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Reviewing my recent ships has made me realise I'm a sucker for cinnamon roll sunshine puppies falling for hardass douchebags who need love
  • Ed: yeah my last relationship ended pretty badly
  • Jon: -grunts in acknowledgment-
  • Ed: turns out, she only loved me for my socks
  • Jon: ...
  • Jon: what
  • Ed: -puts his foot on the table and rolls up his pant leg, revealing a plain, green, knee high sock-
  • Jon: okay...?
  • Ed: -smirks, neon green question marks alight on the socks-
  • Jon: lord grant me the strength...
‘Let me count the ways’: All the ways JonSa could evolve in S.7 ep. 1 or 2

I shall but love thee better after death. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Until recently the possibility of anything happening physically between Jon and Sansa early in s.7 seemed remote. I really thought (still kinda do) that we will get them coming together in s.8 after Jon gets disillusioned by Dany. But based on a few posts, plot leaks I’ve tried to avoid, and actors comments, I’ve upped the potential for a f*ck plot in episode 1 or 2 to a solid 50/50. (Excuse my language I don’t know what else to call a f*ck plot but a f*ck plot.)

**SPOILERS**  maybe…

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hellyeahtitans67  asked:

Say in about half a decade or so on, DC decides to let Jon Kent grow into a Superman himself while Clark can happily retire (must likely fixing the sun's heart like All Star), would Grant Morrison be a perfect writer to take over his book as this Superboy reaches adulthood?

That’d be a pretty dang shocking timeframe for that sort of development. I do think that of the available options Jon would be by far the most interesting as a new Superman in terms of being to carry his own titles, but that would be…a ways off. As for Morrison, he’s already done a Son of Superman story.

The Chris Kent/Superman of that story was really interesting to me - he’s pathetic in how desperate he is for adventure, getting excited by the suicide of someone he knows because it’s a chance for a super mystery-solving team-up with Batman!…but the thing is, as much as he’s trying to put on a display of being Superman’s sainted son, he genuinely has that same IT factor his dad did. He’s regarded as the greatest living superhero, even by guys like Kyle Rayner who remember the old days. He’s polite to rookies, he takes investigations seriously once they finally come, he keeps his promise to his dad even though it leaves his own life empty. More than anything else, he just comes off as almost dangerously naïve; he doesn’t understand the implications of his actions, or the actions of those around him, and even his genuine attempts to do the right thing are warped and subtly off as a result. He’s the one who actually solves the mystery a second ahead of Damian (born of the fact that, whatever his flaws, he seems good at getting a sense of people the same way his dad  was), but he thinks a dream constitutes a team-up and maybe drives Alexis into full-on villainy. He’s just this sad, broken guy who can only show his real self warts and all to his best friend, and in any other world he probably really would have been a hero, but in the one he ended up in he’s a useless asshole because there’s nothing else left for him to be.

So given he based a whole story around the idea of how the only circumstance in which the Justice League would have real successors is when the world was already saved, I don’t know how up for a straight take he’d be. I would like to see him write Jon at some point though, since he’s now by default the most significant aspect of Superman’s world he hasn’t tackled.

guys do you know i haven’t been depressed for like almost two weeks. do you know how cool that is.

Looking back, I love how instantly the Doctor and Jo’s relationship is solidified. At the beginning of Terror of the Autons the Doctor yells at her and calls her a ham fisted bun vendor and then in the very next serial they’re playing checkers in a locked cell together and shushing the Master. 

I think if I’ve learned anything about friendship, it’s to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don’t walk away, don’t be distracted, don’t be too busy or tired, don’t take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life together. Powerful stuff.
—  Jon Katz

- I cross the void beyond the mind -

Jon Pertwee as the Third incarnation of Doctor Who. 

Sculpted in Super Sculpey and Sculpey.