jon hoeber

Studio Looks For Rewrite Of “Hollywood” Naruto Live-Action

The news website"Hollywood reported",  has reported that Jon and Erich Hoeber would be re-writing the script for the live action Naruto movie.

In July 2015,  the website had reported that lionsgate had acquired the rights to adapt the manga to a live action film.  Later at the 2017 jump festa it was confirmed that lionsgate and Michael Gracey were working on the film and that the original creator masashi kishimoto is involved as a producer.

Tracking Board also reported in 2015 that avi arad and his son ari arad are producing the film in Arad Productions and that Erik Feig,  Geoff Shaveitz and Kelly O Malley are supervising the film.

The opening date is unknown or what actors will interpret the characters or when the story of the manga is developed.