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Okay mom but since we have a Fuckboi Del, what about a shy little bookworm Evan??? Like Del is a beast at Soccer and Evan is just a bookworm who stays in the library? (Idk Jon reminded me of the guys from my school soccer team)

Okay okay real talk like Jon who’s that super popular asshole and has all the girls falling over him and shit. But one day, he goes to the library because he’s fucking failing calculus and his mom is going to pull him off the team if he doesn’t get his grades up. 

And he sees this super adorable guy who’s sitting in the back and reading up on philosophy or something. And Evan has glasses and a beanie on and god i want to write something for this brb

According to rumors, the original ASOIAF outline had love triangle Tyrion - Arya - Jon. And Sansa was a minor Stark character, like Rickon for example. She actually married Joffrey and gave him a son..and she chose her new family over her old one. And that’s it.

If this is all true, than George definitely changed many things, Sansa is very important now, and instead of Joffrey, she was married to Tyrion.. And Arya really has no connections with Tyrion, and to Jon she’s just his little sister, you know… 

So.. I was thinking… What if George decided that he still wants that love triangle in his story, but with Sansa instead of Arya?

I mean, the way ShowJon looks at her.. and she was married to Tyrion both in the books and the show… So, I don’t know, in the show that probably will not happen, or we’ll maybe see some of it, but nothing serious, just a little bit of jealousy and strange looks.. But the books… hmm.

Rereading the World’s Smallest storyline and I just. Love Damian and Jon so much.

Like I’m at the part where Damian’s being a snoot and yelling in Jon’s face about killing cats and Jon says ‘please, if you’ll just listen.’ And I immediately thought of the holiday special where Damian DOES. Where he answered the call even though he was busy, and listened to Jon’s complaints without one mean word.

I~ love~~ character~~~ growth~~~~~~

Anything, Hermanita (Jon Rua x Sister!Reader (Platonic))

Request: Can you write a platonic imagine were a fem!reader is scared of playing a male character (J.Laurens) and the cast comforts her.

Word Count: 600

Warning(s): Cursing, self-esteem issues, putting oneself down, (what may be interpreted as) sexism, mention of character death

A/N: Reader is Jon Rua’s younger sister (They’re 15 years apart). Her school is putting on Hamilton as a charity fundraiser, which is supported by Lin. She’s a senior (12th grade).

hermanita =  little sister

You shakily exhaled as you paced backstage of the Richard Rodgers Theater. You had been pacing for so long, you wouldn’t have been surprised if there were some kind of marks on the floor.

You turned to make your next segment of exactly seven steps, but was stopped as you felt a hand on you shoulder. As you looked up, you met eyes with your older brother.

“Hey, are you trying to wear a hole into the floor?” Jon asked with a small smile. He frowned, as his remark didn’t gain a laugh, or even a smile from you.

He took that as a cue to sit you down and talk to you. So he quietly led you to the empty stage and sat you down on the edge, sitting beside you.

“What’s wrong hermanita?” He questioned as he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you into his side. You were quick to lean into him, pressing your knees to your chest. “Come on, I’m your brother. You can tell me.”

“I’m scared.”

He gave you a confused look. Why the hell would you have to be scared?

“What about?” He asked you, his hand reaching up to press your hair down as you curled up against him.

“I’m going to do a shitty job, Jon.” You answered, your voice not daring to go above a whisper.

Your words both confused and surprised him for a moment, before he realized exactly what you were talking about.

“You think you’re going to do a shitty job as Laurens and Philip.” He said, which elicited a near shout of confirmation as you wiggled from his grip and stood up.

“Exactly!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms into the air. “I can’t sing for shit, nothing close to Anthony. I look absolutely nothing like him. And worst of all, everyone’s going to laugh because I’m a girl!” You pulled at you hair as you walked to the center of the middle platform. As you calmed down, tears began to well up in your eyes.

“They’re gonna laugh, Jon.” You whimpered, sitting down on the floor.

Your brother stared at you, his lips tightly pressed together. He was then quick to turn and peak his head down into the pit.

Lac was there. Good.

You watched Jon as he looked into the pit, faintly hearing his voice. You were quickly taken back as music filled the air. You recognized the music in an instant.

Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us. Or Laurens Interlude.

You looked at him in confusion as he stood up and looked at you.

“Come on, Laurens, you just died.” He told you, his face as stoic as he could muster.

It wasn’t much.

You took the hint either way and made your way towards the spot Anthony stood every night, his last time as John Laurens in the show.

You let out a small breath.

“I may not live to see our glory.”

A small smile appeared on your face as Jon started to speak not only Hamilton’s parts, but Eliza’s as well.

“But I will gladly join the fight.”

He was doing this for you.

“And when our children tell our story.”

He was doing it for his dumb, theatre and choreography loving, 18-year-old sister.

“They’ll tell the story of tonight.”

He did it to help you.

“Tomorrow there’ll be more of us.”

As he finished, you turned and looked at your brother. You grinned as he smiled.

That’s all that it took for you to run forward and envelope him in a hug.

“Thank you, Jon.”

“Anything, hermanita.”


RIP VINE: A Song (ft. Thomas Sanders) | Jon Cozart

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the collab from Jon’s channel! Hope you all love it as much as I do!!


I just finished my sketchbook, and every page is now full. I’m a little sad, I really liked that sketchbook.
But I had a few drawings of @thatsthat24 in there (which I already posted) and then I had these, one inspired by his song Birds and one inspired by Anything, both from Ultimate Storytime. Yes I know one of those 3 is not Thomas’s song, it’s from All Time Low by Jon Bellion. There’s a reason it’s included.
The 2nd and 3rd drawings are my first and last drawings in my sketchbook. The first sketch was a vent from a few months ago when I started in the sketchbook. I was feeling crappy and like nothing would get better and was extremely suicidal. The last one is from today, and I’ve been watching Thomas all the time and I’ve become much happier and confident and self-loving than ever before really.

I’m going to try to keep this post about Thomas relatively short (all of my posts about him are so long eek! He just means so much to me!!) but thank you to @thatsthat24 for just being great, I love you!