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For all the hate Sansa gets, I hope GOT gives her a good ending. One with a kind man who loves her. It’s as if because she’s strong, because she’s a survivor, people have forgotten what this girl has been through since leaving Winterfell. That she has been used and abused by every man she has belonged to. That she has never known real love or intimacy. And while she perseveres time and time again, stronger than before, the damage is still there. No clearer than in her painfully beautiful moment with Jon.

Jon: I won’t ever let him touch you again. I will protect you. I promise.
Sansa: No one can protect me. No can protect anyone.

Jon’s vow speaks to his honor, his kindness, the greatness of his character. But Sansa’s response isn’t cold or dismissive. It’s the response of a girl who knows a brutal truth. Who has looked evil in the eye more than once. It’s the answer of a girl who has learned how to only survive and anticipate the worst. A girl riddled with scars that can only be softened by genuine love and kindness. And I hope GOT gives her at least before it ends.