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Tag you're it! State 5 random things about yourself then tag your 10 favorite blogs. :)

The blogs I’m tagging are solely my favorite blogs - not for them to answer these questions!! i just love following them.

  1. I only like games that make me irrationally angry or anxious. If they don’t, I get bored, and it goes to waste. 
  2. I LAUGH REALLY HARD AT PUNS/BAD JOKES. Quickest way to my heart!!
  3. I have a really really close bond with my cat. Exciting I know.
  4. I’ve been to 22 schools from 1st-10th grade. I think completing 3 non consecutive years without switching. (3rd,5th,6th) I then dropped out of highschool and went to college at 16 - completing one semester and taking a year off; which is where I am today!! (I couldn’t complete the second semester because I moved from California to Texas! I didn’t go this semester because holy s*** out of state tuition) I go back to school in the fall.
  5. I am a Taurus/Aries cusp; I was born on APRIL 19!! It’s like having two people in my head and makes everything really hard. but I learn to manage it’s alright like w/e


im 16 and my birthday is july 5th so ill be 17 then
pregnat4 answered your questiondont look at my blog….how old am i?


hey you….no

gothbaby replied to your postdont look at my blog….how old am i? 

16 right or 17


meatmodel answered your questiondont look at my blog….how old am i? 


close enough

joloso answered your questiondont look at my blog….how old am i? 


i would never break tumblrs rules like that

zombiedriver answered your questiondont look at my blog….how old am i? 


i wish

the-exploding-tardis answered your questiondont look at my blog….how old am i?



jzul answered your questiondont look at my blog….how old am i? 



jadechanofficial answered your questiondont look at my blog….how old am i? 



Hiiiii. So, this is my follow forever. The order doesn’t matter, I love you all. Happy holidays, hope you have lots of fun. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone *last christmas plays in the background* but if I follow and you’re not here I’m so sorry)

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