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How excited were you to find out you were getting [a standalone series]? Y’know, excited, and I’m nervous. It’s daunting for me, y’know, this is a character that resonates deeply with the law enforcement community and the military. There’s people that have worn the Punisher skull on their body armour and gone to fight for this country, died for this country, and that’s a responsibility that I take very seriously and I want to do right, do right by them. I want to do right by the comic book audience. I think it’s an intelligent and a loyal audience but it’s also an audience you don’t want to let down. The act of reading a comic book, it requires so much of the audience’s imagination. So these characters, they really exist so much in the audience’s imagination and there’s a sense of ownership there.

Can we please talk about how Jon and Charlie look at each other and laugh like teenage girls, while the rest of the cast turn their heads in unison to see what those dorks are doing ? ?