• OMG damian is such a boss and jon is so cute and they are so adorable *explode*
  • bruce: ???
  • i wonder did bruce bought damian one, but i guess if he can’t buy it he can just buy the company.
  • And it’s always funny to see clark’s family wearing weird clothes while the rich waynes are always in full suits
  • I am on fire literally hahahahahahaha
  • bruce: ??????
  • Cutey barry and his fan club singing carols tgt lol
  • Finally see hal, in a hologram!
  • why’d you guys don’t let hal to play with the others???
  • it’s christmas!!!
  • Barry looks particularly cute in here

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Ok I have this weird headcanon for Jervis, if he does fade too far into insanity he'll start to talk in lines from Louis Carroll's Alice in wonderland and though the looking glass. Jonathan is the only one who understands him and usually responds with something Edgar Allen Poe wrote.

Oooh! This one is a fun one!

I’ve always leaned more on the side with @askarkham (Fantastic blog by the way. I highly, highly, suggest it!) where Jervis isn’t as insane as many versions put him, but I do think he does tend to lose grip on reality and start to babble lines when he gets nervous, scared, or has other strong emotions.

And yes, Jonathan is probably the only person to understand exactly what is wrong with Jervis. They’re extremely close, and I think they can certainly pick up on what each other mean by little subtle movements or sayings. 

And lastly, Jon reciting Edgar Allen Poe is one of the best things I’ve ever heard. (It helps that Poe is one of my very favorite authors as well!) I’ve always thought of his Scarecrow persona spouting more rhymes and quotes than his normal persona, but I think that he would most certainly use that as a way to calm and communicate with Jervis whenever the need arises.

(Sorry about the long answer. This one was extremely fun for me and is about two of my favorite rogues!)

-Mod Nika

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Bethans favourites


2)  squid       Alfie Allen

“Theon is misjudged hes confused he wants to be honourable like the starks but at the same time he wants to prove to the Greyjoys that he is one of them as well”

“reek reek it rymes with freak it rhymes with weak ..and ..i forgot the rest?”

“i dont think he( Theon) is evil there is a human side to him and i do relate to him a bit”
“good old robb he wouldnt be very proud of me would he? well maybe a  little bit”

“he (peter Dinklage- Tyrion) was my inspiration in the first series he made it look so effortless  i think that affected the way i did things in series two”

so why do you think he (kit Harington) is such a good actor?”

“he got all his acting tips from me.”

(pre season 3 interview)  “you havent read the books?”

“ive read the first three?”

oh. youve no idea whats coming”

“well no i dont really people say this to me theyre `have you read it’ and im like `no i havent  i dont know ‘and they just go `dude come here’ and put their arm around me”

“It really was demoralizing at times. It was hard. It was really, really hard. There’s a scene later on where I basically just fucking broke down. I remember Iwan, on the day, didn’t really know if he should continue or if he should just stop, because I was really really, really breaking down. That’s one scene I’m definitely excited to see.”

“The actor who plays Ramsay (Iwan Rheon) is a very strong actor and Alfie is his equal match.They have such chemistry you really feel it. When they just look at one another – or if they don’t – you go “oof!” You feel it. It goes right into the core.” Game of Thrones director Alik Sakharov 

“I was so proud of Alfie and how fantastic he is in every moment” gemma whelan  (yara greyjoy)

“he really gives it 100% every time its great to work with actors like that i was really lucky. i loved working with him” Iwan Rheon (ramasy bolton)

“hes a great actor and a great friend  we’ve never had a proper scene together but id love to do one with him” kit harington (jon snow)

“Alfie Allen is a genius” Daniel Portman (podrick payne)

“i don’t know if anyone other than Alfie Allen could handle the role that he has and go through what he goes through” Pedro Pascal ( oberyn martell)

“ every time im more inspired by him. every single scene he does blows my mind hes so underappreciated so many people underestimate alfie and dont give him the recognition he deserves” sophie turner (sansa stark)

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◎ + List of 5 guys and five women that you want to share in the bedroom with Ashley.

Ugh .. Alright.


Either CJ or Lexi.