jolly sailor bold

💙‘ My Jolly Sailor Bold’ Mermaid Love Spell 🌊

a sea witch’s spell for drawing in a lover, or draw one back from leaving often

🌊  gather: pink sea salt, a fishnet stocking, pyrite, lemon peel, sea-water, a jar, a blue and a pink candle, and a coin. 

🌊  play, or sing along to the shanty “my jolly sailor bold

🌊  light the two candles on either side of the jar

🌊  fill the jar with pink sea salt and lemon peel.  

🌊  bury the coin, place the pyrite in the jar. 

My heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold.

🌊  fill the jar with the seawater, and cover the bottle with the fishnet, tie off. 

🌊  seal the jar with a kiss and the two kinds of wax


You know the stories and you know the rhymes, of beautiful mermaids living under the glittering surface of the world above. Even Auradon Prep had one such beauty, none other than the most famous of mermaid’s daughter. She too, like her mother, fell in love with her own Prince Charming.

Prince Ben was everything a girl would want - charming, handsome, charismatic, funny, and so much more. But alas, he was with Audrey, Sleeping Beauty’s daughter, who was everything any guy would want. At least physically - everyone agreed her attitude needed adjustment. While you watched from afar and hummed songs of old, you imagined your life with Ben.

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🌊 sea water replacement - recipe for making sea water at home

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🌊 sea charging - a guide for using seawater to charge energies

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an ongoing guide …………last updated 3/28/2017

galadrieljones  asked:

Saw your call for prompts! I am a sucker for small moments, so how about Solavellan (or any pairing you're feeling at the moment), somewhere in the wilderness, gathering firewood and bringing it back to camp. At some point, it starts to rain. <3

Thank you, you beautiful soul, for the prompt! I enjoyed writing this so very much! This is the song she sings.


What plows the raging sea

“My heart is pierced by cupid, I disdain all glitter and gold-”

Solas watched her through the leaves of the trees, watched her rummage the forest floor whilst singing to herself, a fitting song for the grey and angsty sky.
He was lost in how long he had watched her - he was supposed to help her pick twigs for kindle - her voice instead hypnotizing him until he lost track of time.
It was an old sailors lullaby and though they were miles away from the ocean he felt as if he was lulled by the waves of the sea; closing his eyes to hear more clearly, the rise and fall of her soothing voice.

“There is nothing to console me, but my jolly sailor bold-” 

The final waver of her voice got broken with a loud crack followed by the deep thrum of incoming thunder.
She stood up and turned her nose to the sky, catching the first raindrops on her skin with her eyes closed.
“I love the rain,” She turned to Solas with a serene smile splayed on her soft, pink lips.  “Don’t you?”
He walked up behind her to kiss her through her wild curls, whispering in her ear that the forgotten Gods were once believed to live in the crack of thunder.
She laughed a bit incredulously while he wrapped his hands around her waist, humming the tune of the song she had sang; a sensual, low tune accompanied by the increasing tapping of rain, crashing like muted cymbals on the leaves surrounding them.
Soon she joined the tremor of his bass voice, finishing the song with a fair and high note right before they took off running, hand in hand when the sky opened fully; their feet splashing rainwater on the plants that bend to lend them a path.
When they finally found shelter, out of breath from feeling free, she sang him a last verse before she kissed him reverently.

“Her hair it hangs in ringlets,
His eyes as black as coal.
My happiness attend him,

Wherever he may go.” 

Jolly Sailor Bold (Dark!Pirate!England x Mermaid!Reader) C1

Yooo here’s the first chapter… finally. I tried but I’m a little rusty at writing longer pieces. Tell me what you think and what you would like to see, it would be appreciated, babes!


“Amazing Captain! You managed to catch one, a real breathing mermaid! A Siren! Absolutely Brilliant if I must say, Cambridge would love to have such a specimen for our department…”

“Thank you, professor, but I refuse to sell them, they are more than a creature.”

“Why, Arthur are you saying you smitten by a siren?”

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SEA WITCH Playlist

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 This is for all the sea witches! Hope You love this! :)

Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea | MISSIO

Ocean Eyes | Billie Eilish

Riptide | Vance Joy

Island In The Sun | Weezer

Float on | Modest Mouse

Ocean Breathes Salty | Modest Mouse

Cake By The Ocean | DNCE

Rock You Like A Hurricane | Scorpions

Waves | Mr.Probz

March To The Sea | Twenty One Pilots

Ocean Avenue | Yellowcard

Under The Bridge | Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oceans | Coasts

My Jolly Sailor Bold

Under The Sea | Samuel E. Wright

Oceans Away | ARIZONA

Yellow Submarine | The Beatles

Into Waves | A Little Nothing

How Far I’ll Go | Auli’i Cavalho

Rockaway Beach | Ramones

I Sat By The Ocean | Queens Of The Stone Age

Hotel California | The Eagles

Claimed By The Sea | French For Rabbits

Into The Ocean | Blue October

Written In The Water | Gin WIgmore

When You Were Young | The Killers

Seaside | The KooKs

The Ocean | Led Zeppelin

Only The Ocean | Jack Johnson

Live By The Ocean | The Hoosiers

Children Of The Sea | Black Sabbath

Down By The Seaside | Led Zeppelin

The Heart Of The Sea | Flogging Molly

How I became the sea | Owl city

Madness | Ruelle

Lovely | Billie eilish & Khalid

Rhiannon | Fleetwood mac

Hoist the colours | Finalcrystine (cover)

Edge of seventeen | Fleetwood mac

Siren | Tanerélle

Black sea | Natasha blume

Seven wonders | Fleetwood mac

Blood//Water | Grandson




My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?

Working with Water

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Air rules me but so does water. I am split down the middle between the two. Water is chaotic and memorizing, and there is much you can do because it is one of the two elements that you can actually touch. Just like my other post, Working with Air, we will be exploring different ways that  you can connect more deeply with water. Enjoy dearies! 

Here is a list of different ways to work with water: 

  • We must drink water to survive, so when you are about to grab a glass of water (whether purified, tap, or bottled) before you pour it in your glass or before opening your bottle, enchant it by holding your hands around the glass/bottle (with your eyes closed or open) then say something along the lines as “I am one with the running waters of the Earth.” 
  • Go to the beach. Collect seashells, rocks, and sand. Dip yourself in the ocean. Feel the powerful waves crash against you. NOTE: Be careful of any animals that live within the ocean, be respectful. Don’t collect anything that can be harmful for your health or illegal. EX. feathers
  • Showers are powerful. If you are one who likes to take showers in the morning, imagine the water energizing you for the day ahead and see yourself conquering all that lies before you. If you are one who likes to take showers at night, imagine the water rinsing off to cleanse you from long day you had and see yourself washing away everything so you are fresh and new. No matter what time you take a shower, allow the water to freshen up your spirits. 
  • Baths are very calming and relaxing. When one cannot go to the beach, this is an excellent way to substitute. Fill the tub, surround yourself with blue/purple candles, seashells, and crystals that relate to water. Put in herbs or essential oils within your bath to connect you to the ocean waves of the deep, vast blue. Bonus, you can put on ocean sound music to set the mood. NOTE: Do your research, do not put in herbs or oils that are harmful to your health. Do not put crystals around the tub if they can be toxic or if they deteriorate in water. Your health is always most important.  
  • When it is raining, go outside and let the rain fall upon you. Close your eyes and let the water cleanse your being. Then if you would like, play. Splash in puddles, run around. Enjoy yourself. 
  • Make a sigil that means “I connect with the waters of the deep, beautiful sea.” or something along the lines. (Again, I am not a sigil maker but something I would like to include for others who are) Wear the sigil on you as you go to the beach or are working at your water altar.    
  • Make a special water altar, preferably facing west. Fill it with mermaid items, chalices, colors of dark blues and purples, seashells, etc.    
  • Research mermaids. Merpeople swim in the deep depths of the sea. They are beautiful, alluring, and mysterious. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any sources on how to communicate with them so here is a small list of ways I have personally used to connect with them.
    • Go to the beach, sit in front of the water and sing. Whether it is a mermaid song (like Jolly Sailor Bold) or your all time favorite song, just sing your heart out. If others are around you on the beach, sing quietly or have your headphones in. If you are alone, then sing as loud as you want. 
    • Collect seawater in a jar, then when you get home make an oil using essential oils and herbs that mermaids love. Then before you go to sleep, take a small inhale, then fall asleep. Let the mermaids come to you in your dreams. NOTE: Do your research, do not use oils that will harm your health. This is more for aroma, not placing on your skin. 
    • While you are at the beach, leave the mermaids small offerings that you feel they would enjoy. NOTE: Do not leave anything that is harmful to our environment, like jars filled with items. Be respectful to our Earth. 
    • If you cannot go to the beach, take a bath and surround yourself with mermaid items; like statues, mirrors, seashells, etc. Fill the bath with herbs and oils that relate to merpeople then while you are bathing, sing. Look in the mirror if you would like, allow yourself to become one with them. NOTE: I don’t really care that I repeat myself so often but for real, do you research. Do not use herbs or oils that will harm your health.
    • Be careful as you would communicating with any kind of spirit. Protect yourself and be respectful while you contact.