jon erpenbach

j-b-a-blog  asked:

Do you think Russ Feingold will run for and, if he does, win Sen. Kohl's seat next year? Also is he your preferred Dem candidate or would you like to see someone else, e.g. Tammy Baldwin, run?

Great question!  I would love nothing more than to have Feingold represent Wisconsin again.  In my mind, replacing Feingold with Ron Johnson epitomized everything tragic about the November 2010 elections.  I just have to believe that Wisconsin learned from that mistake, knows better now, and would elect Feingold if he ran.  But I’m not holding my breath that he’ll be a contender.  Although I could see him entering the political arena again, I’d be surprised if it was for senate in 2012.

If not Feingold, I think Baldwin would be a good choice (especially among the people hinting at running). It might be a long shot, but I would really like to see Erpenbach make a run for it.