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The Game of Thrones Fandom vs. Me:
  • 10% of the GoT fandom: Lol, I hate but also relate to Theon just "nopeing" off that ship.
  • 9% of the GoT fandom: *Actually worrying about theories/Yara's fate/the women representation and in yesterday's episode the brutal exchange between Nymeria and Arya.*
  • Me, the 1% of the GoT fandom: Samwell Tarley only traveled far away from his brother of the Night's Watch (Jon Snow) to serve his king and help out a friend. His first intention was to discover information from his research on ways to kill White Walkers and save the Seven Kingdoms from the year-long winter. However, he was bogged down with tons of book-stacking/cleaning up people's shit (literally) and being used for medicinal assistance by the Grand Maester. Through all this, he still managed to discover that Dragonstone sits on a mountain of dragonglass which can be used to killed the White Walkers and the dead army. He also managed to keep his family (Gilly and baby Sam) alive through what he does as a maestar. And finally, he sought out to help Ser Jorah Mormont in secret, a man heavily infected with Greyscale, WHEN NOBODY ELSE, INCLUDING THE GRAND MAESTAR (because it was too "dangerous") did. If Samwell Tarley isn't the true hero of tonight's episode, I don't know who is.

John Bradley Compares Kit Harington To The Mona Lisa - CONAN on TBS

I love him! Hahaha!

anonymous asked:

How did Sam's letter reach Jon? Either he knows that Jon is KitN and his reactions to Jon's death, resurrection, desertion, and coronation were all off-screen; or Edd is forwarding Sam's messages to Winterfell, again off-screen. I'd think the Jon-Sam relationship was important enough for D&D to give screentime to.

On past experience, either’s possible. I would have hoped we’d see Sam’s reaction to Jon’s resurrection, because goodness knows we need more people to react to that like it was a big deal, and Sam’s the one to whom Jon confided most of his bastard angst so Sam would know just what the coronation would mean to him…

There’s a lot that could be done with Sam’s reaction to events in the North. I’m not at all sure the writers will do it.

Game of Thrones Review Season 7 Episode 2: Stormborn

After last week’s typical season premier tradition of reminding viewers where everyone is, we had a much quicker paced episode last night. This episode was full of what makes this show so near and dear to all of our hearts: witty banter, boobs (Missan-damn), schemes unfolding, old friends reuniting, and best of all Fire and Blood. 

At Dragonstone:

Everything is thrown onto the table, literally and figuratively. The Khaleesi and her advisors quickly hash out many (though not all) things that could potentially create wedges among the group. Varys and his ever shifting support of monarchs, be they Targaryen, Baratheon, Lannister, and now Targaryen again. Ellaria speaks of the Dornish hatred of all Lannisters including Tyrion because of Oberyn’s death. 

Tyrion  shares this contempt towards his sister, but also towards Ellaria for the death of his innocent niece Myrcella (sorry you don’t get a pic Princess). The Khaleesi forgives Varys, welcomes the Red Woman Melisandre to the fold, and demands that the Greyjoys and Martells respect her Hand Tyrion. We learn of the two pronged Targaryen assault; Tyrells and Martells siege King’s Landing (hearts and minds of the people as the number 1 priority here) and the Unsullied and Doth Raki head west to take Casterly Rock to set up for the Field of Fire 2.0. We end with wise old Olenna telling Dany that she’s lived this long because she ignores clever men like Tyrion, one more possible wedge within the Dragon Brain Trust, and Grey Worm and Missandei finally getting together, though we still are not sure if the masters take the pillar and the stones from the Unsullied.

 Maester’s Note:

The Field of Fire was one of the most epic battles to take place during Aegon’s conquest. Aegon, his two sisters, their 3 dragons, led a host of conscripts from the Stormlands against King Loren Lannister and King Mern Gardener of Highgarden. Though the Targaryens were outnumbered by nearly 5x, their air superiority led to a decisive victory. The Gardener family became extinct and were replaced by the Tyrells at Highgarden. King Loren, who retreated through the flames on horseback, knelt and became known as Loren the Last. This was the only time we saw all three dragons fight during Aegon’s conquest. I imagine Dany and her dragons will be heading to Casterly Rock in the near future, and we all saw Jaime riding on horseback through a field of fire in the trailer a few weeks ago.

In the North:

Wedges are the theme of this episode. Tyrion writes to Jon, Sam writes to Jon. Both require him to go to the same location. Dragonstone. Does he head East for an alliance that will surely help them when the true war begins (dragonglass and dragon fire vs the Night’s King) and possibly lose the Knight’s of the Vale? Will threatening the de facto Lord of the Vale Littlefinger comeback to bite him? Will the Lords of the North rally around Sansa the same way they did Robb and Jon? Will Davos cause problems in Dragonstone when he sees Melisandre and ruin the alliance before it can start? 

We also saw Arya continue her journey and encounter her long lost Direwolf Nymeria. The last line “that’s not you” after she asked Nymeria to head North reminded me of a conversation she and Ned shared. Ned said something along the lines of “you are to grow up and become a lady” and “that’s not me” Arya replied. Nymeria already has her pack, and Arya seems to be on her way to return to hers.

King’s Landing & The Citadel:

Cersei gathers the Southron Lords and asks for their fealty during an anti-dragon propaganda filled speech. The most noteworthy of them all being Randyll Tarly. Lord Tarly and his son Dickon (not Rickon) are approached by a surprisingly pragmatic Jaime who asks him to lead his army against the Targaryens. Despite the obvious contempt he receives as the “Kingslayer” Jaime masterfully mentions everything Lord Tarly needs to hear. Jaime uses the foreign threat of the Doth Raki to sway this wildling hater, and uses his pride “the Tarly name means something” Randyll states, though it would mean much more if he was the Warden of the South as Jaime promised. Using the us vs them mindset we’re all too familiar with in the real word is a great way to gain the support of the belligerent House Tarly whose words are “First In Battle”

At the Citadel Sam Tarly and Archmaester Slughorn study Ser Jorah and his Greyscale. The Archmaester says it can’t be cured so naturally Sam tries to cure it on his own using dragonglass presumably. It was gross. Cersei and ex-Maester Qyburn go for a walk in the dungeons and look at  the dragon skulls from the old Targaryen dynasty. Qyburn’s master (or is it maester) plan is…to shoot it in the eye with a big arrow…oh..that’s cool I guess.

We end with a new battle in Blackwater Bay. Prior to a brief makeout sesh between Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand, Yara declares Theon her protector and the little sand snakes squabble over who gets to kill who (or is it whom) and the beautiful foreshadowing envelops us all. Euron attacks and smashes Yara’s fleet. He also kills the two sand snakes that wanted to do the most killing. RIP Obara and Nymeria. Ellaria and Tyene “Bad Pussy” Sand are captured and likely to be the gift to Cersei because of the whole murdering her daughter thing, and yes I am shamelessly hoping for more of Tyene and Bronn together. More Bronn in general tbh. Euron captures his niece Yara and cackles as Theon jumps overboard to swim away, great laugh, great scene, not so great protector. Loved seeing Euron’s crew cut out tongues. Great shout out to book fans like me. Sidenote: I rewatched this battle 8 times now to try to confirm that I saw a kraken, and sadly I did not see one.

Predictions for next week:

Euron is a hero in King’s Landing and ingratiates himself to Cersei, which pisses Jaime off.

Ellaria will be given to the Frankenmountain a cruel end for Oberyn’s lover.

Jon will talk about the great war, while Dany will focus on the 7 kingdoms. They won’t see eye to eye right away.

We have to see Bran, Beric and The Hound as they were all absent last night.

And my bold prediction is that we’ll see some Gendry, and it will be amazing.