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Request: Older!Damijon where Jon ask Damian to prom

Hi Virus! I’ll do my best!

Honestly, Jon knows that this is a long shot.


It’s just that all of his friends have paired off for dates with other people and Mom is insisting even when Jon has stated before that he’d much rather spend the night with Damian.

And that is where the lightbulb went off inside Jon’s head.

Why not ask Damian?

After all, if he brings Damian, he won’t be alone and awkward.

Jon thinks it’s a genius plan.

(And if he happens to have a crush on Damian since he was ten, well.

Nobody needs to know that bit of information.)

And so that brings Jon here, two days before prom-and wow is his heart beating fast; if Damian says yes, will this be a date​?

Panic swells in Jon’s chest; he hadn’t thought this through enough!

Just as he’s about to bolt and never come back because oh my god, be was going to ask Damian on a date. How​could he have ever thought this was a good idea-

The door opens and out steps Damian, and Jon can feel his heart stumble in it’s steady beat like it has since hr was ten and Damian smirked at him for the first time.

“Jon? What are you doing here?” Damian asks, leaning against the doorway.

Jon sucks in a breath as his eyes travel over Damian’s body.

Damian had grown up lean. Lean and wiry with muscles that are hard earned. He kept his mother’s features, dark skin and almond green eyes and arched eyebrows-

But there is Bruce in him. In the thin lips and ears and black hair that refuses to be tamed.

All in all, Damian grew up to be a very attractive person that loves to haunt Jon and everyone he talks to.

It takes Damian snapping in front of his eyes to get Jon out of his daze. Heat flooding his cheeks, Jon turns his head.

Damian looks distinctly unimpressed.

“Jon, what did you come here for? I have to train.”

He really doesn’t. Years of religious training and fights have left Damian a fighting machine that’s very hard to beat.

Of course, Jon doesn’t say that.

No, instead, a mess of words come out of his mouth.

“Mom says that I need to go to prom even though I really don’t want to and I don’t have a date and I thought that you could come with me but I just realized it’s literally a date and I’ve had a crush on you since forever and-”

A slim finger on his lips stops Jon short.

“Jon, all I got from that is prom and date and no date. I’m presuming that you do not have someone to go with you and wanted to see if I could.”

Helplessly, Jon nods, face turning red from Damian’s closeness.

No, really. Damian is maybe a inch from him.

As Jon tries to keep his thoughts clean, Damian takes away his finger and replaces it with his lips.

“And my answer is yes.” Damian says, stepping away lightly before Jon could gather his senses.

When he finally does, Damian is gone and Jon has a date to the prom.

And a date with Damian.



Jon Stewart’s real genius came when he stopped telling jokes 

When Jon Stewart takes his final bow tonight, many will remember him as a brilliant comedian who gleefully skewered the regular absurdities of business, politics and media. But the comedian was often at his best when he wasn’t telling jokes but rather speaking up, without humor, as a voice for the times. From 9/11 to Charleston, these 5 moments show why we’ll really miss him.


Not even 24 hours later…Paper Planes was the first Jon Bellion song I ever listened to, my love for his music completely stemmed from that a grew and just kept growing, as it still does today. This is the one lyric that always resonated with me the most. The whole lyric goes, “We crash and now there’s spare parts, bandages and bad scars. I’m trying to mend broke Amelia Earharts that keep trying to fly on, fly on, fly on…” I’ve experienced a great deal of things completely falling apart on me, exactly like I was suspended in midair and a storm would hit and as if I was a paper plane I would crumble and end up with the remaining damage, wanting so badly to fix it but never knowing how, and only creating my own self destruction.The only thing that ever held me together was music, it always has been. And when Jon sings that lyric, “Trying to mend broke Amelia Earharts..” I can only think of myself and how someone like Jon has mended me with things like melodies and beats and lyrics and it just all comes back to that and the reasons I have to keep trying every time I wanna give up…I got to remind myself to keep flying on. And I know it is this way for so many other people too. So this is for all of you who have made it through the storm and think it is impossible to ever fly again, because it is, I’m proof of that. Jon Bellion is a genius and his music means everything to me, the person that he his and the way he treats his fans in such a humbling manner, means more than anything. I keep flying on because of that.

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I'm new to your Tumblr, so don't know whether you've answered this before. 😅 If Jon hadn't asked to take the black, what do you think Ned would have in store for him? How would that affect the North's prospects in the War of the five kings?

Well, that’s the thing. Ned doesn’t seem to have had any real plans for Jon. In AGOT Catelyn I and Eddard I – the chapters before the arrival of the royal party and right when they get there – Ned doesn’t mention or even think of Jon Snow once.

And as for Jon himself:

“I want to serve in the Night’s Watch, Uncle.”
He had thought on it long and hard, lying abed at night while his brothers slept around him. Robb would someday inherit Winterfell, would command great armies as the Warden of the North. Bran and Rickon would be Robb’s bannermen and rule holdfasts in his name. His sisters Arya and Sansa would marry the heirs of other great houses and go south as mistress of castles of their own. But what place could a bastard hope to earn?

–AGOT, Jon I

So if Ned had vouchsafed any plans to Jon at any time, this is where Jon would have thought of them. The fact that he doesn’t, that he has no idea what his future could be and can only hope to serve in the Night’s Watch, tells us that Ned never gave Jon any help on this subject.

The only thing that gives us any clue is in the Catelyn II chapter, right before Maester Luwin tells Cat and Ned that Jon wants to take the black:

“He and Robb are close,” Ned said. “I had hoped…”

Hoped what? We don’t know, Ned’s cut off here, and it’s not his POV. (And he almost never thinks of Jon afterwards, with no “if only”s except for wishing to talk to him before he dies.) But as a guess – since Ned says that Jon and Robb are close, his hope may have been that Jon would serve as Robb’s adviser and lieutenant, perhaps similar to the way Brandon Snow served Torrhen Stark.

Which isn’t much of a plan, honestly. Maybe Ned also hoped to include a small grant of land and a betrothal arrangement, the sort of thing a responsible father would do for his bastard. (I mean, if you’re going to raise him with your children, why not follow through with all the rest?) But more likely Ned just hadn’t thought of the future at all, as he persistently thought of his children as children even though Robb was 14 and Sansa 11, the ages when betrothals are often made. (See Brandon and Catelyn, betrothed at 14 and 12, respectively. Heck, Rickard Karstark had offered his daughter Alys when she was six and Robb 7 or 8, though nothing came of it.)

(edit: @professional-widow reminds me that Jon later remembered a possibility for himself that Ned might have once considered:

His lord father had once talked about raising new lords and settling them in the abandoned holdfasts as a shield against wildlings. The plan would have required the Watch to yield back a large part of the Gift, but his uncle Benjen believed the Lord Commander could be won around, so long as the new lordlings paid taxes to Castle Black rather than Winterfell. “It is a dream for spring, though,” Lord Eddard had said. “Even the promise of land will not lure men north with a winter coming on.”

If winter had come and gone more quickly and spring had followed in its turn, I might have been chosen to hold one of these towers in my father’s name.

–ASOS, Jon V

However, there’s no saying that this is something Ned actually planned for Jon’s future, especially considering the “dream for spring” means this would be when Jon was in his 20s, and there’s all the years of winter in the meanwhile when Jon would be doing what and living where, I dunno, Ned. But it’s at least an idea of where this grant of land I spoke of above might be located.)

Still, most likely, Ned was living in denial, not wanting to think that Jon might ever be an adult since that might involve telling him about Lyanna, and Rhaegar, and all the heartbreak that would bring. (A lot has been said about how Ned never prepared his children, especially his daughters, for southern politics – but since southern politics killed his father and brother and sister, it’s not surprising that after the Rebellion Ned hid himself away in the north, never wanting to think about the south or of the future.) At any rate, Jon choosing to join the Night’s Watch solved a lot of problems for Ned.

But you ask what if Jon hadn’t decided to take the black.

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