jon salmon


Just when you think Last Week Tonight couldn’t get any better, they introduce the salmon cannon, and nobody is safe.


Chasing Simon

So much talk about Wenis tonight. So. Much. Wenis.

We’ve seen:
- Chris’s
- Tasha’s
- Jon’s
- Maika

And I officially love Jon even though he is a camera whore. Tasha is absolutely stunning, and she and Jay are so cute. Jay makes the weirdest faces and has the best gay voice out of everyone. Chris is a fun drunk who likes to be as loud as possible. Christian, we have learned, likes to go home early and most likely creep on the chat without us knowing and then use the band’s twitter. Oh and apparently Tasha tweets for Jay sometimes…that or he can tweet and play the bass at the same time. Christian looks even more like Ryan Gosling with the stubble and his sheer cuteness almost made UStream explode. Maika never sleeps mor changes his clothes until he finally goes to bed, he likes wine a lot, doesn’t throw out jeans that have large holes in the crotch, and like to rap to Wu Tang with Jon.
I have also learned that the TFT Fam is full of hilarious people whom I want to become friends with. I can’t wait to do this all again tonight. (this is my last post about TFT for now…)