jon ouin

The Coldharbour Road

Stornoway is the kind of young Indie folk band that sounds like they could totally be from Oxford, England… Stornoway is from Oxford, England.

Brian Briggs, the lead vocalist and guitarist, could easily be labeled a romantic. He possesses an uncommon voice that matches perfectly with the cozy, clever, and unabashedly personal lyrics. It’s easy to empathize with his longing for those innocent moments that have, for the most part, long since passed. The band seems to have a very shamelessly “unbroken” sound - when bands like this come out of nowhere, nine times out of ten they’re putting out honest, if not yet fully-evolved, music. Plus, it’s definitely the type of stuff that your dad could silently bob his head to in his Subaru.

This band has resurrected an appreciation of simple love songs* in me, not that that’s what they’re all about though (just mostly). Their 2010 album Beachcomber’s Windowsill is perfect for reminiscing; driving alone, or with a quiet passenger; or daydreaming about how nice Oxfordshire must be at this time of year, because maybe you haven’t vacationed past your cousin’s house in Pennsylvania in seven months and you’re tired of high school or college, or even spending eight hours in an office for five days each week. My recommendation for enjoying Stornoway to it’s fullest potential: Roll the windows down, listen to imagery in the lyrics, and think about that one time that was somewhere, away from where you are at that moment.

*Giving fair warning: it’s about to get a lil’ cheesy.

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