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stranger things appreciation month day six - favorites outfit(s)

I was thinking, when the kids discovered “Will’s Body”, what was El going to say? She starts off with “Mike…” and reaches for him, before Mike (bless his precious heart) cuts El off and pushes her away with “Mike?! Mike what?!” when he was really upset about the situation.

Was she going to try to comfort him or was she going to possibly attempt to explain the Upside Down? I’m very curious.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new to the Korean underground scene and I want to get into it so are there any songs/artists that you would recommend?

Okay, I’m going to do my best with this. 

These come from my friend who has been a huge Khip-hop fan for years and years:
Beenzino – “Profile,” “Boogie On and On,” “Aquaman” (I agree)
Illionaire – “연결고리,” “L4L”
Swings – “A Real Lady”
Verbal Jint – “비범벅,” “촣분히 예뻐”
Loco – “니가 모르게,” “감아”
San E – “Black Suit,” “Rap Genius”
Older stuff from Drunken Tiger, Jinusean and Yoon Mi Rae

Okay, now my recommendations… This will be long:

Older Artists
Bulhanddang Crew – “불한당가”
Minos – entire “The Lost Files” album
Noise Mob (Minos & RHYME-A-) – “Moby Dick,” “Mob 맘이야”
Kebee – entire “Lost & Found” album, but my faves are “오르면 돼” and “Searchlight”
Garion – “영순이”
P-Type – “광화문” “Timberland 6″ “네안데르탈”
RHYME-A- whole “NBA” album, “World Wide Word feat. Jolly V,” “Lyrical Genius,” “Brown Skin Lady”
Born Kim – “Jimmy Chu,” “Dakorner feat. 넉없샨,” “진짜가 나타나,” “SMACK DA BRAIN”
Born Kim & 넉없샨 – “CTRL-V”
Infinite Flow – “Be Free” “Been a Long Time” “We Are Music” LP
Soul Dive – “XXX,” “War Music,” “Boy Go” (with So Ji-sub), “You in the Fantasy” (with So Ji-sub), “Sin,” “Zito,” “Holla”
Speaking Trumpets crew – “자유를 쥐,” “난장이”
Paloalto – “Forrest Gump”
Hi-Lite “Hi-Life” – “My City,” “Survive”
Snacky Chan – “Chill,” “The Jazz”
Gary – “Drunken Night Tune” 

Mid-to-Younger Artists:
Simon D – “짠해 (Cheerz)”
Double K – “Hot Pants,” “Rewind,” “Positive Mind” LP
진준왕 – “달칵”
J.slow – “That’s Right,” “얄짤없게,” “Ride Hard”
Soul-Jay – “Paid Out,” “Feel Like”
Wutan – “DO DO DO,” “자각몽 Lucid Dream” (His whole “No Role Model” album is good)
San E – “Body Language”
KeeBomb – “100% feat. Joe Rhee,” “I Know,” “No Sleep”
Jolly V – “Have Faith,” “담배,” “Yes! Yes! Yo!””MIC”
Dwang (he’s a little eccentric, so no worries if you don’t dig it) – “Caffein Overdose,” “Ferrari”
Sam Choi

And… I hope that’s a good start for you? I essentially just listed a few songs from a lot of the artists that I personally listen to, and there are tons more that I could have listed, I just didn’t want to overwhelm you too much!


stranger things appreciation month day five - funniest moment

“and besides why do we need weapons anyway? we have her! she shut one door! with her mind! are you kidding me? that’s insane!”

Holiday Tunes

By: Hannah

Here’s a little mix of the old and the new to get you all in the Holiday mood. Dance to it while wrapping the presents and decorating the tree. Happy Holidays my loves! Check it out here!

The Christmas Waltz // She & Him

Winter Song // Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas // She & Him

Sleigh Ride// She & Him

Rocking’ Around the Christmas Tree // She & Him

Silver Bells // She & Him

Baby, It’s Cold Outside // She & Him

The Christmas Song // She & Him

Christmas Lights // Coldplay

A Charlie Brown Christmas // The Movie

White Christmas // Bing Crosby

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas // Ariana Grande

Silent Night // Sleeping At Last

All I Want For Christmas Is You // Mariah Carey

Santa Baby // Marilyn Monroe

Please Come Home For Christmas // Charles Brown

Holly Jolly Christmas // Michael Buble

Jingle Bells // Frank Sinatra

Last Christmas // Wham

Jingle Bell Rock // Bobby Helms

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year // Gary Williams

Wonderful Christmas // Paul McCartney

Winter Wonderland // Dean Martin

Let It Snow // Frank Sinatra

Deck the Halls // Frank Sinatra

Photographer: Beth

skylitedestiny  asked:

Not to sound like a creep, but what color are your eyes? They look reddish brown in the Jolly Rancher photo.

They’re brown with a black ring around the edge! They go lighter and darker depending on the lighting but if I can get my dressing room mirror lights to hit them right the brown really shines out! :)