jon bon jovi and richie sambora


Bon Jovi Music VideosBad Medicine (1988)

Your love is like bad medicineBad medicine is what I need. Whoa shake it up, just like bad medicine. There ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease. 

J: “We’ve had a lotta great times”.
R: “Yeah it’s a good job we have”.
J: “Yea it’s a good, good work if you can get it folks! 👌 We’ve been all around the world. We’ve been to maybe 40-some-odd countries, you know, playing music, have had a great time. And it’s just really beginning for us. So I think it’s just gonna be one long great story to tell when it’s all said and done.” 😊
Jon and Richie about life as Bon Jovi 🤘😍😘 December, 1994 ☺