5x03 - High Sparrow // 6x05 - The Door

One of Jon’s biggest desires in life is to be a Stark. And it just so happens that there’s a woman in his life that can help him with that. For @qinaliel

Bonus GIF with Jon’s reaction: 

Jon introducing Sandor to Sansa & Arya after they return to Winterfell~

Jon: This is Sandor Clegane. He’s not the Lannister’s Hound anymore and he’s great at killing the undead.Also we are kinda BFFs now.Sorta.

Sansa: Sandor! How are you?

Arya: How’s your leg hound?

Brienne: How’s your ear?

Sandor: I’m fine little bird.Good to see you alive(Big smile) You too wolf bitch and tall bitch.


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Game of Thrones Preference “How they react to you openly flirting with them”

(Wooo back to some GOT! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

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Sandor-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d grow more and more grumpy and would scoff more than often hoping it would discourage you, feeling like you’re mocking and playing around with him while he starts to catch feelings for you. As you’d ask him about his sour mood so often, he’d finally break and warn you, ending up admitting to you about his feelings for you and how he needs to know you’re serious about him.

Tormund-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he can’t help but feel like he has to flirt with you a thousand times more to reassure you he is interested in you and would always end up making you laugh with his odd and grand gestures. As you’d seem startled yet to enjoy it, he’d just have to ask you if you’d really like to be with him, hoping you truly meant it when you started to flirt with him.

Beric-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d be quite flattered and would often tell you about it, playfully laughing and nodding along, only to end up preparing himself for countless of dates as you’d propose them to him. As he’d notice the surprised look on your face, he’d just have to ask you about your intentions, smiling to himself as you’d get shy all of a sudden from it being real.

Thoros-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d be quick to come back at you by reminding you that he’s a priest, clearly teasing you and getting you to come up with something else to retort to him. As you’d remind him of how he drinks and all, he’d laugh and surrender to you, pulling you into his lap just to ask you what are your plans for him now.

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Jorah-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he can’t help but get thrown off his guards, not knowing how to answer you or take it as he’d never been flirted with so eagerly with. As you’d show your concern for him and would try to apologize for being so honest, he’d smile and would try to reassure you how flattered he is and admit to you how he’s only ever been the one chasing not the other way around.

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Petyr-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he can’t help but smirk and enjoy the way you’d tease him, often looking at you like he’s trying to figure out what you’re truly up to. He’d keep on asking you things to find out and would be stunned as you’d end up telling him bluntly about wanting him, finding himself wanting you back even more.

Davos-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he can’t help but get flustered at each instant, not sure how to react properly apart from chuckling and trying to come up with something clever. As you’d tease him for being so shy, he’d try to clear his throat and be honest with you, admitting to you how he’s never been flirted with and such.

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Jon-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d be clueless to it for the most part, only catching on as you’d wink or go in deeper in detail, leaving him flustered and trying to find the right words to answer you. As you’d tease him, he’d try to act all manly and tell you to cut it out, only faltering as you’d be so adamant and for him to realize he wants you just as much.

Eddard-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d find you adorable but would try to act stern and would tell you that he’s the one that should be courting you, feeling comfortable by your side to do so. As you’d get all shy from it, he can’t help but remind you of the things you promised to him, clearly teasing you and trying to talk to you more and more.

Benjen-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d find himself smiling more than ever, enjoying your company and starting to flirt back with you when he can just to keep you talking to him. As he’d end up admitting to you about how he loves your company and such, he can’t help but take you out for a while just the two of you, admitting to you how much he loved the way you flirted with him.

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Tywin-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, although he’d be amused and flattered by it at times, he’d still stay calm and collected, reminding you of his status to get you to stop and keep it to yourself. As you’d go right against him, he’d be quick to get you escorted or drag you right to your room, entering with you before pinning you down to teach you a lesson.

Jaime-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, although part of him would grow to love it and smile and laugh because of you, another would still be fearful of you being caught in the act by Cersei. He’d be quick to remind you that the walls have ears or even how she might be around, only to be stunned by your boldness as you’d shrug and tell him that you didn’t care for her.

Tyrion-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, although he’d seem to be ready to come back at you with a clever answer and flirt right at you, deep down he can’t help but wonder if you’re playing around with his feelings for you. As he’d stop you one day from it and would just stare and ask you honestly about your intentions, he can’t help but smile as you’d tell him what he needed to hear.

Bronn-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d try to outsmart you and be more clever with his answers, wanting you to get flustered and finally get you at your own little game. As you would, he’d smirk and be smug about it, reminding you that he’s the one that went after you first and got exactly what he wanted just to say that he did.

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Roose-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d try to figure out how serious you are, finding you bold to act so open with him and often answering you with questions and ways to retort to you. As you’d stop him and cut to the chase, he’d smirk and would admit to you how much he loves the way you’d keep him interested in you and such, ending up telling you how he can’t wait to marry you.

Ramsay-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he can’t help but find it exciting to see you chase him and play hard to get with you just to see how far you’d go. As you’d grow frustrated, he’d keep you going on until you can’t take it, finally ending up chasing you back and telling you how much he loved the games you played on him just to motivate you again.

Stannis-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, it would more than often go right over his head and he’d find himself just correcting any grammar mistake as usual, leaving you to have to explain yourself to him. As you would and he’d finally catch on, he’d get oddly flustered and wouldn’t know how to respond, thanking you awkwardly and ending up making you laugh.

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Oberyn-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d be more than excited and enamoured to have someone chase him so eagerly that he’s have to play around with you and make you wait on for him just to see how persistent you really are. As you’d get frustrated and would start to be more blunt with him, that’s when he’d also be unable to take it anymore and would just pull you to make out with him.

Brynden-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d be startled by your honesty at times but would just try to find a way to retort back to make you laugh. As he’d always manage to do so, he later on can’t help but ask you about your intentions towards him, seeming concerned that it might just be a joke to you.

Alliser-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d grow increasingly annoyed at you for making him feel things for you and would try to warn you to stop, only to actually get more mad when you’d stop and flirt with someone else. As you’d mock him for it, he’d be quick to remind you of all the things you did to him and would just point out that obviously he was going to start to like you.

Gendry-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d get quite stunned and flustered, not knowing how to properly answer you or flirt back, only to seem awkward and end up making you laugh. As you’d tease him for it, he’d try to not take it too seriously but would just end up admitting to you that you’re the first person to flirt with him and such.

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Drogo-As you’d always seem to flirt with him, he’d find himself laughing more often as he finds you quite brave to be so open with him and would be blunt about what he’d want to do with you in return. As he’d get you flustered, he’d be quick to pull you into his lap and flirt with you right back, already feeling you up just to make your wishes come true.

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Sansa-As you’d always seem to flirt with her, she’d get flustered but would try her best to hide it and just reply to you back kindly. As you’d tease her even more, she’d surprise you with how she can retort back and would just laugh with you before she admits that she would gladly go out with you.

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Brienne-As you’d always seem to flirt with her, she’d grow weary of you, feeling like you’re always messing around with her and not knowing how to act with you. As you’d ask her what’s wrong, she’d finally tell you about it and would want you to be honest with her, only to get stunned as you’d tell her how you truly feel.

Yara-As you’d always seem to flirt with her, she’d smirk and would warn you about what she could do to you, reminding you she might leave you heartbroken if you press on so much. As you’d tell her you were fine, she can’t help but smirk and just pull you to reassure you she can gladly give you what you want from her.

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Season 6 ended with Jon being declared the King in the North, with Sansa as Lady of Winterfell by his side. The truth of his mother being Lyanna Stark is revealed which means they’re actually cousins, not brother and sister. They sit side by side as if they’re King and Queen but they’re not married nor a couple.

Season 7 ended with Jon bending the knee to Danaerys, becoming Warden of the North, thereby sealing their alliance and end up making love in the boat on the way to Winterfell. The truth of his father being Rhaegar Targaryen is revealed which means Dany and Jon are actually related and Dany is Jon’s aunt, and that Jon is actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, the true King of Westeros. They are now together as a couple.

Sansa, Danaerys and Jon don’t know about the truth - a truth that could change their relationships and how they see themselves and each other.

Now, let me ask you, do you think Sansa is irrelevant? We’re all even. And that’s the tea.

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“You’re right. There’s no need for a battle. Thousands of men don’t need to die. Only one of us. Let’s end this the old way, you against me.” 

So I was redoing this set for quick tutorial, and I thought that this set turned out way better the second time. So why not post it again? 

Q: Which character do you think has made the hardest decision or choice so far in the show?

A: I think, going back to season one, also Ned Stark. Because, I think Ned was so– He knew it was over for him and I think he was… The one thing he had left was his dignity and his honor and the opportunity to go out, have an honorable death, you know. I think that’s what he wanted at that point, really. And so to be up there and to, you know, give this false confession in the hopes that it would make things better for his family. I think that was him sacrificing the last thing he had left, which was most important to him, and which he passed on to Jon, of course.

- David Benioff,  Game of Thrones at the Oxford Union (2015)

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Do you think it means anything that the Tarly's wouldn't bend the knee to Dany because of fealty to Cersei (so she burns them alive) and Jon essentially doing the same thing with Cersei because of his fealty to Dany? Granted they were under different circumstance but Dany seemed way more tyrannical in response.

Hey, nonnie!

Everything could mean something. And something could mean nothing. lol

I think you’re noticing a pattern that holds through out season 7 where people’s expectations are turned on their head and no one notices, because people are so entrenched in their own personal headcanon of what characters are that they don’t notice the show twisting those interpretations right before their eyes. 

If you were to ask me going into season 7 how things were going to play out in terms of the D*ny/Cersei conflict, I would have said, without much trepidation, that Cersei would over react, be ultra violent, alienate everyone around her and that D*ny would come out looking like the better option out of the two. So you could imagine my surprise when that’s not what we got at all. In fact, what we got was the complete opposite. Not that anyone is talking about it, of course. They’re still toting the line of D*ny as a hero and Cersei as an unstable maniac despite all evidence to the contrary. 

But because we’re in the Jonsa world here and we like to be contrary, lets look at the evidence, shall we? 

Season 7 Cersei: 

- finds herself a formidable ally in Euron, one of the best naval generals in this universe, who then rids her of two of D*ny’s allies: the Greyjoys and the Sand Snakes as well as destroys a portion of D*ny’s fleet 

- manages to do what Tywin Lannister himself couldn’t and motivate Jaime to take charge of the Lannister army. In turn Jaime outwits Tyrion and robs D*ny of her only other Westerosi ally: House Tyrell

- promises the Iron Bank she will pay her debt in full and then delivers on that promise; she’s so impressive that the Iron Bank emissary is foaming at the mouth to enter another partnership with her, while she plays hard to get; she also destabilizes a potential partnership between the Iron Bank and D*ny, when she points out D*ny’s terrible track record at keeping her word and the fact that dragons are not usually in the habit of paying their debts; good luck bankrolling the rebuilding of Westeros, D*ny! she’ll be lucky to get a scroll from the Iron Bank at this point, let alone a personal visit. 

- she makes provisions to gather the food from the Reach because Winter is, you know, … here

- has Qyburn build a weapon that could potentially take out D*ny’s dragons

- fools everyone, including her brother, at the Dragonpit meeting that she will send tropes North and gains herself a much needed truce where she can rebuild her forces, gain strategic advantages and wait, while D*ny’s forces are fighting in the midst of winter, against an army of dead men. 

- she buys the Golden Company, one of the most successful and reputable mercenary armies in the world. 

- she gives speeches that are actually effective and motivate people into following her, by pointing out the reality of a savage hoard of rapists and murders having been brought to the continent to pillage and conquer the free people of Westeros;

Meanwhile, on island Dumbstone, D*ny: 

- loses her only Westerosi allies and does absolutely nothing to get them back

- has her Unsullied army trapped on Casterly Rock

- alienates her advisers: Varys is reconsidering all his life choices at this point and Tyrion, as it turns out, is related to Jaime and Cersei; the shock, the horror! It’s just dawned on her now that Tyrion is actually the brother of the people she wants to treat to a fiery death. 

- invites the King in the North to a parlay, takes him prisoner and then sends him on a suicide mission; good luck trying to entreat other great Lords of Westeros to the table; 

- makes confusing speeches where she says that she’s come to liberate Westeros from evil Cersei and then proceeds to burn people alive; generally is itching to use her dragons because it’s the only strategy she can come up with to win

- makes a showy entrance at the Dragonpit meeting, alienating the person whom she wants to deal with even further and unknowingly reveals a hidden weakness, when three dragons become two and Cersei is capable of noticing the difference; lolz

- hands the Night King his most powerful weapon to date, which leads to the Wall falling

- burns the food collected from the Reach, after whining that her tropes won’t be able to eat because Cersei took the food away

- she’ll figure out how to rule when “she wears the crown”; plans are for pussies. 

- is a generally fickle, unreliable leader that constantly says one thing and then backtracks (”I’ll fight for the North when you bend the knee” vs. “I can’t forget what I saw but I can’t pretend Cersei won’t beat me either”; “I didn’t come here to be Queen of the Ashes” vs. “Dracarys, bitches!”; “I don’t want to conquer. I’m here to break the wheel” vs. “Bend the knee or burn alive, fools!”)

Which one of those two comes out as saner and more reliable? Which one of those two would you be more inclined to hitch your wagon to if you lived in Westeros? 

And if we’re talking about Jon, let’s look at the marked difference between the way D*ny treats him and the way Cersei treats him. At the beginning of season 7, Cersei comes off much more aggressively than D*ny. Cersei threatens Jon and calls him to King’s Landing to bend the knee. Tyrion talks about just what a fantastic idea it would be for Jon and D*ny to become allies and subtly points out that resistance is futile because dragons and Dothraki. 

Jon, who was once given the ability to repress his manpain by Tyrion, thinks he’s such a great guy that he should totally trust and off to Dragonstone he goes. That’s where things are turned upside down: 

- Jon gets to Dragonstone and his weapons are sized vs. Jon enters the Dragonpit meeting fully armed and Cersei doesn’t say anything

- D*ny demotes Jon on the spot from King in the North, to Lord/potential Warden, to simply Jon Snow vs. Cersei refers to him as “King in the North” through out the meeting

- D*ny  pressures Jon constantly to bend the knee vs. Cersei makes a much more reasonable request: the King in the North will stay in the North and not choose sides in the eventual war between Cersei and D*ny, which makes sense as a request in exchange for the help Cersei provides for what is, at the moment, a Northern problem from her perspective and would also, in theory, be in line with the Northerners desire for independence; 

So in every aspect, Cersei shows herself as being far more effective and far more resonable than D*ny. Now, I’m under no illusions that Cersei will somehow become a hero in this story. The least terrible option out of two bad options is still bad but D*ny is far more of an agent of chaos and loose cannon than Cersei is at the moment. The first trailer that came out sort of hinted at an uneasy Stark/Lannister alliance and I think there’s a good chance we’ll see something to that effect in season 8. 

Thanks for the ask!

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Hi. I absolutely love your blog. I haven't read the books yet but is it true that it's hinting that Jon and Sansa will be the first Starks to reunite? Did Mel tell him she saw a vision of his sister wearing grey, on a horse and coming to him? He probably thinks it's Arya but it's Sansa. If they aren't gonna fall in love, why choose those two of all the Stark family to bring together?

Dear nonny,

thanks for the compliment! As for the books, I think it is very likely that Sansa is the Girl in Grey that Mel sees in the fire. There are many metas on this among other by @loveroflemons (here), @lostlittlesatellites (Sansa and the vale arc, part 1, part 2, part 3), and @rose-of-red-lake (here).

I’ll give you a quick summary of the reasons, why Sansa as Girl in Grey is likely.

1) Alys doesn’t add up. She doesn’t wear grey, she comes the wrong way and she is not Jon’s sister.

2) What the persons in the book think the prophecy is about, ususally is not what the prophecy is about. There is one identification that the person in the books does, there is one that is another solution that immediately comes to the reader’s mind and one person who actually does fulfill the prophecy… Look at Cersei and the Valonqar. Cersei thinks it’s Tyrion, the reader is reminded time and again that it might be Jaime (who is younger than Cersei), and then probably another younger sibling alltogether (maybe even the younger sibling of the Younger more beautiful queen, and that might be Bran or Arya). So, Jon thinks the prophecy is about Arya, but when Alys arrives, he thinks Mel was wrong, the reader thinks it is Jeyne Poole, the girl who was forced to marry Ramsay in the books, and the girl in grey actually is Sansa.

3) While Sansa took over Jeyne Poole’s (aka fArya’s) storyline D&D have told the audience that they decided to swap Sansa for Jeyne to reduce the vast amount of characters and because “Sansa wouldn’t stay much longer in the Vale anyway”. Despite this very strong hint by D&D, that Sansa actually will go North, Non Jonsas have somehow refused to take the hint and make up whole storylines of what will happen in the Vale, even predicting that Sansa won’t go North anytime soon. Try mentioning that Sansa is the “girl in grey” to some of these persistent people and witness being called a delulu Jonsa…. It will be completely different in the books….. It will be different but not that different and Sansa coming North is such a huge development, that it makes only sense for the show to do this, if Sansa indeed will arrive at Castle Black in TWOW.

In addition I’ll add 4), my own ideas why Sansa as the girl in grey makes perfect sense within the story, because Sansa has a key task in regard to Jon.

I do think that Sansa’s magic is about singing, and that her ability of empathy and singing will be the crucial factor that brings Jon back to life (in a metaphorical way). In the show they made it obvious that Sansa inspires Jon to try again and fight. In the books I think either Jon won’t be resurrected until Sansa arrives, or will be still in some state of aloofness and listlessness. She will probably sing “Florian and Jonquil” to him - mirroring Luthien and Arwen from Tolkien at the same time - compare my metas on “Singers singing songs” and “Beren and Luthien”. So there is a Tolkien parallel which adds up to an already plausible scenario.

And Jon, confused and distraught after his resurrection, set on the task of rescuing his sister - which was the last thing he thought of - will meet Sansa as if she was someone new and unknown - a scenario that willl make him falling in love easily believable.

Thanks for the ask!

cold to the bone // jon snow

request: Could I maybe request a jon x reader where she used to be with Robb but escaped to beyond the wall after the Red Wedding and Jon finds her? :)

please don’t plagiarize my work!

word count: 1,187 

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The cold nipped at your skin. Every bone in your body felt stiff, every movement you made was slow, a struggle to make.

Long ago you would’ve given up, let the cold kill you, because you felt there wasn’t possibly anything worse than you’d already endured. But with each step, you grew closer to the wall. Grew closer to where you hoped Jon still was. You knew if there was one person who could help you, it would be him.

And it was that that kept you alive – kept you fighting for the chance at survival.

Days and days of endless journey, you were finally reaching the end. You were sure you had frostbite, and you were unbelievably hungry and thirsty. You’d managed on your own, but not well. Everything had happened in a blur. One minute you were walking back towards the wedding and the next you were running the other way, your heart racing and tears pouring down your cheeks.

You’d done what you had to escape and manage yourself a horse. You weren’t proud of the things you’ve done to survive this long or make it this far, but otherwise you would’ve died. And now, out of rations and nearing your limit, you could finally see the wall before you.

You were close.

No longer did the entire world seem to separate you from Jon, but only a wall.

When you’d reach the gate of the wall, your fingers practically frozen stuck to the reigns of your horse, it took more effort than you’d thought to tell the men behind the gate who you were and what your business was. All you could manage was your name, Y/N Stark - the name, even after your husbands death, you refused to abandon – and who you were looking for, Jon Snow.

They, surprisingly, let you in with greater ease than you imagined. All eyes were on your small, fragile and cold for as you slowly led your horse past the gates and into the wall. You gazed across the men carefully, searching for the eyes that hadn’t left your mind since you’d begun your journey this far north.

Though it had been months since you’d last seen Jon, his presence never left your mind.

You pulled your horse to a stop, slowly pushing yourself off of it until you were on your own two feet. You wobbled on your balance slightly, the insides of your thighs burning from the long journey and your vision blurring slightly from light-headedness. But the moment you gained your balance, you continued to glance around, surveying your surroundings.

The eyes of the men around you never left your form. There were differing gaze. You were not oblivious to some of the men’s stares that looked at you as if you were a piece of meat, and it was then the realization that you must’ve been the first woman they’d seen in weeks, months, possibly years. Others look at you in great suspicion and confusion.

But you paid no mind to them. As long as they did not near you, you only had one man in mind.

And then you saw him.

Your body frozen, and you met his eyes, even from afar. The eyes that hadn’t left your mind in days. 

Jon took a step back in surprise at the sight of you, his hands falling limply by his sides as his lips parted. There was a man next to him that turned to look at him in confusion upon his reaction, but Jon’s attention was completely focused on you, as yours was focused on him, Your eyes never left his and him as he made his way through the crowd of men, them all stepping back respectively to give him room, until he was stop before you.

There was nothing but a few inches keeping you apart now, and yet, for a moment, neither of you moved.

Then, your eyes watered, and you could no long stop yourself as you lunged forward. You practically jumped into the man’s arms, but Jon neither complained nor fought your embrace as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close. You buried your head into the crook of his neck, basking in both the warm and familiar of his embrace.

Your eyes felt shut in ease, your body, despite the cold that gripped at you, relaxing as you felt something you hadn’t felt in weeks. Love.


“I thought you’d been killed.”

Your head bowed at Jon’s words, gripping the blanket he’d given you tighter around your shoulders as you stared at the fire before you. Your muscles were less stiff now that you were inside and given a fire to sit in front of, but you still found yourself tense in the way of unsurety. Now that the moment of reunion had passed, you weren’t sure what to say.

You were beyond happy to be by Jon’s side. Not only because he was someone you knew, and someone you considered family, but because you trusted him – wholly. 

But, you hadn’t spoken to Jon in months. And you knew he was aware of what had happened back at the Red Wedding. It was something you’d been avoiding, forcing it out of your mind so as not to think about it, and you knew now that you would have to confront what had happened.

“I was lucky to escape,” you respond softly, head still bowed. “It hasn’t been easy but… well, I learned a lot being by Robb’s side all this time.”

Speaking his name was still painful. Unbelievably so. You found yourself curling into yourself further as an image of him flashed into your mind.

Then, a hand fell on your own, and your gaze rose to find Jon staring back at you. It was then that you were reminded that while you’d lost your husband, Jon had lost your brother. You weren’t the only that had suffered during his death. 

“I’m sorry,” Jon whispers, his grip tightening. “I never should’ve left Winterfell. Robb needed me by his side and you…”

Taking his hand in your own, you shook your head at Jon, softly smiling at him. “We never could’ve known what would happen. You did was best for you, Jon,” you whisper, “and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

He nods, not saying anything but not pulling his hand away.

Then, after a few minutes of silence, Jon speaks once again; “you can stay here as long as you need,” Jon assures. “My men will not touch you or bother you, and you will be… taken care of, I assure you.”

Smiling softly, you meet Jon’s eyes once again. “Thank you, Jon.”

The two of you continue to sit there a while longer in silence, simply basking in each other’s company. Your mind plays that mind on repeat in your mind, but you it doesn’t stricken you with grief like it had before. With your hand in Jon’s, gripping onto it tightly, you start to believe you might actually make it through this.

Now that you’re no longer alone.


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requests are open for robb stark and jon snow!

GOT Reunions I’m Hope We Get

1. Arya and Jon

2. Tyrion and Sansa

3. Bran and Jon

4. The whole Stark family

5. Gentry and Arya

6. The Hound and Arya

7. Bran and Jamie

8. Cersei and Sansa

9. The hound and mountain

Let me know which ones you are looking forward to