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We have an official date for the demo’s release, December 26th, 2016!

This will technically be the full demo but it will not include the Toriel or Napstablook encounter, unfortunately. There will be no more delays, this is it.

I will try to aim for a 12:00 AM EST release. That is Eastern Standard Time, not your current time (unless you’re in the EST timezone.) You can view the current EST time here.

What is UNDERFELL, though?

You can read about it here, it’s more in-depth.

UNDERFELL is a completely free and custom fangame based off of Toby Fox’s UNDERTALE that is currently being developed by ManiaKnight

UNDERTALE is owned by Toby Fox, we do not claim ownership of UNDERTALE in any form. UNDERFELL is not endorsed by Toby Fox. Please purchase and play UNDERTALE before playing UNDERFELL, as UNDERFELL contains major storyline spoilers for the original UNDERTALE.

UNDERFELL is free and completely custom and fresh, from voice acting to music.

UNDERFELL is an entirely new adventure through a more sinister and dangerous version of the Underground. Everything has changed suddenly without warning and it’s up to Frisk, Flowey, Sans and Papyrus to find out why this has conspired. Frisk will meet many familiar faces once again from the original UNDERTALE, though they may not be as friendly and welcoming as Frisk initially remembers them.

Reblog if this fangame interests you, so that others can see!

Jolt - Jolt: That’s cold (on Wattpad) Dill Carr is a young man with a desire to be a storm chaser. His life was changed forever when a storm took his last relatives leaving him alone and fearful of how much fear and destruction that a storm can bring. Having severe Lilapsophobia, Dill moves in with his godparents and tries to make a normal life for himself. He makes the football team, makes good grades, and even makes it to near peak athleticism. Having everything go good for him Dill’s life is changed once more when he is electrocuted trying to save his godparents and god-sister from their wrecked car. His body having absorbed the electricity Dill learns that he has an array of new powers. Hoping at first that the powers will go away Dill manages to harness the powers he was given and starts on the pathway of a superhero. Where will this road take him and will he be fast enough to dodge all the things that life has ready for him?

Viktor facetiming yuuri with a cold, laying on his side, holding the phone with one hand. Yuuri noticing viktors nostrils, glistening and pink around the edges, flaring and twitching as he speaks, knowing viktor is going to sneeze before viktor does. Yuuri getting one perfect play by play of Viktor sneezing. His eyebrows gently creasing, his lips parting, his features drawing together. Viktor’s shaky inhale is the only thing he can hear because of his headphones, and with so much clarity that it makes heat pool between his legs. Viktor dips toward the camera when he sneezes, a flash of silver hair, and then when he pulls back, yuuri can see the faintest trace of mess shining on viktors upper lip.

Immediately, he hears another sharp inhale, and then viktor drops the phone and sneezes a wet, desperate triple. The screen goes black against the sheets, and the image keeps jolting sharply. Yuuri can hear every crackling inhale, every shaky sigh, every syllable of viktors fit. Viktor finishes with a few mild, productive coughs and picks the camera back up. Viktor is sitting up now, knuckles set firmly underneath his nose. His eyes crinkle playfully and he smiles,

“Yuuri? You okay? Aren’t you going to bless me?”


  • Andrew jolts awake, not because of any of his own nightmares, or because of their cats moving about (they were left outside the room because Andrew and Neil were doing the do before) but he wakes to a distressed Neil mumbling in his sleep
  • His body tenses and his heart sinks as he catches on to Neil’s words which are mumbles of “no… Andrew…no..don’t… no… stop…”
  • He swiftly gets up and out of his side of the bed, Neil not waking up though he usually would, and switches on the lamp
  • He lights up and takes a drag of a cigarette in attempts to calm the build up of anger and disgust turning in on himself
  • He refuses to touch Neil right now
  • If Neil’s saying no to Andrew in his dream… 
  • Andrew hates that he knows the horror Neil may be dreaming about, hates even more that Neil is dreaming of him as the monster, of the people he promised he would never be like
  • “Abram, wake up, you have to wake up,” he rasps, at least he tries to but his voice, for once, fails to be loud enough
  • He nudges the pillow in favour of touching Neil but Neil just gets louder
  • “Andrew… stop… No, don’t…” Neil strains in his sleep and Andrew feels horribly sick 
  • “The babies… stop…” Neil says next and Andrew starts, quirks an eyebrow and waits, his heart thumping loudly in his ears
  • “Stop him… Andrew… stop… don’t… don’t kill… our…babies…”
  • At this point Andrew is for one: fucking relieved he’s not violating Neil in his dream/nightmare, two: he hates Neil, and three: he can touch Neil now
  • Andrew kneels at the side of their bed by Neil and slides his hand under and behind the back of Neil’s neck, rubbing gently while he whispers his name softly but just loudly enough to get through to him
  • At that, Neil stirs, his unconscious ramblings turning into slurred words as Neil’s mind slips into consciousnesses
  • “Don’t kill... our…babies? Wh—huh?” Neil finds himself saying and sniffs, tears brimming in his eyes
  • He becomes aware he’s being held by Andrew and takes a moment to wipe at his eyes. “Andrew…what?”
  • “I should be asking you that,” Andrew huffs and flicks Neil’s forehead but then wipes at the stray tear that falls from Neil’s right eye
  • “Why are you out of bed?” Neil croaks and lifts the covers up for Andrew
  • Andrew puts out his cigarette and slides back on his side of their bed
  • “You were having a nightmare…” Andrew says
  • “Yeah, a really fucking weird one,” Neil sighs and relaxes at Andrew’s side
  • “Mm, about our babies, you were saying,” Andrew states and at that, Neil curls into Andrew chest and groans
  • Andrew can tell Neil’s blushing hard just from the heat that emanates from his skin
  • “They… the Moriyamas…they were going to kill our babies…” Neil finally explains after a few moments pass and Andrew hums in question. 
  • “You’ll never have to worry about that in real life,” Andrew merely says and Neil curls further into Andrew’s chest
  • Andrew lets him
  • “It was…ah, um…actually, I meant our cats, that, um, they are—were—what I meant by…our babies…in my dream…” he mumbles against Andrew who would be laughing out loud right now if he were not the person he is
  • “Our ‘babies’?” Andrew huffs and Neil softly whines
  • “Dream me is an idiot…” Neil chuckles 
  • “And you are an idiot,” Andrew states but inches just that bit closer to Neil too 
  • Neil snorts and pulls back to smile up at Andrew, “yeah.” 

Yeah…just imagine that Neil had a dream about King and Sir about to be killed by the Moriyamas and he was hella distressed about it (I’d be too). This was a random-as thought while trying to sleep hahaha bye

“Double Dream”

Keleria wakes from an unexpected and intense dream, and she cannot tell if it was her own…


She jolted awake and instantly froze, staring at the walls of her tent with a heavy blush. The camps still sounded quiet and Keleria curled her hand against her stomach. She sat up and brushed herself down as if getting rid of dust. It was to dispel the lingering parts of her dream, warm, ghostly sensations that sent tingles through her body.

It still felt like there were lips at her neck. She rubbed the back of it and cleared her throat, trying very hard to direct her thoughts elsewhere.

Mother Moon, now was not the time for such things. Apparently her mind disagreed and she rubbed her eyes, her brow, trying to erase the images in her head. Soft white hair threading her hands, the weight of Thalyssra in her lap, the way her lips curved in a smile as they drew close again…

Keleria shook her head, getting up from her cot. She quickly busied herself and left her tent in no time, fully armed and armoured.

Walking the camps helped clear her head somewhat, discouraging tension between flaring egos and ideologies and removing inflammatory ‘pranks’ from each camp as she came across them. 

Despite her efforts, the dream stuck in her mind and Keleria cursed herself. The strangest sense of disconnect lingered with it and she momentarily wondered if more than just words could pass between her connection with Thalyssra. Mother Moon, it had before, hadn’t it? Her nightmare…

The thought filled her with dread and incredulity at the same time. It couldn’t possibly be from Thalyssra, that would be supremely arrogant to assume, but… if it was from her? Goddess, she didn’t want to think of it.

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Binge Watching

         Anti walked down the street, heading to his apartment, head towards the sky. Gray clouds cast over him; rain again, he thought. He sighed and saw his breath- it was getting pretty chilly out. He smiled at the prospect of seeing snow for the first time. He had seen snow through Jack’s eyes but never in person. He straightened his jacket; time to get a thicker one if the weather was going to stay this way. He entered his apartment building to be greeted by a sleeping Richard- feet propped up on his desk that was constantly littered with schoolwork.

         Anti walked up to the desk and grabbed Richard’s foot, shaking it. “Finals going well?”

         Richard jolted awake, knocking his schoolwork from the desk and sitting upright in his chair. “I’M WORKING ON IT!” Anti was nonchalant, waiting for Richard to gain his composure. “Well,” he coughed and straightened up, “well hi, Anti! Did you get off work?”

         “No. I’m still at work and you’re dreaming.”

         Richard blinked. “You know, Anti, I’m not really sure how to tell if you’re joking or not.”

         Anti leaned over the desk and pinched Richard’s arm and he yelped.

         “Alright, I get your point, mate.” Richard rubbed his arm, frowning.

         “Any mail for me?”

         “Nothin’ today.”

         Anti walked away, heading towards the stairs. As he walked up to his apartment, Anti hollered, “STUDY, RICHARD.”

         Richard crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, then propped his feet up on his desk.

         Anti was excited for the next few days; today he found out he had the next three days off in a row. He hated that it wasn’t paid time off, but it was understandable. What he wasn’t excited for was telling Dark. He wanted to spend that time with Dark but he knew the second he opened the door to his room, Dark would want to spar. Twice a day they would spar to keep Anti’s demonic urges in check- once at morning and once at night. When he had days off, Dark wanted to use the entire day to spar. Anti did enjoy sparring- he discovered so much about themselves in the time they spent fighting.

         But he was just so exhausted.

         Anti opened the door to his apartment to find Dark hanging upside down from a pull up bar- that wasn’t there when he left for work- his shirt fell to his neck and his hair fell away from his face. “Heya cutie! Wanna spider-man kiss?” Dark pursed his lips, mockingly making kiss-y noises. The ceiling around the pull up bar cracked a bit and- in a Wile E. Coyote fashion, he and the bar came crashing down, taking some of the outer layer of the ceiling with him. “God damnit.” Dark groaned.

         Anti knelt down and dusted some of the debris off Dark’s shoulders. “I’ve heard Jack talk about spider-man before but I don’t get it. Why would that have been a spider-man kiss?”

         Dark jumped to his feet and some dust from the ceiling came with him, then slowly fell around their feet. “WHAT? Haven’t you ever seen the first Spider-Man movie? Toby Mcguire? Kirsten Dunst? He’s hanging upside down and she pulls down his mask up to his nose and kisses him!”

         Anti pulled Dark’s shirt back down and took off his jacket, laying it on the couch. “I’ve never seen any of the Spider Man movies.” Anti made his way into the kitchen and washed his hands in the sink, then opened up his refrigerator door, examining its contents. “I haven’t seen any movies, now that I think about it.”

         Dark’s jaw dropped and he teleported to the kitchen. He grabbed Anti by the shoulders and turned him on his heels, away from the fridge. “Wait wait wait WAIT. You haven’t seen ANY movies?” Anti shook his head. “Any TV?!” Anti shook his head again. “You’re shitting me? You know how to work that tiny little fuckin’ computer in your pocket but you’ve never watched any movies or-or TV?!” Anti rolled his eyes.

         “And I turned out just fine, didn’t I?” Anti laughed, patting Dark’s hand and turning back to the fridge.

         “This is an emergency.” Dark teleported out of the kitchen in a burst of flames. Anti looked behind him and shrugged his shoulders, then grabbed some steaks from the fridge and began seasoning them.


         In Mark’s living room, Mark sat on his couch with Amy, her legs crisscrossed and draped over his lap. On Mark’s other side sat Tyler, and to Amy’s other side sat Ethan, eating from a bowl of popcorn. In front of them was Mark’s TV; they were watching the last episode of season one of West World.

         In a burst of flame, Dark teleported in front of the TV, back turned to Mark and his friends. He grabbed the television and ripped it from the wall then teleported away just as quickly as he arrived.

         Mark sat in shock, mouth agape. Amy covered her mouth, shocked as well but trying her damnest to no laugh. Etan was mid- bite of popcorn and Tyler pointed at the empty space on the wall and was just as shocked as Mark.

         “…want us to leave so you can scream?” Amy asked, lifting her legs up and already preparing to leave.

         Mark merely nodded, eyes fixated on the blank spot on the wall.


         Anti placed one steak in a cast iron skillet and set the raw, seasoned steak back in the fridge for when Dark came back. He grabbed a bottle of white wine from the counter and splashed just a little bit inside the pan and it sizzled. He took a spoon and, with the residual butter and wine in the pan, basted the steak. Anti’s pointed ears perked up and he looked around the kitchen, confused. “I think I just heard Mark scream?”

         Dark reappeared in the living room, and looked for a place to put his newly acquired television.

         “Oh, you’re back. Do me a favor and clean up the mess you made,” said Anti, from the kitchen.

         Dark set the TV down and moved Anti’s easel aside, then plugged in the TV. He waved a hand in front of the wall and hooks for the TV appeared; he set it up and adjusted the TV properly. “…I could have just made a TV. …Ah well.”

         Anti walked into the living room, rolling up his shirt sleeves. “Did you hear me?” His eyes fell upon the TV. “Where did you get that?”

         “Nowhere. Do you have internet? This thing takes internet.”

         Anti couldn’t help but snicker. Dark talked about the TV as though it were some beast that ate internet like it was some physical source of energy. This must be what Anti was like experiencing things for the first time. Though, Dark has existed much longer than he- he found it so strange that he still didn’t know how most technology worked. When Dark said Mark would just sit him in front of a TV, he must’ve really meant that he just plopped him on the couch and kept a show running so Dark wouldn’t have to do anything. Anti figured that must be his next goal; try to get Dark to learn how to use a computer.

         “I use my neighbor’s wifi but, yeah, I guess that means I have the internet.” Anti pulled his phone from his pocket and found the wifi password. “You have to enter it into the TV with the remote.”

         “Oh. Whoops.” Anti blinked and Dark was gone.


         Mark still sat on his couch, face red from one long, continuous scream. Dark appeared in front of him and looked down, seeing the television remote atop a coffee table. “Forgot this,” Dark grabbed the remote and disappeared in a puff of red smoke. Mark breathed in deep.


         Anti’s ears perked up again as he walked back to the kitchen and took the steak out of the pan, setting it on a plate. “I’m loosing my mind,” he laughed, “I heard Mark scream again.” He opened the oven door and pulled out piping hot, crispy French fries.

         Dark appeared in the living room again. “Got the remote! Put the internet in this thing!”

         Anti took a spatula and scooped some fries on his plate. “Want any chips with your steak?”

         “Yeah, I’ll get some.” Dark walked to the kitchen and took his steak from the fridge, then scooped some fries onto his plate. They both sat down on Anti’s couch/bed and Dark inhaled his steak, plate, and fries in one big bite.

         “Dark, plates are expensive!”

         “Whoops. Anywho, put the internet in this thing. We’re watching TV.”

         Anti laid his plate on his lap and took the remote from his hands. “Pay attention. I’m not just doing this for you. I’m teaching you. Go to ‘settings’.” He pressed the ‘settings’ button on the remote, then used the arrow buttons to scroll down to ‘wifi connection’, “This is where you put in your wifi.” He pressed ‘enter’ on the remote, then typed in the wifi code. “Then press the home button to get to what you want to watch.” He pressed the ‘home’ button and several options appeared: Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go- a few others. Anti handed the remote to Dark and cut into his steak.

         “ALRIGHT! What are you in the mood for? Action? Comedy? Scifi? Romance? Anime? Korean Drama? Sitcom?”

         Anti took a bite of his steak. Not dry at all. A little too much wine. “How about we just watch something you want to watch. I’d have no idea where to start.”

         Dark clicked on “Hulu” and found “Rick and Morty” on the very first page of shows, in Mark’s “recommended”. “How about the first and only two seasons so far of ‘Rick and Morty’?”

         “Sure…’Recommended for Mark’? Did you steal Mark’s TV?”

         Dark clicked on the first episode as fast as he could, “AHAHA you didn’t see that- okay! Get ready for the best freakin’ show on right now.”

         For ten whole hours they sat and binged this show, only getting up to use the restroom or grab the occasional snack. Anti found himself laughing his head off, tearing up, contemplating life…this show was a roller coaster.

         Ten hours later, “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails rang in their heads as the camera panned away from an imprisoned Rick. Anti, hugging a pillow, looked to Dark in shock. “Dark, that can’t be how it ends!”

         Dark sat up properly and stretched. “Season three’s coming, man.”

         “Well what exactly did Rick do?! Everything? The guy said, ‘what are you in for’ and he said ‘EVERYTHING’! Do you think because he can travel through time and space and all that, that…he’s right- is there no end to what Rick could have possibly done?!”

         Dark smiled; it was rare to see Anti this excited about anything. Not that Anti didn’t get excited- he did, but he rarely ever showed it. Dark switched from Hulu to Netflix and found ‘Futurama’. “I think you’ll like this one just as much, if not more.”

         Needless to say, we know what Dark and Anti were up to for the remaining time Anti had off work.


I had a lot of fun with that one! Poor Mark. I hope y’all liked this one; I’ve been wanting to write it for a while. Spoilers, kind of, but what I really wanted to write was Anti seeing snow for the first time. I still will but I guess this got priority over the other lol. Ever since Ross, my favorite grump, saw snow for the first time I’ve been itching to write Anti doing so as well.

Lemme know what you guys thought! Thanks so much for being an amazing community. It’s y’alls likes and reblogs and comments and asks and what not that keep me goin’; I mean it. It makes me so happy. Thank you for making me happy. Later!  

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Imagine watching Asriel turn to dust as he gives you a tear-filled look of, "Why?". You jolt awake and find him in the bed opposite yours. Unable to contain your relief, you hug him. He smiles in his sleep, his gentle warmth lulling you back asleep.

Supercorp: boardrooms

Lena would be touched but right now they’re not speaking.  It had been three days without word from Supergirl after having her mother locked up, and Lena had taken that as a message that she could do more.  So she moves herself to the boardroom next to her office and gets her best engineers and scientists and they spend nights going through what little Lena can find of Cadmus tracks.  She can find all sorts of experiments and weapons and they do their best to reverse engineer those and hand their findings over to the DEO to a grateful Agent Danvers, but there is little to be found in terms of captives or documentation of Cadmus activities.  

It’s the fourth night, when she’s talking to her staff, that she sees Supergirl fly by, checking to see if she’s in her office.  This happens for two more nights and Lena realizes Supergirl is checking up on her rather than keeping tabs.  The next time she knocks on the glass as Supergirl flies by and it nearly jolts her out of the air.  Lena gives her an apologetic smile but holds up a finger and gestures to her office.  

“You’ve been busy, I hear” says Supergirl once Lena joins her on her balcony.  

“Yes, well, your…. absence gave me time to think.  Like Lex, my mother has left quite a trail of mysteries behind her.  I’m doing my best to help solve them.”  

“I wanted to come and see you before, actually but business got in the way.  I wanted to thank you for your part in what you did.”  The sentence is simple and Supergirl frowns because it both does and doesn’t convey what she wants to say.  Being a Luthor means that Lena’s no idiot.  She’s like a mixture of Winn and Alex but feels that comparison doesn’t do her justice either.  She thinks of Winn.  The Toy Maker’s son.  Never once did they think that Winn was in league with his Dad and yet with Lena….. despite her eagerness to rename L-Corp and make it an corporation for good… 

“I wanted to also apologize.”  

“Apologize?” asks Lena, thrown for a loop.  

“Since arriving here your goal has been to make people see the name Luthor differently, and you have time and time again.  There was no reason to think you wouldn’t continue to this time.”  

“Except for my little speech about being a Luthor” mutters Lena.  

“Except that you’ve proved that can mean something else.  I won’t forget that.  So, thank you.  I am sorry though that your family let you down again.”  To this Lena shrugs.  

“Par for the course of being a Luthor.  Lillian let me down my whole life.  I only really had Lex.  I should have excepted something…. and maybe I did, not on this scale, but something, after all, Lex wasn’t the only on effected…. anyway, thank you.”  

“I look forward to working with you again Lena” says Supergirl, and then she’s off, leaving Lena watching her soar against the sky.  

Griffen's temp spiked

All the way to 105.
Cue freak out. I called the pediatrician. Give ibuprofen instead of Tylenol. If it doesn’t go down to under 100 take him to the er.
Dan googled ways to help cool the baby down while I paced the house with screaming baby in my arms.
Strip the baby down to just his diaper, cool compress and sponge bath. Poor dude hated every minute of it but we got his temp down to 99.
He’s now sleeping next to me while I keep checking his temp.

It’s going to be another long night of jolting awake to check on him.

Does this panic feeling ever go away?

Shiro just wanted to sleep but he can’t remember the last time he actually got a full 8 hours. After the recurring nightmares jolted him awake, Shiro found himself wandering around the castle for a security sweep. However, Shiro got more than he bargained for when he found solace in the arms of a princess while they shared a secret moment among the Juniberries.

Read it here!

I think a Shallura one shot is well overdue since I made one for Klance back then. This is a gift fic for @sir-schneeflocke :D 

Thank you for all the love and support you show my work: the messages, the fanart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It really makes all the sleepless nights worth it to know that I make other fans happy <3

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I'm thinking that Sixshot makes some really uncharacteristic whimpering sounds when he's fragged by Abominus. Something he finds to be very embarrassing a first.

Here there be pornz

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Episodes (Brotzly) Chapter 4

Sorry this one took so long!

Chapter 4: Midnight.

Todd woke up with a jolt. He gasped for air and grabbed at Dirks shirt. Dirk startled awake “What is it? Is something wrong?” Dirk asked, worried. Todd sighed. “No, I’m fine, just had a nightmare.” Todd nodded. Dirk frowned. “If you say so.” He sighed. “You can go back to sleep, I’m gonna stay up.” Todd spoke. “I’ll stay up with you.” Dirk smiled softly. Todd smiled a bit and nodded. “Okay.” He shrugged. Todd stared into space for a moment. “I’ve been thinking a lot,” Todd began. “And I really don’t know what I’d do without you. Sometimes I close my eyes and try to imagine life without you, but I can’t. You’ve literally taken over my thoughts.” Todd laughed quietly. “I don’t know what its supposed to mean. All I can ever think about is you. Its confusing.” Todd sighed. Dirk frowned at how oblivious Todd must be to his own feelings. “I love you.” Dirk spoke. “What?” Todd looked at Dirk. “I love you.” Dirk repeated. “Dirk, I’m not-” Todd began. “I know-” Dirk bit his lip and made an excuse. “I meant as a friend. Like, you’re such a good friend, I can say I love you? Like a brother I guess?” Dirk sighed. He hated lying to Todd, but didn’t want to make things strange between them. “Oh, I see.” Todd nodded. “I guess its kind of nice to hear.” Todd spoke again. Dirk smiled softly. “Try to go back to sleep.” He spoke quietly. Todd nodded and curled up closer to Dirk. Dirk sighed quietly. “Goodnight, Todd. Sleep well.”
“Goodnight.” Todd responded, a yawn escaping his lips. He drifted off slowly. Dirk smiled a bit and watched him for a while before falling asleep himself.

Todd woke up before Dirk did. He watched the taller man sleep. He looked so peaceful. Beautiful, almost. Todd smiled. “I don’t understand you, Dirk. Why do you make me feel like this?” Todd sighed and whispered to the sleeping detective. “I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. Its almost overwhelming. I know I don’t like that. I’m straight. Right?” He continued whispering. He shook his head and shrugged slightly. Todd sat up and shook Dirk awake. “Dirk, can we go out for breakfast or something? I don’t want to eat your food again.” Todd continued shaking the now-awake detective. Dork raised an eyebrow and sat up. “Is my cooking that bad?” He tilted his head. “Yes.” Todd nodded. “Okay, then I suggest you get ready.” Dirk shrugged and left the room to get dressed. Todd yawned and walked out five minutes later, dressed and ready to go. Dirk, on the other hand, was ready to leave, dressed and everything, but asleep. He had fallen asleep somehow. Todd sighed and shook him awake. “Let’s go.” He pulled Dirk off the couch and began walking out the door, Dirk now back in his normal, hyper mood. “So, where are we going?” He grinned. “Let’s go to Denny’s or something.” Todd shrugged.

They arrived at Denny’s and ate and stuff, y'know. Then they left. On their way out, they saw Farah and Amanda. “Oh, hi Farah! Hi, Amanda!” Dirk waved at them. Todd smiled. “Hi.” He waved at them as well. They walked over. “Hi guys.” Amanda spoke. “Hey.” Farah smiled. “What’re you guys up to? You on a daaaateee~” Amanda poked Todd’s arm as she spoke. Todd viciously shook his head. “No, no, we aren’t! We aren’t! We are not on a date.” He crossed his arms. Amanda put her hands in the air. “Okay, okay. No need to get defensive.” She raised an eyebrow. “So, Todd, you’re not going to kick him out again, are you? I really don’t want to have to take him in for another week and a half.” Farah raised an eyebrow. Todd shook his head. “No, I’m not gonna kick him out.” Dirk grinned. “That’s right, cause I’m your best friend.” Dirk nudged Todd’s arm. “Sure.” Todd chuckled. “Its really cold.” Todd looked at Dirk. Dirk nodded. Todd looked down at his hands and saw ice beginning to form. He looked at Dirk again, panic clear on his face. “Dirk!” Todd began viscously shivering. “Oh no.” Dirk looked at Todd. Amanda and Farah exchanged glances. “He’s having an attack” Amanda explained to Farah. Amanda began to move forward to help. Bbut before she could, Dirk had Todd sitting on the ground, his jacket wrapped around him, curled up in his arms. “Its okay, its okay. You know its not real.” Dirk looked at Amanda and Farah and motioned for them to come over. They sat on either side of Dirk and Todd. “Todd, look at us. We are real. Look.” Todd looked at them. Dirk grabbed Todd’s hand softly. “Real.” He moved Todd’s hand to place on Amanda’s arm. “Real.” He then moved it to touch Farah’s arm. “Real. All real. You’re not freezing over, Todd.” He grabbed Todd’s other hand and began rubbing them, trying to warm them. “It’ll be okay.” Dirk spoke softly. Todd nodded and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes,and when he opened them again, the ice was gone. He sighed and leaned forward to rest his head on Dirks chest. Farah and Amanda looked at each other. Amanda snickered and Farah shrugged. Dirk looked at them and tilted his head. “You two are so a thing.” Amanda grinned. Dirk shook his head. “No we aren’t.” He looked down at Todd to find out that he had fallen asleep. “Sadly.” He signed. Farah raised an eyebrow. “So you like him?” She asked. Dirk nodded. “Why not tell him?” Farah questioned. “I tried. I had to play it off as "brotherly” love.“ Dirk shrugged. "Ouch.” Amanda shook her head. “Well, who knows, maybe he likes you but is too dumb to realize it.” Amanda smiled. Dirk nodded. “I hope that’s the case, honestly. We’d better go.” Dirk looked down at his sleeping friend. “Yeah, bye.” Farah stood up. “See ya. Take care of my brother.” Amanda smiled and stood up. Amanda and Farah walked away. Dirk sighed and stood up, taking Todd with him. He carried him bridal style to the car, then drove them home. Once they got home, Dirk put Todd in his bed and lied next to him. He sighed softly. “I love you.” He closed his eyes and drifted off. He heard a faint voice as he was falling asleep.

“I know.”

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verb: jerk or jolt (someone or something) suddenly, typically so as to cause injury *Currently being revised all chapters marked as revised that have been finished*

Snapchat date night

I’m sitting on a stool in Lily’s kitchen telling her about something that Niall said to me last night when she interrupts me, “What the hell are you on about now?"Her tone surprises me and I look up,…

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I forgot how often they hammer home in TAB that Mary and Moriarty and the Bride are linked.

Mary and the Bride in their veils.

Mary and the Bride in identical street outfits.

Moriarty wearing the Bride’s veil.

Moriarty saying “You’re dreaming” and Mary saying “You’re dreaming” a split second later.

“Miss M.E.” (Miss Mary Elisabeth) and “Do not forget M.E.” being repeated every twenty minutes–

Literally the bride corpse begins singing “Do not forget M.E.” and attacks Sherlock and there’s the sound of a gunshot and he jolts and puts his hand to his chest where Mary shot him as he wakes on the edge of the Fall.

Moriarty lifting the veil and Sherlock saying, “It can’t be you!” and then the first thing he says on waking is “Miss M.E.?”

It was a hell of a trip watching all that again

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)