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Ambrose Army, Dean Ambrose, and Renee Young confession

I remember when the Total Divas commercials started playing for this new season and their was a scene where Dean said to Renee “You’re bringing all this stress and negativity” and some of his fangirls who hate Renee were laughing about it and saying that ‘proves’ he doesn’t love her. Turns out he was saying that to her because he was at his bar area in their house and she was freaking out because Nikki was coming to stay and she wasn’t prepared LOL

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a wife.

[ pride and prejudice fancast ]requested by rob-anybody

nicole beharie as jane bennet | danielle brooks as elizabeth bennet

aja naomi king as mary bennet | imani hakim as kitty bennet | karidja touré as lydia bennet

vondie curtis-hall as mr bennet | lorraine toussaint as mrs bennet

jon foo as fitzwilliam darcy

rahul kohli as charles bingley | reshma shetty as caroline bingley

yasmine al massri as charlotte lucas | daveed diggs as william collins | ricky whittle as george wickham

daniel wu as colonel fitzwilliam | jessica henwick as georgiana darcy | tsai chin as catherine de bourgh

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📨 [JONATHAN 😍  ➥ SENT] i know how much you love them, which is why i send you those
📨 [JONATHAN 😍  ➥ SENT] promises - promises…
📨 [JONATHAN 😍  ➥ SENT] being home without you sucks. thankfully, the show is in phoenix, so we can spend at least one night in our own bed

@robwilson-work designed this amazing logo for the first new podcast from Joseph Fink since Welcome to Night Vale (episode 1 coming March 8). It is a fictional podcast series telling the story of a truck driver (played by Jasika Nicole, @sugarbooty) who travels the United States in search of her wife. Jon Bernstein, @disparition, composed the music. It’s going to be great, and I cannot wait till we put it out into the world.

Alice Isn’t Dead isn’t related to Night Vale other than Joseph is writing it and it is a part of our new podcast network, Night Vale Presents. I don’t know if you know this about Joseph, but he likes writing and storytelling (don’t tell him I told you this), and this is a character and storyline he’s been working on for a while. So if you’re a fan of Night Vale, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this new show, these new characters, this new world.

I have another fiction podcast I’m working on right now, as well (more on that in the coming months), and Joseph and I are looking forward to producing new podcasts in the coming years.

We’ve already begun working with some amazing artists to create original podcasts, doing some cool new things and telling unique stories. We’re so thrilled to make more things for you, internet.


Emmys 2015 Opening [x]