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Yo!!! I'ma tell you a boring story. So my uncle Goat and I went to Goose's grocery store. I was trying to buy the delicious Porcupine needles when all of a sudden the neighborhood hobo Gorrilla came and grabbed my weave. He pulled me and told me " Your earrings are cheap." .__. I cried. The end c: Thanks for the follow

I hope you punched the hobo Gorilla in the mouth… Thanks for the follow back!

Victor Vran Review

Early Access isn’t exactly a beloved feature of Steam, as far as most of its users are concerned. More than half of the games it features end up abandoned, unfinished and completely frustrating in the greater scheme of things. It’s no wonder we common folk are then jollified when a game is completely successfully released from said service. Victor Vran is one such game, whose developers carefully…

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