I dozed off and had a dream that I met jacksepticeye and he told that he made a secret account and was following me and was reblogging all my stuff but refused to tell me which one and I jolted awake and my first thought was to come on here and post “OK WHICH OF U FUCKERS IS JACK”

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My guess for the first malec scene in 2x15 is Malec in bed but Magnus is having a nightmare and he jolts awake from it

my guess is that either alec wakes up and sees magnus is not in bed or alec just walks out of the bedroom and sees magnus sitting or smth. im trying not to get my hopes up as u see

Drabble: Zuko and Azula - Useful

Azula threw down the biwa in disgust.  It clattered against the floor of the music room and jolted Zuko out of his own playing.  The strings popped and burst free from their tethers as Azula shot to her feet, pelted the pick across the room.  It stuck in the wall and vibrated like a knife blade.  Zuko stared at it until it stopped moving.

“Please, Princess Azula,” the music master smiled, tight lipped, voice too calm.  "Come sit down.“

"No!” She spun around in the doorway, the tendons in her arms popping like she as going to pull the walls down.  "I don’t have to!  It’s not going to make me a better firebender, or help me conquer the Earth Kingdom, or rule the Fire Nation, or… anything!“

The pounding of her feet grew quieter and quieter, and Zuko just eyed the music master and waited to be noticed again.

Azula didn’t give up.  She never gave up.  And she was always good at everything.  All the sour notes- She just didn’t care.

"Prince Zuko.”

Zuko picked up his tsungi horn, then put it down.

Of course it was useless.  He was good at it.

Ok so lately I’ve been drifting asleep and then right before I fall asleep I jolt awake and start to panic and then have to calm back down and repeat the process of falling asleep. It makes no sense bc my sleep hygiene has been pretty good but it bothers me still.

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)


The minute OMG OBI-WAN’S HERE AND I NEED TO TALK TO HIM happens, Anakin LITERALLY RUNS OUT OF THE ROOM, even twenty years later, he’s still doing it as Vader.  OBI-WAN SHOWS UP AND *WHOOSH* HE’S OUT THE DOOR and everyone just gets the fuck out of the way.

That moment when you realize

I want to do die after this discovery

Let’s also talk about how Aelita and Allura are both elf people (aelita only in loyko tho) with stripes on their face clinging to memories of their father that they lost to an evil enemy that wanted to control a super weapon. They were then frozen in cryo for like, a bazilion years in a magic pod only to be discovered by the heros later, and both have some super magic like ability, with aelita being able to access the towers to go back in time, and allura being able to send their ship to where-ever they want to go through space.

Accompanied by your local nerd with glasses that can hack anything and everything, even a foreign super computer in a matter of minutes, the flirt sharp shooter that flirts with every new girl they meet, the emo one that fights with a sword and is way too serious and never talks to anyone about their problems, that black haired (probably japanese on shiros part? I mean his name, like, come on) serious character that takes things so hard you just want to protect them.

I got nothing on Hunk someone help me out here.

I’ve seen some religious voltron headcanons floating around so take some jewish pidge/holts headcanons…

• The Holts always have shabbat dinner, usually just the four of them since they live kind of far from their immediate family (being close to the garrison and all)

• Every Hannukah Matt and Pidge bust out the god awful ugly hannukah sweaters. Mrs. Holt kept trying to get rid of them but she can’t.

• Matt got drunk off of manischewitz during passover one year (nobody really knows how it’s basically grape juice lmao)

• Pidge messes with the gragers on purim every year so they make an airhorn sound when spun

• Mrs. Holt makes gefilte fish every time they go over to someone’s house for a holiday. Nobody eats it except her children who do so with tears in their eyes. They don’t know why she keeps making it.

• Every year Commander Holt insists they add some kind of pea to the latkes. The rest of the Holts decides that their dad should just make his own damn latkes.

• Pidge was banned from the afikomen search when she was like 8 because she hardcore cheated by putting a tracking device in the cover to win. maybe a $50 dollar prize wasn’t a good idea.

• Matt gets bombarded with the “do you have a nice jewish girl?” all the time by his aunts.
“Uh not yet auntie maybe soon.” *thinking about his boyfriend Shiro* “Maybe not soon.”

• Pidge’s Bat mitzvah was scheduled right before the Kerberos mission so it would be one last celebration for the whole family before Matt and Commander Holt left.