I missed making themes..

so I decided since its summer time and 2nd semester is almost done… i’ll be making themes again!! Im so excited guys! Tho I need to have some practice again since been months I tried to make one lol :~)

I’ll keep you guys updated (for those who want to use my theme lol)

so ya

much love ♥

How to Add Sidebar Photo on My Themes

I don’t know why people are having trouble on adding sidebar photo on my themes that’s why I’m making this post now.

First, I already have a tutorial on how to add a sidebar photo for my themes. That’s why I put FAQs on my ask box saying to check first on my tutorials page if its there. As soon as its not there, I will answer you 100% PRIVATELY (unless you’re on anon) but not as quick as you want. I’ve been receiving asks about it A LOT to the point that it is really REALLY annoying. I’ve made a tutorial for it in the first place.

Second, if its only your first time to use my themes, make sure to refresh the customize page first so you’ll see the theme options.

Last, here is the tutorial page I did for you. PLEASE PLEASE read it first before sending me an ask.

That’s all! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you for using JollyThemes! :)


Missed making themes TT__TT

So….. I decided to make a new one again before this week ends!

If you have suggestions on how will it be just message me about it and if ever I’ll pick your idea I’ll name it after you! ♥♥

Looking forward to your suggestions guys!

Thanks so much for patronizing my themes!



3, 050 followers!!!

I can’t believe my theme blog got this amount of followers!! I know I need to make more themes now. Im so sorry I dont have much time to make one. Even though I have more scratch for it. Like I’ve said last time, I have 7 scratch but still wasnt able to make it. Esp. now with what happened in my country (Philippines).
But hopefully, HOPEFULLY next week I will make 2 or more new themes! Get ready!! c;