@zaytheczar replied to your post:“This white washing Boba Fett stuff is really getting to me. Like I’ve…”:

I dont want to come across as rude or anything, but imo its just a voice. Boba has been voice by many diffrent people, this is just another voice.

So I’ve been meaning to make a post about this lately and hadn’t had the chance to until now, so thank you for the reminder. I apologize in advance for my tone if I’m coming across as condescending, I really don’t mean to.

If we’re looking at it superficially, on its surface and in a vacuum, yes, it’s “just a voice.”  The problem is that we don’t exist in a social vacuum, and by extension neither does the choice of voice — especially for a franchise as large and as influential as Star Wars and Disney. They both have a global impact and reach, and as such also have the means and resources to find and locate better, more appropriate and fitting actors to fill roles.

I mention this because it both is and is not just a voice. Racism, historically, is built and maintained through both overt and covert actions, choices, policies, and so on. 

Why does that matter?

The choice to cast a well known white man to voice Boba Fett, a canonically brown man played by an indigenous actor of color from a historically disenfranchised population of people, what that choice is saying is that some voices are more acceptable, and worth more, than others.

It contributes to a continued historical precedence of erasing, and silencing, the literal voices of disenfranchised communities.

It is a choice that says what voices matter, whose voices are more “palatable,” whose voices are more acceptable, whose voices are worth hearing as compared to others.

Racism, and whitewashing, are not perpetuated through overt actions — they really can, and are, committed through the subtle (and not-quite-subtle) choices such as casting Jon Hamm as Boba Fett’s voice in a story that is first person perspective — which is an active choice that informs us, the audience, that Boba’s voice is white, or white sounding, rather than the voice he would and should have: an accented Maori man’s voice.

It’s playing into a safe route that isn’t so much safe as it is continuing to validate the subtle racism and discrimination that all people of color face when they speak english in an accented voice that says they aren’t “from here,” wherever “from here” might indicate to the recipient. 

And this? This is the kind of racial discrimination that is subtle, that is or can contribute to violence in a different way than it is in overt actions. It’s subtle, and it’s easy to miss, but to those of us who do speak with a noticeable accent, for those of us who do experience racism and racist micro-aggressions every day specifically because of our accents, because of our voices, it’s not any less racist, or offensive, or hurtful.

Baby Driver

this movie is flawless and here are some reasons why:

  • the whole soundtrack
  • the entire beginning sequence
  • when Griff (Jon Bernthal) gets in the car during the first heist and points forward and Baby slams it backwards
  • sign language
  • Joe made me so happy?
  • also when he signed “who’s the girl?”
  • Ansel Elgort’s lips? blocked
  • you can hear his tinnitus (ringing sound) when he’s not listening to music
  • you can’t hear his tinnitus when he’s with Deborah
  • when he takes one ear bud out the music shifts to one side
  • Kevin Spacey. just overall. i love him
  • “what the fuck?”
  • when he goes to get coffee and he’s listening to Harlem Shuffle by Bob & Earl you can see the lyrics graffiti-ed on the walls and poles and stuff behind him as he’s walking
  • when Baby is ordering coffee and he goes “yeah yeah yeah” in time with the song
  • Baby reciting back the entire plan and then looking at Bats and going “questions?”
  • “That’s my Baby.” “Fuck yo’ Baby.”
  • the gunshots are perfectly in time with the music during every fight sequence
  • when Buddy cocks Darling’s gun for her
  • Darling’s outfits
  • she’s also rly pretty the fuck
  • Brighton Rock??? What the fuck???? so good I love Queen
  • “And you’re in a pink and sparkly mood?” “I am now.”
  • Every time Baby smirks I wanna punch him
  • the sunglasses scene
  • the scene where he’s running away from the cops is just as intense as the car chase scenes and the gun fights
  • Simon and Garfunkel’s Baby Driver is so catchy fuck
  • “Wait, I have to start the song over.”
  • When he goes into the diner and it starts playing When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
  • Baby singing along to Neat Neat Neat
  • “Now you know I hate taking candy from Baby…”
  • Jamie Foxx’s character was unpredictable, and a little unnerving. He wasn’t like terrifying but there definitely were moments where I wasn’t sure what he was gonna do and it made me nervous
  • side note my dad was peeing when Bats died and when he came back and I told him Baby killed Bats he went “ah, good.”
  • “You took something from me that I love, now you know I gotta do the same to you.” Oh yea for sure he’s gonna shoot Deb- FUCK
  • that part was honestly so good I spent like 5 minutes with my mouth hanging open like fuck you Buddy you can’t take that away from him :’( 
  • but it also shows that Buddy really understood Baby and remember that he kinda stood up for Baby and they were bonding a lil with music and stuff it just shows how unpredictable he was
  • I have legitimately been listening to the soundtrack for this movie since I saw it a week ago today
  • his name is Miles
  • if Edgar Wright and James Gunn made a movie together I would die immediately upon entering the theater

don’t worry I’ll see this movie 8937459 more times so expect more of this


Baby Driver (2017), dir. Edgar Wright

“So here’s the thing, I’m looking at some of the country’s finest thugs and of course young Mozart in a go-cart over there. People love great bank robbery stories, so let’s give them something full and brazen as fuck to talk about over their lattes.”