jollibee online delivery


McDelivery vs Jollibee Online Delivery

I was hungry when I woke up so I decided to order breakfast. I usually order thru online whenever it’s possible because I think it’s more accurate rather than talk to a person who can mess up your order. 

I tried McDelivery first since I’ve tried it before and they were consistent with their 30-minute guarantee. Lo and behold they have a new McDelivery website in beta stage. They now combined the main McDonald’s Philippines website with the McDelivery website. And here’s my feedback: The new website is soooooo slow. I got frustrated so I went to the competitor’s website.

I’ve also tried the Jollibee Online Delivery before and it was not good. They are not consistent with their delivery time, they don’t call to confirm your orders and they just show up in your doorstep. I’ve posted something about this in Facebook before:

Ang pag-order minsan sa Jolibee online medyo risky. Hindi ka tatawagan para i-confirm ung order mo. Tiwala lang, dadating din yun.#parangpag-ibig

Well, their website is fast so I ordered. After an hour, no one called to confirm and I was getting hungrier by the minute so I tried to call their number. No one answers after waiting and listening to the Sarah Geronimo jingle that became annoying after hearing it for the nth time. I gave up and ordered somewhere else. I wanted to cancel my online order but there was no way of doing that. I ordered around 8:35 AM and around 11:02 AM someone called but I missed it. It was a Jollibee number. 

Minsan kailangan mahaba ang pasensya mo sa pag order online. Minsan mabagal ang website, minsan naman pinapaasa ka lang na darating pa ung order mo. Pero kapag hindi mo na talaga kaya at gutom ka na, maghanap ka na lang ng iba, baka mas okay pa. #paragpag-ibig

I therefore conclude that both online delivery of these two giant fastfood chains SUCK…. as of now. I’m counting on you McDo! Please be better next time. To Jollibee, BEE consistent and BEE better with your online delivery service. *bow*