great quotes from Ray's panel

“How do I get a girl’s number without wetting myself?” “Don’t be a bitch.”

“I liked you better on Internet Box” “Well I liked you better in your dad’s ballsack”

Some dude asked Jon about not being able to smell and if he just doesn’t try hard enough “FUCK YOU. would you say that to a blind person?? Like WHY DON’T YOU LOOK HARDER??”

Dating Jon Snow Would Include

  • Always playing with his hair
  • More than one ‘making baby session’ in a day
  • Him always being overprotective
  • Leaving the night’s watch for you
  • Running away together
  • You and Ghost were love at first sight
  • Jon glaring at you whenever you annoy him
  • “Don’t look so brooding!”
  • Jon always pushes you away when something’s wrong
  • He knows some things
  • Comforting you whenever you had a nightmare, which he’s surprisingly good at
  • You surprising Jon by being a badass
  • Jon being the only one who truely understands you
  • You taking care of Jon, giving him massages and kisses when he’s hurt
  • Forehead kisses
  • He tells happy stories/memories of his family
  • Saving his ass
  • But most of the time, he saves your ass
  • Being the only one who has any effect on him