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Jon and Dany will marry and probably will have a child. It was set up but it'll be loveless marriage that helps secure peace in the Westeros and prepare for invasion of white walkers. Essentially, that is what show even showed to us. Jon is not going to marry Sansa or Arya. It will be Dany but the thing is it might be purely political. They will like each other but not love in a way they did Drogo or Ygritte. You'll disagree but that's how I see it.

Explain me this then

“a blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice filling the air with sweetness. Mother of dragons…bride of fire”

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THANK YOU. BLESS YOU. I didn’t think I would get this one right away.

Jon x Sansa

who’s the cuddler: Sansa. She’s a Northern girl, through and through, but somehow she still can’t shake the cold in the night. Maybe it’s not altogether the temperature, but something about the chill of dead men haunting her dreams. Either way, Jon has a warmth she likes to cling to. She gravitates towards him in the night, sometimes while unconscious, and his arms are steady and reassuring. She needs that.

who makes the bed: Jon, out of habit. The rules about tidiness were strict at the Wall, and there Jon learned how to make his bed even before he had cracked open his sleep-heavy eyes. He forgets that he is the King in the North, now, and Sansa has to remind him there are servants for such things. He feels uncomfortable with the privilege.

who wakes up first: Sansa. Both are early risers, but Sansa has fitful, anxious sleep and sometimes wakes up involuntarily and can’t fall back asleep. Even when she sleeps soundly, she still likes to wake up early to the silence of early morning, and to visit the godswood just at the crack of dawn, when it is most beautiful.

who has the weird taste in music: Neither have weird taste in music…but Sansa considers Jon strange because he has no taste in music. He is entirely uninterested in the songs the musicians play at feasts. But sometimes, when she is sewing, she hums songs (all her favorites about knights and heroes and brave men, even when she doesn’t much believe in them), and she can sense him listening. He goes still, or looks at her as if he wants to say something but won’t dare interrupt. He looks at her hands, admiring how delicate they are, how careful… he’s in a dream and he doesn’t want to wake up.

who is more protective: Jon. If there’s news of a threat outside Winterfell’s walls, her chambers will be the first he’d command the guards to form a barrier around. If he has to leave Winterfell for a bigger battle beyond the North, he’ll take her by the shoulders and tell her to stay there, to stay put, and to wait until the danger has abated while he goes to straight into the heart of it. Sometimes she’ll huff in disbelief, or roll her eyes, or be red-hot angry, but her safety is one matter he won’t budge for.

Whenever Littlefinger is nearby, Jon scowls without any attempt to hide it and his hands form into fists. Perhaps overprotective would be the right word.

who sings in the shower: Sansa sings. Jon would turn an unbelievable shade of red if she ever caught him sitting not too far from the door beyond which she is sitting in a warm bath, staring at the fire in the hearth like he is in a daze, getting lost in her voice… He always pretends to be very serious about official paperwork by the time she gets out of the bath and comes into their chambers.

who cries during movies: Let’s say “plays” instead. Sansa does. Her expression remains neutral when she watches the acts with a focused gaze in public, but by the end of anything that is particularly tragic, Jon can tell if she is moved. When they rise from their seats to go home and everyone is distracted, he is the only one who notices how her eyes glisten, and the way her hands deftly wipe away at her cheeks.

who spends the most while out shopping: Sansa. New fabrics, new dresses, Winterfell needing a makeover. Sansa also wants all the men to be properly equipped and dressed for battle. And so, naturally, the bulk of Winterfell’s budget is spent by the queen.

who kisses more roughly: They are both gentle with each other and work up the level of intensity in sync, but some nights, when Sansa’s eyes are particularly full of want and her hands are a little too impatient when trying to undo his jerkin, Jon knows she wants to be had. Not caressed, not cared for, but had, truly, like a she-wolf, like a queen, and so, he kisses her roughly.

who is more dominant: Sansa. Jon can be rougher, and she’d forgive him for anything because of how well he knows the tells of her body language, how well he knows what she wants and and how she wants it. He’s been beyond the wall, after all, and has the gruff, straightforward way of his father. Yet she is the one to take initiative. She makes it known, with clever words and heavy gazes, if she wants him in her chambers that night. And when it comes to politics and matters of business, she firmly stands her ground while he considers all opinions beside his own. More often than not, he’s willing to bend her way.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 11

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Hi! Do you know of a fic where Jon and Sansa dated and they break up so she can do a fashion internship and then years later she comes home and discovers he had bought their dream house before they broke up and I think she comes back into town for Robb's wedding? I love your blog btw's thank you everything!

Hey there! 

Thank you so much for your kind words, we are so glad you are liking the blog! I believe the fic you are looking for is When Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by @sansa-stark-snow

Enjoy :) ~Alice


she had the world // panic! at the disco


Did you and Sophie keep in touch this season? I know that during the course of this year Sophie has been extremely busy working on another project. We’ve tried to meet up and stuff, but this year we haven’t kept in touch as closely. We haven’t seen each other personally as much as we would hope to. (x)


Jon knew that other men accused of treason had been allowed to redeem their honor on the Wall in days past. Why not Lord Eddard? His father here. That was a strange thought, and strangely uncomfortable. It would be a monstrous injustice to strip him of Winterfell and force him to take the black, and yet if it meant his life…

(Anonymous requested: Ned Stark and Jon Snow in the Night’s Watch, in a world where Joffrey didn’t cut off his head and he was allowed to take the black.)

p!atd asks
  • 1. describe the pretty. odd. aesthetic in 3 words
  • 2. ryden or brallon?
  • 3. which era would you most like to go back to?
  • 4. do you own any of the albums on cd/vinyl? if so, which ones?
  • 5. which song would you most want to see live?
  • 6. your all time favourite lyric from them?
  • 7. have you read throam? any ryden fics?
  • 8. would you yell at someone if they forgot the exclamation point?
  • 9. bren’s high notes or the low ones?
  • 10. most relatable song
  • 11. the song that makes you cry every time
  • 12. have you ever met any of the guys? how was it?
  • 13. how many times have you been to their concerts?
  • 14. have you listened to any of ryan ross’ solo music?
  • 15. which band would you most like to see on tour with panic! ?
  • 16. favourite music video
  • 17. have any of the guys ever noticed you on social media?
  • 18. own any merch? posters?
  • 19. how many times have you watched fob’s drunk history?
  • 20. can you play any of their songs on an instrument?
  • 21. favourite tattoo of bren’s?
  • 22. fmk; ryan, dallon, brendon
  • 23. on a scale of 1-10, how much do you love sarah?
  • 24. thoughts on brendon naming his studio urielectric?
  • 25. do you have any panic! related tattoos? if so, what are they?
  • 26. the song you like the least?
  • 27. if you met brendon; handshake, fistbump, high five, or hug?
  • 28. do you follow dallon on snapchat?
  • 29. favourite track off too weird to live?
  • 30. thoughts on the la devotee music video?
  • 31. bren or beebo?
  • 32. how would you feel if the band went back to its composition of when pretty. odd. came out?
  • 33. post your favourite picture of brendon boyd urie.
  • 34. which album cover do you like the most?
  • 35. funniest/weirdest lyric of theirs you can think of right now?
  • 36. v&v; official tracks or bonus tracks?
  • 37. can you name one long song title off afycso (apart from lying) without looking it up?
  • 38. what is, in your opinion, the catchiest song off doab?
  • 39. penny or bogart?
  • 40. ever written p!atd fanfic?
  • 41. are your eyes the size of the moon?

AU: Panic! at the Disco sitcom

Follow the many misadventures of Panic! at the Disco when they get signed under the label of Pete Wentz, the bassist of iconic emo band Fall Out Boy, after sending him their demos online.

I need Littlefinger to tease Jon about his inappropriate feelings for his ‘sister’. I need LF to panic as he sees how close Jon and Sansa are. I need LF to dwell in despair because Jon is so much like Ned and Sansa so much like Cat and it’s history repeating for him all over again. I need LF to try something stupid. And I need Jon to punch him in the face. Basically I need LF to suffer. Yes, that would be nice.