jomo gifs

Could you make an imagine of Klaus holding you and crying because he thought that you were dead?

You walked into the compound and saw him; he was crying and you gasped as he sent a chair smashing into the wall.
He heard the small sound and he looked up, his face was the most beautiful and vulnerable you’d ever seen it. His eyes were glistening with tears and his hair was messy.
“[Y/N]…you were dead.”
“No.” You smiled and moved towards him.
Klaus backed away slightly. “I saw you?”
You shook your head and explained. “Davina had to make it look that way. It worked, we beat her.”
He studied you for a second before storming forwards. Klaus wrapped his arms tight around you, you snuggled into him and you knew he was smiling. Maybe now he’d finally come out and say how he felt about you.