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100 times captain swan made me cry: #31


au // Moriarty returns, and upon discovering how important Molly Hooper has become to Sherlock Holmes, intends to correct his oversight.

“The girl who mattered.” He recited, a breathy laugh escaping past his lips as he shook his head. “Once upon a time… you mattered to me first. Don’t you remember, dearest? When our… dear old Sherlock wanted nothing to do with you?” The Irishmen purred, hands in his pockets as he casually walked toward her. “I could have saved you from the tedium of this life, y'know. But then… you had to become a pretty little liar, didn’t you…” His dark brown eyes sharpened as they locked on her, “Helping Sherlock. Daddy isn’t happy.” He paused. The barest hint of a smile touched the corner of his lips, “Daddy’s. Had. Enough. Now.”