jon suarez

Ships As Desserts
  • Ryden: Rainbow Cake with Vanilla Frosting
  • Frerard: Dip`n`Dots
  • Petekey: Vanilla Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Phan: Cherry Popsicles
  • Gabilliam: Chocolate Dipped Swirled Ice Cream Cone
  • Alex/Nate: Chocolate Cake with Whipped Vanilla Frosting
  • Joncer: Strawberry Ice Cream
↳ [1/2] Liverpool FC
"Anything Is Possible For Those Who Believe"
Band Members as Flowers
  • Spencer Smith: SunFlowers
  • Jon Walker: Daisy
  • Pete Wentz: White Roses
  • Patrick Stump: Buttercups
  • Andy Hurley: Tiger Lily
  • Ryan Ross: Lavendar
  • Brendon Urie: Hibiscus
  • Joe Trohman: Jasmines
  • William Beckett: Poppys
  • Gabe Saporta: African Wild Flowers
  • Brent Wilson: Poison Ivy Flowers
  • Dallon Weekes: Gladiola
  • Mike Carden: Guzmania
  • Adam Siska: Asters
  • Vicky-T: Tulips
  • Nate Novarro: Sweet Peas
  • Alex Suarez: Marigolds
  • Ryland Blackinton: Snapdragons
Liverpool FC vs. Arsenal recapped

Mignolet was a legend

Flanagan was a legend

Toure was a legend

Skrtel was a god

Cissokho was a legend

Henderson was a legend

Gerrard was a legend

Sterling was a legend

Coutinho was a legend

Sturridge was a legend

Suarez was a legend

Allen was still a goat

Ibe was a legend

Aspas was a legend

And Rodgers was a legend

Liverpool vs. Manchester United recapped

Mignolet had the name of St. Patrick’s day changed to St. Simon’s day after a beautiful first half save

Johnson still took more shots on goal than United did

Skrtel was like trying to lose to David Moyes, fucking hard

Agger killed a guy and then lost an eye

Flanagan hated United more than Liam Gallagher

Allen was given his first pedometer and was fascinated by the new toy, he didn’t stop moving the entire match

Henderson chased Allen

Gerrard saved humanity

Sterling got bullied by headless Fellaini and ran home crying, he stole the ball however and took it with him

Sturridge once again dribbled around the entire population of planet Earth and still couldn’t find the back of the net

Suarez still couldn’t make it three feet without getting fouled yet still scored a goal

Coutinho was hired by Liverpool fans to tear apart the posts for denying Stevie his hat trick

Lucas came back from the dead to celebrate with the squad, everyone missed him

Aspas made this difficult for me as per usual

Rodgers was a beauty

And United were completely irrelevant


Liverpool FC vs. Swansea recapped

Mignolet still has not stopped a single one of Martin’s shots

Johnson took out the entire midfield brilliantly, took out three defenders with class, ran into the opposition’s box at full speed and didn’t know what to do after that

Squirtle hit itself in confusion

Agger I don’t even know

Flanagan was like an English Forrest Gump

Henderson was king 

Shelvey wait wrong teamsheet, or maybe it’s not, no one was marking him so you’d never know

Gerrard was still the best center back that the team has

Coutinho disappeared at half time

Sterling returned to his sofa at halftime but only to be frustrated that he forgot his drink

Pele had a solid performance

Suarez just wanted to be Pirlo

Allen wasn’t absolutely terrible, well done

Toure scared the fuck out of everyone, but instead of the other team, it was the fans of Liverpool everytime he came near the ball

Moses was still alive

And Rodgers was the flea in the title race