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Feu et Sang - Part 1
ASOIAF French Revolution AU

A Family History

The fourteenth Compte de Targaryen was a man of great excess and little conscience. He delighted in wine and cards, the overindulgence of the former often leading to fits of paranoia and violence.

The Compte was fifteen when he wed Rhaella, a princess of the blood and his own lady cousin. The Comptess was a gentle lady, and thought a beauty by many, but was treated with the same contempt and cruelty that her husband showed to his tenants.

She bore two living sons:

The elder, the Vicompte Rhaegar, was a youth of great feeling, though he shared none of his father tendency towards caprice. While both an accomplished rider and swordsman, the Vicompte preferred quieter pursuits and spent much of his time away from court (and his father) in the family’s country chateau.

The younger, the Vicompte Viserys, was the Comptess’s first child to survive infancy after more than a decade of stillbirths, sickness, and disappointment, and thus was much beloved by his lady mother.