I fell in love in Iceland. I fell in love with my co-star.

The three weeks in Iceland when we were shooting the second season. Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love. If you’re already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it becomes very easy to fall in love…

  • My ship: *is literal perfection and best thing ever*
  • Author: *blows holes in to ship, sails into a typhoon, unleashes the kraken*

“Is it true, Professor?  That Professor Snow’s a werewolf?”

“I’d have thought between his classes and mine, you’d know the difference between a werewolf and an animagus.”  It’s a smooth answer, and her voice betrays none of the truth.  Everyone knows that Jon’s an animagus.  No one’s supposed to know that he’s a werewolf.  But how did the rumor start?  And how to quash it without making everyone believe that it’s true?

Jon x Ygritte + Hogwarts AU (requested by @tumblergirlnatalija)