jon buckley


So, let me get this straight. You’re angels of the apocalypse aka The Messengers, you got powers, you got invisible wings, and you’re trying to stop four horsemen from breaking a bunch pathetic seals that lead to the end of the world. Right? – That is freaking awesome!


Were you not able to go to Vidcon, like me?!

Did you miss the LIVE reading of Writing With Grace: Freak Week?!

If you answered YES to either of those two questions, NO WORRIES!

You can watch EPISODE 9 of WRITING WITH GRACE on Grace’s YouTube Channel HERE

You can also watch the FULL LIVE SHOW of FREAK WEEK HERE

I just watched it, and thought it was AMAZING!! So many BEAUTIFUL graphics!! So much hard work, time, and effort went into this, and I definitely think you should watch it!

Also, so many COOL PEOPLE were involved with this: Grace Helbig (of course!), Mamire Hart, Hannah Hart, Chester See, Nikki Limo, Hank Green, Michael Buckley, Harley Morenstein, and Jon Cozart!!!