruction on how to draw geometrical shapes, its methods back up my practise with the circle and how I describe it as all encompassing. Its interesting to see how many shapes derive from the circle as you can see from the second image. [taken from my sketchbook] There are more examples in other pages, triangles and pentagons can both also be drawn from a circle being the starting point. I’m only a few examples into the book but more complex examples are to be done soon.


“Dead Man’s Suit” - Jon Allen

A bought a dead man’s suit
I didn’t get no change
I could not take it back
For refund or exchange
I thought that it was black
I found out it was blue
Now I’m seeing things
That only dead men do


“Lay Your Burden Down” - Jon Allen live

You don’t think you’ll make it through
But if you’ll let me carry you
I’ll take you far enough to see
That you were wrong

FUCK YOU. This is NOT funny.

This person is starting to fucking scare me.

Jon: Wanna pizza?
[Sent Dec 28, 2011]
Jon: I’m watching you through a camera. Don’t call the police or your pets will die.
[Sent Jan 2, 2012]

That second text was sent the same day I got back to SoCali.


“In your light” - Jon Allen

When the sun is gone away
In the darkness of the night
I don’t have to look too hard to see
That I’m living in your light


I recently ran a music video contest for OK! Good Records, giving aspiring filmmakers a chance to create the official music video for “Night & Day” by Jon Allen. Judged by Jon Allen and the staff of OK! Good Records the Top 3 video entries earned their directors prizes, along with being featured on our YouTube Channel.

I’m proud to announce that our winning video came from 19-year-old film student Sean Wang, who will be starting at USC School of Cinematic Arts in the fall. Check out Sean’s video above and Click Here to view all the winners.

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“In your light” - Jon Allen

When I look into your eyes
It all makes perfect sense to me
I didn’t know that I could feel this way
I am happy just to be

In your light, in your light
There’s no shadow there’s no darkness