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     “The blood of the First Men still flows in the veins of the Starks, and we hold to the belief that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”

I rewatched the Ed Sheeran scene to fully understand why the world was so offended by it and surprise surprise, I still don’t get it! 💁
He sang a sweet melody and said two words. That’s it. Why are people so angered by this? He was HIRED to do a job and he did it. 
People are reacting as if though Ed forced himself into the HBO offices and demanded a cameo…thats not how it works! That hate should be redirected at HBO productions for casting him. They wanted Ed Sheeran in the scene, they got him…DEAL WITH IT! 
And honestly Ed Sheeran is the last public figure that deserves this online drag fest.
Plus all of this social media outrage pulled complete focus from how amazing the season opener was; and the public had no one to blame but themselves for that. Shame. Do better next time Game Of Thronies!


I have spoken about this before, I posted a couple of days about the…,

Spoilers for episode 2 onReddit, and in the very top picture is him reviewing the episode. Now, I read his run down of episode 1, and he was pretty thorough with what happened, some things were out of context, but right none the less.

“Most people are sheep…you’re a dragon, BE a dragon.”

At the end of the last book, Daenerys was taken from Mereen, and was BROUGHT to the Dothraki waste, I’m pretty sure. There she has a conversation with grass (hallucinations) and they’re telling her she turned her back on being a dragon, and her children. (Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.)

Fire and Blood.

At the end, she decided to embrace her house words.

Now, the show is doing this, but in a different way. Instead of a hallucination, Olenna will be telling her this.

And if LADS leaks hold weight, she’ll be barbecuing the Tarlys. Father and Son. Hmmm..sounds rather…familiar doesn’t it?

Who else roasted a father and son for going against them?

Yep, Aerys Targaryen, second of his name. They were enemies in his eyes, all because they wouldn’t kneel to his madness.

The Tarlys will be considered treasonous because they won’t bow to a foreign Targaryen who is unleashing dragons upon the realm.

Now, if we see anything from the spoilers, we see Euron WINNING this sea battle, and I also heard the Casterly Rock invasion won’t end well. Even with Tyrions elaborate, expansive knowledge of the sewer systems, the soldiers themselves will be hard to take on.

Will Daenerys stand for this? No.

She’s going to go by what Tyrion says, because he’s her advisor, but, she’s going to turn to ‘being’ a dragon, and taking what she wants with FIRE AND BLOOD.

Lets take a look at the expressions Tyrion has. All three are worried. There’s also one more I forgot, where he worriedly snaps his head to the side.

Getting back to the Tarlys.. Daenerys told the Dothraki horde, when she was atop Drogon after burning their seven Khals, she promised they could pillage.

“Will you help me destroy my enemies in their iron suites and iron castles?!”
(Something like that.)

Now, are you really going to tell me that she will NOT let them pillage Horn Hill? And do you honestly think they won’t kill Sam’s mother and sister? At the very LEAST take them prisoner?

No. She won’t.

Now, do you honestly believe Jon Snow will sleep with her, after knowing all of this?

Are you serious?

He might sleep with her, but it won’t be because of love. It’ll be for comfort…

Comfort for what though?


Even if you’re a D@ny fan, you cannot discount these things. These can’t be ignored…Tyrions facial expressions of worry, dread, and shock CANNOT be ignored. Olennas little ‘be a dragon’ speech CANNOT be discounted.

It’s not a coincidence, and it’s not a GOOD thing.

End of my little meta thing here.


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Thoughts on Jonsa 7x1

So I’d like to take a moment to look at GoT 7x1 Jonsa scene!

I’m not gonna talk about all the stuff people already noticed but there are some points I want to look at ‘cuz they are too precious and I don’t think we’re giving enough attention and respect.

1 - We have Jon asking the Umber and Kastark kids to pledge themselves to House Stark once again, and here’s the line:
“To serve as OUR bannerman and come to OUR aid whenever called upon”
That’s almost the same line Sansa used in Season 6 when she was talking to Lord Glover. But the thing is: Jon now considers himself as a Stark. He uses the family sigil, and uses the word “our” when talking about House Stark. He finally sees himself as part of the family and sees Sansa as a true relative.

2- Sansa talks about Joffrey and Jon is deeply offended for being compared to a autoritary piece of shit responsible for Ned’s death and putting Sansa under so much suffer, he even stops to face her.
When he confronts her, she realizes she went too far and hurted him. Sophie acting says “Oh, I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry” so she gives him compliments about being as far from Joffrey as anyone could be, and how he is a good ruler. Sansa was a hostage at King’s Landing for like forever, she saw how bad rulers act, how they really are. If someone in this show has property to say who is a good ruler this person is Sansa Stark. Trust me.
And the moment he realizes she’s being honest about the things she said he gives her that 6x10 look again!

3- When they got to the “but” moment he talks to her softly, his face has a smile and we see he’s not offended by what she was trying to say before.
We have the “I will protect you” conversation they had in the previous season again and she reminds him he can’t protect her, and we realize he’s still trying to do that!

4- When Jon tries to keep walking and talking about how she was undermining him, is her time to be offended, she stops, grabs his hand and pulls him closer to force him to look at her face and hear what she is seriously saying.
This is a moment of such importance to the viewers that there is a camera closing to the grabbing moment and another closing to the look Jon gives to their hands united .

5- When Sansa talks to Littlefinger she never goes and touch him, he is the one that tries to touch her, and if we look back at 6x10 she avoided Baelish’s kiss and touch but allowed Jon’s. That means a lot.
There’s another thing: Sansa is always avoiding Littlefinger’s presence, leaving him alone or telling him politely to leave, but she does the opposite with Jon. This is the second time he tries to leave and she does something to make him stay a little longer. At 6x10 she added that “ hey, Jon, a raven came from the Citadel!” line, and now she touched him so he couldn’t leave her again.

6- They stand very close to each other at this moment like no other couple did at 7x1. Cersei and Jaime have a scene right after and they do not touch each other at all. The camera shoots show them far from each other while Sansa and Jon even held hands.

7- When she said the “I love them [father and Robb], I miss them, but they made stupid mistakes and lost their heads for it” , she was actually saying “I love you, I’d miss you and I don’t want you to die. Be careful” but Jon doesn’t understand that way.
When he replies to her, she is not as offended as we viewers are with his response, she just looked sad, not because she wants to rule the North with him, but because she knows it’s dangerous to him not to listen to what she is trying to say.

8- I will not talk about how the moment with the maester is similar to the very first Ned and Catelyn’s scene. We all saw that a thousand times, but I’d like to note the maester bowed to HER before leaving. She is the Lady of Winterfell but truth be told this scene actually reminds me when people bowed to Talisa after talking to Robb.
The show puts Sansa at the “wife’s place” at tables and now people bow to her like she is his queen.

9- We need to talk about that scene at the battlements of Winterfell too. At 6x10 Jon and Sansa chatted at the same place about his place as a Stark, who should take the Lord’s chamber and other cute stuff. That scene had an “outside of the walls” point of view, like there was a wall between them. Jon surpasses this wall and goes to face her, touch her, say the “we have to trust each other” line and kiss her forehead .
At 7x1 the scene has an “inside walls” point of view, not just to show the viewers that winter came and covered the fields but also to show that now they are closer, closer than Jaime and Cersei are in the following scene, there is nothing between them now and they talk looking at each other the whole time.

10- Here’s another precious thing:
“We still have the Wall between US and the Night King. There’s nothing between US and Cersei”
“There’s a thousand miles between US and Cersei.”
Notice how they use US to refer to each other, they don’t mean “between You and Cersei” like they are thinking about his or her safety only, they are thinking about them, they talk like they are a family, almost a couple. They talk about their own safety almost as they don’t think they will ever be apart, like they are going to be always together at Winterfell. This is too much for me.

11- Sansa then reminds him Cersei is a dangerous woman, he shouldn’t be concerned only about the Lannister army but also with the possibility of his murder under her command. If we take a look at the books for a moment, Cersei actually had a plan to send men to the Wall to kill Jon when she received the news he was elected Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, so Sansa is completely right to think Cersei could find a way to have Jon killed now the he’s the King in the North. Kit’s facial expression seems to show a “Okey, You’re right” before saying she almost seems to admire Cersei.

12- And at last we have this sad and almost ashamed look from Sansa before saying how much she had learned from Cersei. She looks away from him almost like she was saying “I don’t want to talk about it”.

We don’t see the ending of this conversation but it seems to me that her lines actually convinced him.
Now we need to wait the upcoming episodes to see how they relationship will develop from here. I’m so sad Jon is heading to see Daenerys this season ‘cuz we’re gonna lose all their lovely moments together.