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Surface of the Sun

Jonerys Week Day 5: Smut. Not very graphic smut I’m afraid. Barely any smut at all. More like nudity. But I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Dany being Unburnt in front of Jon-here you go. 

For a second, Jon thought he was dead.

The water was clear and cold and for a split second he was suspended, neither up nor down, surrounded by the dead and he was sure-no, he was positive-that he was moments away from breathing his last.

But maybe he had been brought back for a reason. The Dragon Queen would have no reason not to believe him now-and neither would Cersei, once they brought the wight to King’s Landing. There was still hope. And if he didn’t live to see the dawn…well, it was a pity. But Daenerys would make a good queen. He knew it. The more time he spent with her the more he saw how much good was in her.

He would have liked to see the monarch she’d become.

And then he felt a hand close around his wrist and yank him upwards, until the cold stung him so badly he almost fell back in the water.

“Come on! We have to go!”

At first the words didn’t make sense; his head was still full of water. And the sight in front of him didn’t make sense either; there was Dany, fending off a wight by kicking it with her foot every so often (with little success), kneeling beside him in her white coat-and Drogon was gone. Her features were pale and drawn with cold but she stubbornly yanked on his arm, again and again until awareness slowly returned in bits and pieces. “What?”

She pulled harder, her distraction costing her-a wight grabbed her foot and yanked and she nearly fell.

Jon decided he would deal with the cold later. For now he had to make sure that she didn’t die up here, because of him. Because he’d been stupid enough to make a plan like this in the first place and she’d had to go along with it. He heaved himself out of the water, the cold cutting into him like knives, grabbed Longclaw, and sliced the wight in half. All of his movements felt heavy and awkward; there were too many in the army of the dead and he knew it was only a matter of time before his strength ran out. “Where’s Drogon?”

“He already left!” They had to shout to be heard over the melee and the roaring of the wind. “Hurry, we have to-”

He was just about to wonder how they would possibly survive if Drogon was gone when there was a loud roar from somewhere above him and not for the first time that day he had to dart out of the way of a wreath of fire. The green dragon, Rhaegal-it was Rhaegal, wasn’t it?-swooped low over their heads, taking out the nearest wights around them and half of Dany’s coat. He landed impatiently, fidgeting as if he wanted to leave just as much as they did.

At first Jon balked at the sheer size of him-he wasn’t as big as Drogon but he was still enormous-but Daenerys pulled him onto his back before he could protest and they took off, leaving the wights far behind them. Viserion screeched and followed after them and he saw a blur of motion out of the corner of his eye as something went flying through the air towards them and swung wide, just barely missing its mark. He couldn’t tell what it was.

It was even colder with the wind than it had been on the ground. That surprised him more than the fact that he was flying on a dragon and everything below him was a blur of white. He couldn’t see the place where they’d made their last stand now, couldn’t see anything but the snow blowing in his face and the glow of Dany’s hair next to him. His hands were gripping the dragon’s scales so hard that he worried he would break them and he couldn’t tell if it was the fear of flying or the cold.

Dany had to grab him to keep him from falling off, holding him tightly. She seemed to radiate heat, more than most people did; he wondered if that had anything to do with the dragon’s blood she was always talking about. But for the moment he didn’t mind; she was the only warm thing in this cold, cold world.

When Rhaegal landed what must have been only minutes later but felt like hours, they were both nearly frozen through. Jon tried to get off the dragon gracefully but he fell in the snow and Dany practically tripped over him. The scene swam before his eyes-there was Eastwatch, there were several figures rushing towards them and he couldn’t tell whether they were friends or enemies…

And then he remembered-hadn’t the Queen been on fire?

The next time Jon woke up he was on a ship. He could feel it rocking underfoot; the first time he took a step he pitched forward and almost fell on his face. It was warm, almost too warm; although his torso was bare he was covered in bandages and blankets, and there were candles lit on what seemed like every available surface.

It was very quiet. He wondered, briefly, if everything had been a dream and he was still on Dragonstone. But no; floes of ice bobbed around their ship. They were still in the North. And they…were alive.

He found the door and entered a small, dimly lit hallway. There were three other doors in it and he tried them, one by one-two were supply cupboards but one door opened easily under his touch.

The Queen slept peacefully, wearing a long white nightdress and draped in furs. She looked angelic; her hair was down and cascaded down around her face and tangled on her pillow.

She stirred, as if she’d heard him and opened one eyebrow lazily. She didn’t seem surprised to see him there. “Lord Snow.”

“…Your Grace.” She didn’t look at all like the queen she was; she looked so young, so vulnerable.

“Are you cold?”

He couldn’t help but nod. “It’s the North. Who isn’t?” She moved until she was pressed to the side of the ship-and still he didn’t realize what she wanted him to do until she’d been looking at him for a good minute or two. “It’s not proper-”

“You’re shivering.” That was funny. He hadn’t realized it.

He got into the bed carefully, feeling it lower under his weight. He lay on the very edge, as far away from her as he could get. Gods, if someone walked in on them now, he’d never hear the end of it.

“You won’t get warm all the way over there, you know.”

Reluctantly, he scooted a bit closer.

And then Dany moved until she was pressed against his side and there was that delicious warmth again, seeming to warm him from the inside out. It didn’t occur to him to pull away. Her eyes fluttered shut and she sighed deeply.

There was something important he had to ask her before she slept again…what was it? Oh, yes. “Your Grace.”

“Hmm?” Her voice was barely awake, hardly there.

“Didn’t the dragon burn you?”

But she was already asleep.

It felt like they slept for days, drifting in and out of consciousness. Jon’s dreams were heavy and undisturbed, but he was always aware of the woman that lay next to him, everywhere they touched. Ygritte had never been this warm. He’d never really just lay next to her and slept, with no ulterior motive other than them both being tired beyond belief.

Someone told him that they were safe, they were on a boat back to Dragonstone, they had the wight, he was going to be all right and so was she. They were fine.

She’d gotten off of Drogon as soon as she saw him fall and had told everyone else to go, insisting one of the other dragons would take her instead.

Her coat-or what was left of it-lay in front of the fire, which was blazing all the time now. At least, what was left of it. It was nearly all burnt away, scorched by dragonfire. But he didn’t see any bandages on the Queen.

He was confused. Nothing made sense. So, inevitably, he would always go back to sleep again.

One day he realized that he wanted to sit up.

Daenerys was already awake, sitting at her desk below the window. She had a fur draped over her nightgown, pen in hand, head bent over her writing. Her hair was loose, as if she’d tried to braid it but had given up halfway through and it was slowly coming unraveled again. She turned to look at him as soon as he stirred; her eyes were soft. “You want to know why I wasn’t burned by Rhaegal’s fire.”

Yes. “No.”

She stood and cast off the fur, stepping in front of the fire. As he watched, she reached out-until her fingers were practically on top of the flames…and then inside of them.

He tried to stand but she waved him off. Something strange was happening with the fire…it touched her, but it didn’t. It wound lightly up her wrist, jumping up her sleeve, burning at her collar and then jumping to her chest, her back, her legs…but she didn’t cry out. She didn’t even seem to be in pain. Finally she stepped away, turning to face him-and stripped what remained of the dress away (which, to be fair, wasn’t much since it had nearly burned through).

There were no burns on her skin, no abrasions, no bandages. It was as if she’d never been burnt at all.

And then, of course, there was the shape of her-now so clear. He’d known she was beautiful, of course-how could one not know that? But he hadn’t expected…this. The curves, the softness, the planes…he caught his breath and tried not to be obvious about it.

She took a step closer, and then another. She didn’t say anything. Neither did he.

The silence was deafening.

She took a seat on the edge of the bed, not so much as reaching for a blanket, and traced his chest-the paths of his scars, the edge of his bandages. “Does it hurt?”

“Not that much. It’s bearable.” His skin felt like it set on fire where she touched it.

He saw her startle quickly, as if she had come to her senses. “I should let you get some sleep.”

“But what happened-”

“It’s…I’m immune to fire. Even my children’s fire.”

He shouldn’t have been surprised, since out of everything he’d ever seen or experienced that was nowhere near the strangest-but he still didn’t know what to say. “The blood of the dragon.”

She smiled, almost sadly. “Precisely. Fire cannot kill a dragon.” There was something hollow in her words, something sad. It made him want to hug her.

“Don’t go,” he whispered.

She glanced down, not in shame, but as if she’d forgotten why she didn’t have any clothes on. “You need rest.”

“I’ve rested.” He touched her hand, tentatively. It was soft and warm and small in his. “I don’t want to rest. I have to know.”

“Know what?” He suspected she already knew-or had guessed.

“You came.”

“Should I have left you to die?”

“No. I just…I wasn’t expecting it.”

“We will destroy the Night King and his army. You said you can’t do it alone. I’m beginning to realize…maybe I can’t either.”


She was surprised now. “No one’s called me that name in a very long time.”

“Dany. Daenerys.” A beautiful name. Why not? She deserved a name like that. She deserved to be called it all the time.

She laughed quietly. “You’re tired.”
“Only a little. You are too.” He could see sleep weighing heavy on her eyelids, just waiting to consume her.

“I have a letter-”

He wasn’t sure if he surprised her or himself more when he kissed her. It wasn’t something he’d been thinking about even a minute before. It just…came out of nowhere. But it felt right. Her lips were warm too, just like the rest of her. For a minute they were almost slack, surprised-and then she kissed him back, vigorously, only pausing to draw breath.

Her eyes smoldered like hot coals, burning like the fire in her soul.

They came together, again and again, fire and ice. There was something desperate in their passion, something that told them to kiss harder, consequences be damned. And he wanted her-gods help him, he wanted her. Not just her warmth. He wanted her-her kindness, her courage, her heart. He wanted her on this boat in the middle of the ocean when they were already in a dream anyway.

And he could tell that she wanted him too.

When she climaxed, when they were joined skin to skin as close as two people could be, he wondered how he could ever be cold again. How could one fear the ice when they could touch the surface of the sun?

She was his sun.

Maybe he would regret this later, when he had come to his senses. But for this moment, for this time-however short-he was exactly where he wanted to be.

One more thing left thank goodness. As a reminder I’m doing a Hogwarts AU tomorrow because my multichapter story Forever and Always on Ao3 is a soulbond fic and I feel like that’s too close to a soulmate fic to write something new. 

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I may have submitted this fic request before but the fic would be about the anniversary of Damian's death coming up and jon is there to make him feel better.

Oh man, this was hard. Damian isn’t exactly good with his emotions so making a dramatic dialogue for him was…tough… XD

Anyway I hope you enjoy this.

Also, sorry if I take like, ages to do prompts. I cant bring myself to write them unless I can think of a cool thing to make it pop.

Superboy and Robin were just about done patrolling from the rooftops when Damian’s voice stopped Jon in his tracks.

“Hey, Jon…”

Jon turned to look at Damian. His friend never called him by his nickname unless something serious came up…or if Damian was teasing him. But Damian didn’t seem like he was in a joking mood.

“Hey, what’s up?” Jon asked cautiously.

“Go on patrol without me tomorrow,” Damian said, a hint of melancholy in his tone. “I have business to attend to.”

“What business?” Jon asked again.

Damian business,” Damian emphasized with a bit of irritation.

“I thought we agreed that Damian business is also my business?” Jon complained.

“Not this time,” Damian said firmly. He fired his grapnel and leaped off the roof’s ledge, leaving Jon behind.


The air was still, save for the soft pitter-patter of raindrops on Jon’s umbrella. The clouds were a murky gray, almost as if the sky was giving off one huge sad sigh. Water seeped in through Jon’s red sneakers, and he remembered a book he’d read where the thirteen-year old detective protagonist said that the feeling of walking with wet socks was the worst. Jon agreed with him.

He walked up the stone steps and searched for the right footpath. All around him, headstones jutted out of the grass like rows of very depressing teeth. It didn’t take long for Jon to find the right place. It was just a simple patch of grass with a seven-foot-tall obelisk as a headstone. He’d have thought that Bruce Wayne, of all people, would have a fancy mausoleum or something built for his family, and not just another square patch of soil like everyone else in Gotham. It wasn’t exactly the most cheerful thing to ask Batman.

In front of the obelisk, just as Jon had expected, was Damian. He was wearing a simple black shirt and track pants, as if he were just another jogger who just happened to detour into a depressing graveyard. He stared intently at the obelisk, whose inscription looked so faded that there were barely any letters left.

Jon rolled his eyes. Damian didn’t have an umbrella and his usually well-groomed hair was wet and plastered to his forehead. Typical, Jon thought. There’s no better way to look miserable than to visit a graveyard on a rainy day without an umbrella. He approached the boy, but Damian didn’t pay him any attention. Jon put the umbrella over them both.

“Hey,” Jon called out cautiously.

“Hmm,” Damian grunted.

“You’ll catch a cold,” Jon chided.

“How did you find me?” Damian asked without lifting his head.

“You have three brothers and a super awesome butler that I could ask. It wasn’t hard.” Jon hoped that Damian would smile. Damian still looked disinterested.

“Hrrn,” Damian grunted again.

“Soooo,” Jon began, unsure what to say, “That’s where…you were…uh…”

“This was my grave, yes,” Damian said in a monotone. “I was buried here when I…died.” Damian sounded like he almost choked. “Today’s the third year since that day.”

Jon bit his lip as Damian trailed off and went silent. Finally, he couldn’t stand it.

“Come on, let’s get out of the rain.” He grabbed Damian’s hand and dragged him out of the graveyard, ignoring the latter’s indignant protests.


Jon’s first thought was to try a café, but he didn’t think Damian would feel like talking if there were any other people around. He needed a place where they could be alone and relaxed. He thought of the quietest, most serene place he could think of. That’s how he ended up flying Damian all the way to his family’s former farm in Hamilton County. Damian didn’t even complain when Jon carried him in his arms, much to Jon’s surprise.

The city gave way to vast plains blanketed by yellows and oranges. The rain hadn’t reached the county, and the autumn breeze swirled with the scent of leaves and hay. Jon set Damian down under the shade of a huge oak tree—his favorite spot on the farm. Damian remained silent as he leaned on the massive trunk. Jon settled beside him and kicked off his sneakers. The texture of the papery grass between his toes always gave him a comforting sensation, a vague memory of home and warmth.

“So, do you always sulk alone on your death anniversary?” Jon asked, trying to sound light-hearted.

“It’s not the kind of thing you forget easily,” Damian said.

Both boys looked at each other when they realized the same thing.

“You sound like Jason!” Jon giggled.

“Now I feel even worse,” Damian said, but he sounded like he was trying to stifle a laugh. The air between them felt lighter.

“Dick told me, you know,” Jon began, “about how it happened. How everyone mourned. How your dad punched Darkseid in the nose to bring you back to life, which was way awesome, by the way.”

“I don’t think that’s exactly how it went down,” Damian smirked. Then, he adopted a more serious expression. “I was immature. I believed myself unbeatable, I went out of my way to find trouble and fight, to prove myself the best. My hubris got me killed.”

“You don’t need to be so philosophical about it,” Jon said offhandedly.

“No,” Damian said casually. “It was actually literal, in a way. I was killed by my own adult clone, one that still held on to its beliefs of superiority and other nonsense from my mother and the League of Assassins.

“I’ve gotten better,” he continued. “Now I know that it’s useless to die trying to prove you’re better than anyone. You should die for something worth fighting for.”

“Idiot,” Jon chided. “Have you tried not dying at all? Maya and Starfire both told me you were practically suicidal, going off trying to sacrifice yourself to anything every chance you get!”

“I’m not afraid to die,” Damian declared.

Jon sighed and stared off into the distance. He watched a flock of birds flying to the west, and the breeze kicked up a few leaves that settled on Jon’s hair.

“Back then, before either of us was born, my dad died, too. He was fighting Doomsday for the first time.” Jon sounded anxious, as if he was glad he wasn’t alive when it happened.

“My mom took it hard. So did everyone who knew my dad. His friends, relatives, and everyone in the world ever saved by Superman.”

“What’s your point?” Damian asked.

“My dad told me that while he was fighting, he was scared. He was terrified.”  Jon said quietly.

“Superman was scared?” Damian repeated, as if he couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah. He told me that no great warrior ever goes into battle without being scared. He was scared what would happen if he didn’t fight, or if he lost. He fought because he was scared he’d lose his family to Doomsday. He needed to stay alive to protect us, he didn’t want to die. But in the end, he did.”

“You are not very good at cheering people up,” Damian mused.

“What I’m trying to say is,” Jon said adamantly, “it’s okay to be scared to die. You should be, and you should try your hardest to stay alive for the people that love you.” He gave Damian a meaningful look.

Damian considered his words before he replied. “My life is forfeit to my father’s cause. I’m his heir.”

Jon shook his head. “You’re not your dad. Your life is yours. Have you even talked to your dad for longer than ten seconds? He’s not obvious about it, but he just wants what’s best for you. I bet, if you told him you didn’t want to be Robin anymore, he wouldn’t mind, and he’d even help you find a school and stuff!”

At the mention of ‘school’, Damian’s face wrinkled. “You presume too much, Jon. Besides, outside of being Robin, I have nothing.”

“Sure you do!” Jon huffed. “You have brothers, friends, family…you have me.”

Damian looked Jon in the eye, his expression a mixture of confusion and annoyance.

“Why do you care so much? What am I to you?”

Damian’s gaze was so intense that Jon had to look away. He started picking the grass.

“You’re someone that I’d protect no matter what,” Jon said softly. “I’d fight even if my hands go numb until you get it in that thick head of yours to stop throwing away your life like it’s your answer to everything—until you learn just how important your life is to people who care about you.”

“And if I did?” Damian asked quietly. His shoulders relaxed and his hands fell to his sides.

“Then…” Jon gulped. The sheer honesty of the moment made his heart pound in his chest. “I wouldn’t have to be so scared anymore.”

Damian felt Jon’s hand on top of his own. He held it and gently squeezed.  His friend’s words echoed in his mind: the greatest warriors fight because they’re scared to lose the ones they love.

The two boys spent a few minutes just listening to the oak’s branches rustling in the breeze.

“Don’t tell Jason,” Damian finally said. He sounded much more cheerful.

“That you were getting touchy about dying even more than he does?” Jon asked with a grin. “Maybe for a double scoop of triple chocolate ice cream, I will.”

Damian rolled his eyes. He was smiling.


Jon Snow will ride a dragon. But get this, Daenerys would never spontaneously let someone ride a dragon. Not even Jon. But Daenerys is outside training her dragons and asked Jon to come out to see if he could bond with Rhaegal as well, out of sheer curiosity. Jon managed to pet the dragon and they are bonding. But then he turns around to look at Daenerys. Rhaegal nudges him gently but Jon doesn’t turn back. Rhaegal, being annoyed he’s getting ignored, lifts Jon up in the air and then catches Jon on his neck. Jon, being extremely startled lets out a yelp and Daenerys is laughing at him. Before Jon has the time to grab on properly, Daenerys commands Rhaegal to fly, making Jon scream even louder in pure terror as Rhaegal climbs higher and higher into the sky. He’s a little bit more at ease as he sees Daenerys fly just a bit behind them, so if he should fall, she would surely catch him

playlist for when it’s cold and wet outside but you’re all warm and snuggly inside.

1. Between The Bars // Elliot Smith

2. Let Me In // GroupLove

3. Little Talks // Julia Sheer and Jon D

4. Little Do You Know // Alex & Sierra 

5. Almost Is Never Enough // Ariana Grande ft. Nathan Sykes

6. Flightless Bird, American Mouth // Iron & Wine

7. Sweater Weather // The Neighbourhood

8. Team // Lorde

9. The Last Time // Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody

10. Photograph // Ed Sheeran

11. All I Want // Kodaline

12. Happy Little Pill // Troye Sivan

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58 for the stonathan asks!! ly ely 💘💘

No prob, Yelnats! Ily2

Music played (maybe it was the Pixies, maybe something else), but neither of them paid much attention to it; they had a mind for one another and the bottle of whiskey between them—they rarely drank, but when they did, it was always together.

Steve passed the bottle back to Jon, who took a sip. “Shit,” he hissed, doubling over in a fit of coughs. “God, I hate whiskey.”

“I’m more of a gin guy myself,” Steve placidly agreed, leaning back against the headboard.

Jon rightened himself and stretched. As he did so, Steve caught his shirt slipping up just slightly to reveal pale skin beneath. “Oh my god, you have a freckle,” he nearly shouted, jerking forward to touch it.

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Whither Thou Goest: A playlist for Julian & Emma from The Dark Artifices by @cassandraclare​. Songs for the beautiful love between parabatai. (Artwork: @cassandrajp​)

Part Two: Sever My Soul


1. Drive - Halsey All we do is think about the feelings that we hide.
2. Army - Ellie Goulding When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army.
3. Where Do You Run - The Score I just want to make your demons disappear, to be the one to keep you safe at night.
4. Golden - Scars On 45 Together we’re golden, as long as there’s you by my side.
5. What the Water Gave Me - Florence and the Machine The world’s a beast of a burden. You’ve been holding up a long time.
6. Scars - Tove Lo Stories left on our skin, wear them with everything.
7. Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie Brown eyes, I hold you near, ‘cause you’re the only song I want to hear.
8. Flaws (Live Acoustic Version) - Bastille There’s a hole in my soul. Can you fill it?
9. One Day - Kodaline You’ve felt this way for far too long.
10. Young Blood - Bea Miller We were making history, breaking rules and breaking free.
11. What You Wanted - OneRepublic I’ll be the dawn on your worst night.
12. Warriors - Imagine Dragons We are the warriors that built this town
13. Hills to Climb - Tim Myers Underneath our wounds, where our demons have their home, the truth can be exposed.
14. Latch (Acoustic Version) - Sam Smith If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down.
15. Little Talks - Julia Sheer & Jon D. There’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back.
16. Find My Way Back - Eric Arjes ‘Cause even underneath the waves, I’ll be holding on to you.
17. We Found Each Other in the Dark - City and Colour I can still hear your voice.
18. Love Is the End - Keane When I was drowning in that holy water, all I could think of was you.
19. Wherever You Will Go - Charlene Soraia Who will be there to take my place?
20. This Love - Taylor Swift This love left a permanent mark.


Let The Storm Rage On

I am a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment
I am a wunderkind, I am a Joan of Arc
And smart enough to believe this
I am a princess on the way to my throne
Destined to seek, destined to know
Destined to rule, destined to roam

Let It Go by Alex Boye, One Voice Childrens Choir // Den Magiske Fela by Alexander Rybak // Hallelujah by Lindsey Stirling // Oceanic by Magnus Fiennes, Bond // Little Talks by Julia Sheer & Jon D // Nocturne by Relaxing Piano Music Consort // A Queen’s Loneliness by Trevor Morris // Take Flight by Lindsey Stirling // Home - The Rak Sessions by Gabrielle Aplin // Bless Those Tired Eyes by Clem Leek // Pleasured Distractions by Trevor Morris // White Winter Hymnal by Birdy // Colors pt. II by Halsey // The Cello Song by The Piano Guys // Islander - LateBreaker Remix by Robyn Sherwell // Wake Me Up by 2Cellos // V-Pop by Lindsey Stirling // Enter the Oracles by Trevor Morris // The Violet Hour by The Civil War // Wunderkind by Alanis Morissette



I Have Loved You Since Series: Moments



Moments. It was moments like these that calmed you, that made you feel secure with yourself and your life. You laid in bed and watched his chest rise within every breath he took, something not very out of the ordinary when you woke before him. There was always something new you found to love, whether it’d be a tiny freckle or a bit of some peach fuzz, you admired him wholeheartedly.

He was stirring from his slumber, his nose scrunching every few seconds - something you had always found adorable. You pushed yourself up and swung your leg over his lap, straddling his hips while your hands splayed across his little belly. Startled yet content with who was on top of him, he smiled lopsidedly as his eyes fluttered drowsily, staring up at you. 

“Morning,” he rasped, his voice deeper than usual. 

You smiled, leaning down inches away from his lips. “Good morning.”

His hands lingered along your thighs before they gently gripped your sides, holding you close and feeling the warmth that ricocheted off of you. “You look pretty,” he mused so genuinely. 

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curl up in these covers:

im not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you//kate nash, best song ever//gabrielle aplin, skinny love//ed sheeran, let her go//birdy, boyfriend//marina and the diamonds, no scrubs//bastille, crazy//daniela andrade, blue jeans//cara salimando, love will tear us apart//fall out boy, cant help falling in love//twenty one pilots, wrecking ball//james arthur, get lucky//daughter, when i was your man//sam smith, hold on we’re going home//arctic monkeys, do i wanna know//ms mr, mirrors//ellie goulding, little talks//julia sheer and jon d, demons//boyce avenue, no diggity//chet faker, what makes you beautiful//the 1975, chocolate//nina nesbitt, i will wait//unknown, suit and tie//tori kelly, story of my life//unknown, lego house//luke hemmings

listen here

Tranquil - 21 tracks to chill out, relax and breath. either for study, or just to fall asleep to.

ordinary love // u2 - the scientist // coldplay - chasing cars (cover) // ed sheeran - demons // imagine dragons - stand by me // oasis - little talks (cover) // julia sheer and jon d - let her go // passenger - yellow // coldplay - say something (cover) // shawn mendes - what you wanted // one republic - i miss you (cover) // 5sos - summertime sadness (cover) // miley cyrus - the a team // ed sheeran - sonnentanz // will heard and cara delevingne - hey jude // the beatles - stop crying your heart out // oasis - chocolate // the 1975 - sweater weather // the neighbourhood - mardy bum // arctic monkeys - tonight you’re perfect // new politics - why’d you only call me when you’re high // arctic monkeys