jon weisberg


From First To Last was my life. I spent years street teaming them. I even became an official “Minion” by making a t-shirt and showing up at a show and getting the members approval. It was awesome. Those were the days. I had the Aesthetic EP, Dear Diary and all albums after. I loved them no matter who was or wasn’t in the band. Matt is the only actual original member. All others were off and on etc.

There is a lot I still think fans don’t even know or cared, I mean I was one of the big fans. I had met them a couple times and had all these old shirts and autographs and pictures. I remember I painted them a picture too and Jon and Sonny really loved it.

I miss those days. I spent a year in a homeschool program and when I went to the middle school the one day a week all I did was play their music in class and it was so rad haha.

I even stuck with Sonny after he left and FFTL as they continued on. Sonny was SonnySound and then Skrillex and I got to see his first solo show and he made his own CD’s “Bells” and he drew his little pics on them it was so awesome.

But I remember Matt Good was the original singer for FFTL but he wasn’t quite interested in being a front man and Sonny originally tried out to be a guitarist but he had a lot of ideas for vocals and would be like “sing it like this” so they made him the front man. So it always pissed me off that people always were like “Sonny come back” and “the new singer sucks” and I am like, you mother fuckers, Matt Good is the original singer and you are all morons.

I love them both to this day. I never thought all these years later I would have like Travis following me on twitter and shit, it is kinda neat. I really like that everyone does their own things and are still rocking. Sonny blew up I think that is so cool, in fact I hear he is nominated for 5 grammys? that is so amazing, I am proud of him for sticking to what he enjoyed playing. His voice is incredible though, he needs to sing more. He is like a male Bjork. You can also definitely hear his influence from Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) and I dig that. So I love it except for all the Skrillex dub step fans not really knowing shit about him, that drives me nuts. I prefer to call him Sonny still.

I also love Ricky Terror and shit, I am having a mind blank but there was another guy on tour with them, a friend. But Ricky did magic tricks and would give you stickers and shit. It was good times.

I remember they all loved my cupcake Minion shirts and shit haha. My biggest regret is not being brave enough to volunteer to do the rap in the “secret song” aka “Dead Baby Kickball”  when they performed it live. haha man I should have done that shit!!!

All in all, cool sweet guys, their music has influenced me so much and I love this band till I die. 


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