There’s that one person you meet. They may not be special to everyone, but to you, they’re so eccentric, unique. They ignite flames in you every time they speak and every touch jolts you to reality. You anticipate the days and nights because that’s another day you get to see and talk to them. You would never admit, but they’re the one that you love so, so much with a capability that you never thought you could feel. But you also fear that they may never love you back with the fire that you feel.


  Hayden was lounging around most of the time to let his hands heal and not force them to go to fast just in case they heal wrong and he wouldn’t be able to work them like he used to. At the moment he was playing a game on his PS Vita to be exact it was Assassin’s Creed. The sudden pressure on his shoulder made him jolt and he looked over to see Jaeho’s sleeping face. “Dude you scared the shit out of me.” He managed to push the other off just enough so he could scoot off then let him lay back down, resting the older’s head on his thigh so he could resume playing the game. “You better be glad I’m feeling nice today.” Even though Jaeho was sleeping, Hayden still pretended as if he could hear him. The younger’s eyes slowly made their way down and he stared at the male’s face for a moment before he slowly started to look around for a pen, wondering if he should call Ra-Il to help him draw on the male’s face or not. 

Jaeho grunted as he was moved, only shifting slightly. He had just taken his painkillers, and it would be a while before he would rise- for now, he was so deeply unconscious that an atomic blast would not even make him rise. His sleep remained dreamless, and from how comfortable he was, he probably did not even know that he was in someone else’s place and making himself too comfortable. Of course, this also meant that he had not a clue over what Hayden would be up to, and it was probably for the better for their collective sanities that Jaeho was unaware what was happening. 

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MMM nut pls write the leggings and spooning shit bb pls omg

I’ll write two whole separate fics on this, but here’s a nice teaser for now.

The two of you had been trying to get over a head cold for the past week. What better way to accomplish that then lay in bed all day doing absolutely nothing?
You turn to your side, facing away from Ian and close your eyes. Soon you are jolted awake by the feeling of something prodding against your leggings.
You realize Ian’s hands are gripping your hips and he’s rutting his hard cock against your clothed ass. He moans quietly into your shoulder, moving one hand up to grope you through your thin Tshirt.
You whimper his name as you feel the head of his cock poke your hole through the sheer fabric. He almost cums right on the spot.

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)
I think sometimes when you’re acting and you really know your character and you know what’s expected of your character from the audience and you have someone who maybe is directing you who doesn’t quite know those elements, it can be VERY frustrating. It can be heartbreaking sometimes when you’re kind of led to a direction you don’t wanna go.

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