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the first time naruto is issuing hinata he's almost going crazy over how good it feels and it feels like he's going to explode of warmth. when they go back to konoha he takes every opportunity to kiss her(even in front of people). He can't believe he's haven't kissed her before. The few days after the mission were pure bliss for him and he needs to kis her. He wakes up in the night and just has this incredible urge and sneaks in the hyuga compound and makes out with her for the rest of the night


sorry it’s a bit sloppy

We Are Your Friends 2015 Full Movie

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We Are Your Friends Movie Storyline:
❝ Cole, a 23-year-old DJ who struggles in the Hollywood’s electronic dance music scene, has dreams of becoming a major record producer. Eventually, older DJ James, begins to mentor him, but Cole makes a connection with James’ girlfriend, Sophie. When Cole’s relationship with Sophie blossoms and his friendship with James begins to break down as a result, he is forced into difficult decisions over his future. ❞

Movie Details :
▪ Release Date : 2015-08-28
▪ Casts : Jon Bernthal, Wes Bentley, Zac Efron, Shiloh Fernandez, Jon Abrahams, Vanessa Lengies, Emily Ratajkowski, Alessandro Lindblad, Nick Rotteveel
▪ Runtime : 0 minutes

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It’s hard to call Jon Stewart a genius without him just laughing at you. But if you look at the overall history of that show, the way that he did it, who he interviewed, how fearless he was and how beloved he was, you would have to say there was genius involved to pull it off so magnificently.

Richard Lewis, about Jon.

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