jon levy

Okay I just need to say...

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been obsessing over the White Princess and for the past few eps I’ve been so distracted because Jacob Collins-Levy as Henry VII basically looks like a future AU where Jon and Sansa had a son. I mean:

Look at those baby blue eyes and auburn hair matched with those L’Oreal curls and tell me that is not the future King in the North Jon Jr. 

Add that to the fact that his character is basically King of Extra and wants to wear black all the time and in short:


I’m an imbecile like some of the 104th trainees,

I’m invisible like….well I’m not really invisible.

I’m bad like how this universes taxes are done,

I’m dangerous (dangerous) like a titan in a people zone,

Stohess is burning stohess is burning put your hands up,

Stohess is burning stohess is burning we kind of messed up.

I was going to finish this but gave up so just enjoy what there is because this all sprung from me reading ‘A choice with no regrets’.