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  • Jon: from now on we'll be using code names, you can address me as, Eagle One
  • Jon: Melisandre, code name, been there done that
  • Jon: Sansa is, currently doing that
  • Jon: Brienne is, it happened once in a dream
  • Jon: Tormund, code name, if I had to pick a dude
  • Jon: and Davos is...Eagle Two
  • Davos: oh thank god

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I've kind of been having a bad day, so I started reading some of the stuff you've recommended recently, and it's made my day immensely better. I haven't been able to read many fanfics because of my job and school, so it's really great to have them all in one place! (Also, it's really cool to see that you have some of my stuff in your rec lists). Just thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate this blog :)

GAH THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t even tell you how much we appreciate these messages, honestly this is so sweet of you 😭 ❤️ 😭 ❤️
I’m so glad we were able to help brighten your day, and I hope it gets even better! 

Crumble into me (It’s all I want from you) is one of my favorite fics by the way! I love recommending it :) ~Alys


Daemon AU!

Quicksketch about Dami, Jon and Billy.
Characters © DC comics.

My friends and me, we were talking about this AU and think of something legit for DC’s characters.. And this is some of the results we achieved:

Damian Wayne’s daemon is white Bengal tiger.
Jonathan White’s is Guinea pig.
Billy Batson’s is Eagle.

Bonus, Afred’s is honey bee and Clark’s is.. hamster (her name’s Saret 💕) on my sketch.
Bruce’s is Tibetan Matiff dog…

Alanna: From now on, we’ll all be using code names.

You can address me as Eagle One. Jon, codename – Been There Done That. George is – Currently Doing That. Raoul is – It Happened Once In A Dream. Thayet, codename – If I Had To Pick A Chick. Gary is – Eagle Two.

Gary: Oh, thank god.

[Alanna later, as Buri moves]: I’d Be Lying If I Said I Hadn’t Thought About It is in position.

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I'm sure this has been discussed or answered already, but concerning warging-what happens if and when an animal dies that the person is attached to/wargs into? Is it very devastating to the person or is it easy to move on to another animal?

It may depend on the death of the animal, and it may depend on the personality of the warg. Our primary understanding of the “rules” of wargs and skinchangers comes from the prologue of ADWD, Varamyr Sixskins’s POV. He had been in the mind of many of his animals when they died:

His last death had been by fire. I burned. At first, in his confusion, he thought some archer on the Wall had pierced him with a flaming arrow… but the fire had been inside him, consuming him. And the pain…
Varamyr had died nine times before. He had died once from a spear thrust, once with a bear’s teeth in his throat, and once in a wash of blood as he brought forth a stillborn cub. He died his first death when he was only six, as his father’s axe crashed through his skull. Even that had not been so agonizing as the fire in his guts, crackling along his wings, devouring him. When he tried to fly from it, his terror fanned the flames and made them burn hotter. One moment he had been soaring above the Wall, his eagle’s eyes marking the movements of the men below. Then the flames had turned his heart into a blackened cinder and sent his spirit screaming back into his own skin, and for a little while he’d gone mad. Even the memory was enough to make him shudder.

—ADWD, Prologue

Notably, his most painful and traumatic death was when he was in Orell’s eagle when Melisandre used her magics to set it afire at the Battle of Castle Black.

“Banners,” he heard Varamyr murmur, “I see golden banners, oh…” A mammoth lumbered by, trumpeting, a half-dozen bowmen in the wooden tower on its back. “The king… no…”
Then the skinchanger threw back his head and screamed.
The sound was shocking, ear-piercing, thick with agony. Varamyr fell, writhing, and the ’cat was screaming too… and high, high in the eastern sky, against the wall of cloud, Jon saw the eagle burning. For a heartbeat it flamed brighter than a star, wreathed in red and gold and orange, its wings beating wildly at the air as if it could fly from the pain. Higher it flew, and higher, and higher still.
The scream brought Val out of the tent, white-faced. “What is it, what’s happened?” Varamyr’s wolves were fighting each other, and the shadowcat had raced off into the trees, but the man was still twisting on the ground.

—ASOS, Jon X

The pain of the fire that destroyed the eagle drove Varamyr briefly insane, and he lost control of all his other animals. But when he came back to himself, he was able to regain control of his three wolves. So however a skinchanger is connected to his animal, even if he’s in the mind of his animal at the time it dies and suffers when it does, even if that death is extremely traumatic, it seems likely he will be able to recover.

But note, Varamyr may be somewhat unique. As said above, his first death was when he was only six:

No, Father, please, he tried to say, but dogs cannot speak the tongues of men, so all that emerged was a piteous whine. The axe crashed into the middle of the old dog’s skull, and inside the hovel the boy let out a scream. That was how they knew.

—ADWD, Prologue

Despite this shattering experience at such a young age, Varamyr went on to become an extremely powerful skinchanger. He was capable of controlling six animals at once, including a snow bear and a shadowcat. He could take control of animals that had belonged to other skinchangers (the eagle that he took after Orell died; and his master Haggon’s wolf Greyskin, where he had driven Haggon out of the wolf and taken him for himself; also note he had desired Ghost, but Mance wouldn’t let him take the direwolf). And he even was briefly capable of taking control of a human being — although the attempt drove her insane, and she killed herself trying to throw off his possession.

But if we want to consider how traumatic a bonded animal’s death might be for other skinchangers, Varamyr is not really much help. He displayed classic sociopathic behavior, lacking empathy and morality even from the start — that first death when he was a child was because he had used the dog to kill his little brother, who he was jealous of. He used his animals to become a lord of the wildlings, taking tribute from a dozen wildling villages (including any woman he desired, whether they wanted to or not). He broke Haggon’s heart (who took him in and raised and taught him) when he took his wolf from him, denying him the life after death that skinchangers have in their animals. He performed all the abominations that skinchangers should not do (being in an animal while it eats human meat; being in an animal while it has sex; possessing another human). So just because Varamyr was able to blithely throw off the trauma doesn’t mean another skinchanger — especially a sensitive, caring one — would have it so easy.

And unfortunately Varamyr is really the only example we have as yet. Sansa had only bonded to Lady before her wolf was killed, she had not yet become a full warg. (Although Lady’s death may have been psychically traumatising to her, we don’t know for sure.) Whether Robb was ever a true warg or not, Grey Wind died shortly before or after he did, so there’s nothing for us to learn there either. All I can say is hopefully we won’t learn from any of the other wargs in ASOIAF, but I wouldn’t put it past GRRM to show us at least one eventually.

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