jon carnahan


The Mummy MemeThe Second Movie + One Dynamic

You realize, of course, that this can only be done by someone who can actually read Ancient Egyptian. I don’t know about you, but I’m a tad rusty……Now where?

We go right.

How do you know?

“Kashish asireni” Basically, “This way to the Scorpion King.” Mum taught me.

This just might work.


  If you see anyone come running out screaming, it’s just me.

Name: Jonathan Carnahan

Age: 39 He’s 40 actually, but refuses to admit it

Occupation: Unemployed

Sexuality: Up to roleplayer

Faceclaim: John Hannah


Although Jonathan and Evy had exactly the same education and upbringing, they are extremely different in personality. While Jonathan is smart, he’s reckless, too quick to speak, steal, gamble or drink. Like his sister, Jon has a knack for getting himself into trouble, although it’s usually because of his own choices rather than clumsiness. One skill he has down pat is charming people, especially women. He can befriend almost anyone.


Jonathan is well aware that he's the black sheep of the family. But since it’s just him and Evy now, he doesn’t see the point of changing. Sure, he wants the best for his baby sister, but he also knows she’s smart enough to take care of herself. After his parents died, Jon used their connections to get funding for digs, but nothing ever panned out. It especially didn’t help that he gambled away his share (and a bit more) of the inheritance, ruining the Carnahan name. His only goal in life is to get rich quick, by any means necessary, and make sure Evy doesn’t get into any trouble.


  • Evy Carnahan - little sister and ‘Old Mum’.
  • Rick O'Connell - drinking buddy and possible victim of theft. 
  • Alex West - ex-partners on a dig, which failed. Obviously.