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i just wanna say i am so glad that arin no longer works with jon. i think if it was still just the two of them (with poor lil barry) on game grumps that the show would have turned to total shit. game grumps has become so amazing because of arin's vision and his ideas of expanding game grumps to a large and wonderful crew full of much more accepting people. even if they do sometimes slip up and say some not so cool things, they're doing SO much better than jontron. like wow. way to go, arin!

yeah, i think jon leaving GG was a blessing in disguise for arin

Edward Nigma who likes vowels and even numbers because they’re cleaner, and loves how beautifully Jonathan Crane is spelled, who hates how Joker or Batman feels when he says it, who isn’t a neat freak, who likes to make things with his hands and makes knitting patterns on excel so he can make jon hats that say things like “spooky” or “grump” every winter, who desperately wants to play chess with tim drake because please i know i can beat the stupid twerp, who almost failed half his classes in high school but will destroy you in trivial pursuit and knows what every single white card in cards against humanity means, who is the most pretentious motherfucker in gotham but is always at least 3 years behind on modern slang, Edward Nigma who is the second scrawniest rogue (jon is the smallest) but still picks fights like its his job. Edward Nigma who is not stupid and a cheater. Edward Nigma who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but isn’t just a “germaphobe”. Realistic character Edward Nigma.

I should have listened to my gut

So, when I started watching Game Grumps (after Danny joined) I was a little put off by some of the things said, mostly by Arin. But I loved Dan and I’d heard so much good about them that I was willing to look past it. I was so pleased to find Arin maturing as a person and becoming less offensive as time went on.

And then I decided to look back at old videos. Any video with Jon in it made me so uncomfortable and made Arin seem 20x worse.

But, I knew Jon worked with Doug Walker, who I love with all my heart, so I was willing to believe he, like Arin, had grown as a person too.

I should have listened to my discomfort. Watching The Jontron show, reading things he says, it just confirms everything I always suspected.

Bringing Danny onto the show was the best choice the Game Grumps ever made. I truly believe Dan saved Arin from going down the same path as Jon and has helped him become the kind and good person he is now.

To me, it seems like Arin and Jon got popular being offensive but Arin and Danny were able to grow and change from that. Jon never grew.

One of the best RTX moments, in which Dan & Arin make punny jokes.

[In context of who the audience votes to win] Dan: “Any ladies-” *Dan starts dying* “Any ladies who vote for me are going to get taken to Pizza Nut”

Arin: “Dan! Dan!”

Miles: “Can I vote for Dan?”

Arin: “Dan, why do you always got to be such a Pizza Slut”

For anyone who didn’t notice (Or maybe you did) This small (But very hilarious) segment from the On The Spot RTX Stream was edited out by RT in the official upload.


Im gonna attempt to make a Ghoul Grumps Masterpost for everyone that wants to join in on this crazy ride but has absolutely no fucking idea where to start lmao I’ll try to find all the pictures Ive drawn, all of the headcanons that became canon, all that good shit. Ill also being giving a slight breakdown on the actual universe since that tends to make some people very confused :o

IM SORRY THIS IS SO LONG OKAY!! I cant even make a tl;dr for this bc weve got too much shit in this au now haha. So I guess if you wanna read the whole thing, just buckle down bc Its gonna take awhile :0

MAKE SURE TO CLICK LINKS for more information :3c

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Ok so wait, why are people damming Game Grumps?

I understand not liking what they did a while back. They were not exactly tolerant (not to be THAT person, but esp Jon Tron, he’s always given bad vibes. And also Arin has said his fair share of “wow, alright” moments) but, from what I’ve seen, they are trying their hardest to be as tolerant and accepting as possible?? Like, if anyone has any RECENT evidence to them being shit, I am totally down to hear it, but I just don’t see that much. The only thing I can think of that’s frustrating/upsetting is when Arin skips tutorials or asks why fans even sent the game (which, in most senses, he’s joking or the game is SUPPOSED to be made fun of, like it was sent with the sender knowing it’s a bad game)

So, I’ve been wanting to make a list of my favorite Game Grumps episodes for a while, as well as playthroughs I think would work really well as a starting point for anyone interested in getting into the channel. 

Listed below are my most beloved Grumps eps - I highly recommend all of these if a) you know you’d like Game Grumps but aren’t sure where to start, or b) you’re a fan and just haven’t watched them yet. 

Battle Kid Fortress of Peril; 3 Episodes*

 Wind Waker HD; 73 Episodes*

Shadow of the Colossus; 29 Episodes*

 Super Mario Sunshine; 51 Episodes 

Pokemon FireRed; 114 Episodes 

Katamari Damacy; 20 Episodes

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories; 23 Episodes*

DreadOut; 9 Episodes 

Bloodborne; 109 Episodes

Yoshi’s Cookie; 2 Episodes*

Heart of Darkness; 17 Episodes*

Trauma Center Second Opinion; 50 Episodes

Sonic Boom; 47 Episodes* 

Super Mario 3D World; 59 Episodes 

Super Mario 64; 62 Episodes 

And, of course, you cant overlook the great one-off eps! I’d say all of these work as great introductory episodes*. 


Play with the Teletubbies

Dennise the Menace

Amazing Frog?

Lizzie McGuire 3: Homecoming Havoc

Action Girlz Racing

*great ones to start with if you don’t watch GG but wanna get into them.

I tried to keep the list as short as possible, but honestly I love so many of their playthroughs! These are just what I consider my top faves, ones I’ve watched more than once and am always up to recommend others seeing.

(Note: all my recs are Danny-era episodes, so sorry about that! I’ve been watching GG since they started, but most of the Jon-era ones simply don’t appeal to me as much as the Danny-era ones do, nor do I remember  them quite as well.

I mean, y’know,  beyond the obvious, of course.)

I wanted to draw a lot of the gaming Youtubers, but decided to draw them all in one spot hanging out…

I watch most of these Youtubers, but not all and I wanted to throw some in there that other people watch as well…

In Attendance:

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Projared   JonTron   Markiplier   Jwittz

Row 2 Left to Right:

Tamashii Hiroka   Smooth Mcgroove   Greg & The Completionist

Row 3 Left to Right:

Jackscepticeye   Yamimash   Muyskerm   Lordminion777

Row 4 Left to Right:

Smosh   The Sw1tcher  (Matt, Pat, and Woolie)

Row 5 Left to Right:

The Game Grumps   (Arin, Dan, Barry, Suzy, Ross, and Kevin)

At the Top Left to Right:

PenutButterGamer   Game Theorists   Tiny Box Tim   Jacques

Thank all of you guys for your awesomeness and hilarious videos about games. Everyone’s videos here have helped me through some though times and stressful situations, making me smile when my days go bad and of course always gave me a good laugh…

So once again to all of you Gaming Youtubers I say…


Before Grumps: Dan + Suzy

(It’s cute that Dan interviewed Suzy first before anyone else’s interview went up) 

Suzy recently got into 80′s music thanks in part to Under The Covers. Dan says that he thinks the resurgence is because 80′s music feels good and people want to feel good. 

Dan has always wanted a tree house but never had one. 

Suzy and her twin switched places one time in preschool to spare Suzy from having to go to speech class. 

Dan says that Suzy is the one into the darkest shit and Suzy said she gets it from her dad. Dan says he has met Suzy’s dad multiple times. 

Ross has met a mercenary before. 

Suzy worked in retail her whole life, was a manager at Hot Topic, until she helped Arin enough that she could quit and work on videos with him. 

Suzy says she has a bleeding heart for people and Arin is compassionate af, so it makes sense that these two will literally adopt people and take care of them. 

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I kind of want to make a statement here. People are always spouting out mean stuff about stuff, and praise the GameGrumps. But, from watching their videos and many (DreamDaddy) fans confirmed. They make constant racist/homophobic jokes a lot. And Jon, made one simple mistake. So, I'm just stumped as to why Game Grumps fans don't see that they're pretty toxic.

Agreed. I couldn’t of said it better myself lmao.

I’ve been wanting to make a post about the “Why isn’t Jon in your fanart” for the longest time, going as far as planning out a comic strip about it, but I was always afraid to do so because I didn’t want to have to deal with the types of messages I would get.  

I’m seriously so happy that this topic became popular in the past couple of days. Thank you to everyone who has posted about it and thank you to those who defend fanartists who have to put up with those petty comments. 

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Crystal/Gem grumps headcannons

Just some hc’s I had for the CG au

Which grumps I believe parallel the crystal gems:
Steven - Kevin, Holly and Dan (Kevin heals, Holly’s a half Gem, Dan replaced Jon)
Pearl - Arin (still wants Jon there, but does care for Dan)
Rose - Jon (only he ran away, he never died)
Ameythst - Suzy and Ross (Suzy is carefree, Ross was made in the kindergarten)
Garnet - Barry (strong character, surprisingly silent)
Lapis Lazuli - Mark (I’ll explain later*)
Peridot - MatPat (go kill the crystal grumps, they said, it’ll be fun, they said)
Jasper - Ninja Brian (well they are both power hungry amd destructive)
Greg - Holly (She doesn’t understand the gem world, but wants to )
Connie - also Ross (do it for Dan/Jon)

*now why did I make Mark into a Lapis parallel? He always has periods of feeling as if he can do better than he already can, and I really want to envision Dan seeing a dying dream Mark ala chille tid.

Power head canons
Arin - Mallet (gets bigger depending on his strong his emotions are)
Jon - Flight (Jaques) and air control
Suzy - Moth wings and can create shadow bugs to attack with
Danny - Microphone mace and vocal shockwaves
Barry - Being Manipulation (make people freeze and other things)
Ross - Power Gloves (like garnets weapon)
Kevin - Healing and Sheilds
Holly - Bow and arrows

Plot shits
Before Kevin, Danny, Ross and the others, it was Jon, Arin and Suzy. They all fled to earth after the war and settled into life easily, but when MatPat and Ninja Brian decided to track the. Down and attack, they had to get reinforcements in the names of Mark and Barry, but one day, Jon just disappeared, believed to be dead. Arin went into a deep stage of depression, and lashed out at Mark, cracking his Gem in the process and then trapping him on the front of a book out of fear. Whilst everyone else believed that Mark ran away, Arin finds it harder to hide the truth, and is about to lash out, until a letter, delivered by Jon’s old bird, now Arin’s, Jaques, falls into his lap, stating that 3 refugee gems are hoping to stay with them as they are in danger. When the 3 gems show up, Kevin, Ross and Holly, they bring a music box with them, and ask Arin if he knows anything about it, but he can’t figure out why it’s familiar. He posers over it for the next few weeks while he gets to know they 3 new gems, and learns of the Kindergarten, where Kevin and Ross were made, and of a mysterious gem who helped them to find this place.

As he learns of the kindergarten, and explores earths one, encountering MatPat in the process, he realises why the gem with the Star of David like crack seems familiar, and after recovering from the fight, slowly pries the gem from the box, and Dan, his old friend, emerges. Dans cracked gem stops him from talking, and so a couple of weeks later when Kevin, Barry and Holly return from the kindergarten raid, checking for dead gem shards, Arin gets Kevin to heal Dan, and they have a heartfelt reunion.

Ross, who was the newest of Gems, and has yet to control his powers, asks Arin for help as he is helping Dan to regain control of his, and so they practice with their weapons to get better at them, and a ‘do it for him/her’ happens where Arin is wanting to protect Dan, as he’s still weak af, so he’s all
‘You’ll do it with Dan,
And you’d do it again,
You’ll do it with Jon,
That is to say,
You’ll do it with Dan’
And that’s when Ross gets wondering, as the mysterious gem mentioned the name Jon at some point.

As time goes on, Dan finds the Book with Mark’s Gem on it, and begins to use it as a diary, until Mark writes back, and they continue to converse daily. When Dan shows it to Kevin, they agree to keep it a secret, and promise to let him out and heal him when the time is right. When they do let him out, he runs to find Arin, and tries to hurt him as Arin did to him, but is deeply traumatised by what happen, that he flees into the sea. With Arins secret exposed, he waits for everyone to turn on him, only for them to understand that he was still deeply hurt over Jon’s 'death’, and while attacking Mark was a horrid thing to do, he’s had so much happen to him that they instead decide to watch over him to make sure he doesn’t lash out again.

Jon is still presumed dead, but he’s really trying to attack the diamonds (now fused into pewdiepie) and is wishing he could turn back and go to Arin, but knows that he thinks he’s dead, so he continues on, hiding his status amd never getting to see his friend again.

So yeah, that’s some Crystal/Gem grumps I had in my head