jon fox davies

So, the Lions have won the tour, it’s a glorious sunny day, and I’ve had ice cream. Lush :)

Speaking as a Welsh girl, part of me has this incline of hope that maybe one day I’ll bump into Foxy and it will be a beautiful moment…. This gorgeous guy is the reason I’m still single. Hngggg…
Just look at that handsome face! He had a stormer of a game and thoroughly deserved that 13 shirt!



This took about 9 hours spread over roughly a week!
I’m reasonably pleased, although there are things I really want to change but aren’t work the risks (I’d have to shift all the skin tone over, re-blend etc etc.) But hey! Practice makes perfect :)

So ^-^ Here’s my favourite outside centre (13) Jon “Fox” Davies :)
Maybe over the course of my unemployed status I’ll draw a few more Lions players! I just hope I did him justice, really…


Still unfinished, but it’s been about… 3 hours and I can’t see if I’m doing more harm than good! To me, it doesn’t look a lot like Jonathan Davies, but that may be because it’s been… 3 hours… Ish. Maybe less, maybe more! Who knows!

But if someone could confirm that somewhere there is a likeness? That would be grand… I’ll finish this tomorrow hopefully! And by tomorrow… I mean later in the day :P Just have to finish that list at the bottom. GAH. And also then find a way to do stubble.