jon braver

This weekend, I also went with my good friend who shares my love of all things scary, to Delusion: Masque of Mortality.  This is basically a haunted house with a twist, instead of just running through a maze of rooms, trying not to get scared at everyone (or thing) that jumps out at you, there’s an actual storyline.  Picture this, an interactive play, where you “play your part” as they say.  This haunt takes about one hour to go through.  When we went, my friend and I got separated from the main group 3 different times and had things happen to us that were integral to the progression of the story.  And one of those times, I actually got separated from my friend by the “bad guys”.  I was led to a chamber, where they had me put a black cloak on and a mask.  And THEN I was tied down to a chair! LOL!  Although I knew it was part of the show and I was willing to play along, have to say it felt like an eternity before my group “discovered” and rescued me!  

But for those of us who love scary stuff, this was great fun! Have to say this is my favorite “haunt” so far.  I suspect it’s because I like the scary factor plus the interactive play aspect as well.