jon sasaki

Idol AU??? UM well
  • Hana is a director, along with Mai. Mai actually makes some of the clothes, too.
  • Hana was recruited to be a director because Mai couldn’t handle it all. help her
  • All of Normal Boots and all of Hidden Block are part of different idol groups in fierce competition, with a few other idols coming in for competition and grading
  • Hana and Mai are also basically judges oops
  • Wallid is basically the most experienced idol there due to staring up in high school. He’s the one who basically started the hidden block idol group in this au
  • Hana’s also pressured by the groups to join because she’s a cute person she should be On The Stage
  • Shenanigans and lots of idol outfits are included. Some outfits are really weird and Hana doesn’t know what they are thinking

Guys, I made a video! (@asagaoacademy and @didyouknowshaning … and everyone, I hope you like it! For someone with bare minimum animation knowledge, I’m happy with how this ended up).


i was gonna try and go somewhere with this, sadly, i didnt get very far… but i’ll try my best to make more!! i really love maitron and i hope yall like what i show you ;v; 

consider this part as way of me saying, “i want to practice making comics and i think i can do a lot with this so now its a thing!”. i hope you dont mind…

if you want, you can (re)read the Prologue (i guess?) , Part 1, and Part 2! just so you can be caught up!