8 days ago marked the one year that Mitch Lucker has been dead. Even though he is gone, he lives on not only in our hears but in our headphones. Mitch is a legend, hero, and amazing father and husband, and I am glad he is a part of our life’s. This is one of  my favorite pictures of Mitch, he looks so happy and he doesn’t give a single fuck, and he’s with my hero Austin Carlile and it makes me so sad cause its like a part of him is gone and I don’t know how to explain it, and I know it upsets not only him but all of us, that he’s gone. I know he’s in heaven looking down on Kenadee and Jolie and all of us wishing he could Lucker stomp with us all </3 R.I.P Mitch you’re forever in our hearts.

‘well this sucks’
ugh . this makes me want to cry .
it’s been over a month since Mitch died . /:
& I can’t even imagine what the holidays are going to be like for Kenadee & Jolie .
it breaks my heart that he had to die .
I just don’t understand .
but I guess everything happens for a reason , even though I have no clue what that reason would be ..
but , I just hope everything goes okay for Jolie & Kenadee . <3 #mitchlucker #mitchelladamlucker #mitchwemissyou #overamonth #wellthissucks #tombstone #grave #ugh #iwannacry #holidays #kenadeelucker #jolielucker #rock #in #paradise

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It disgusts me to get on here and realize that people are still trash talking “Jolie Lucker” and her daughter “Kenadee”. It’s been what a month since “Mitch Lucker” has passed away and you all still have the audacity to sit behind a computer screen and trash about his widow and his daughter? How dare you speak about two innocent human beings who are going through something so devastating that you could NEVER even begin to comprehend. Especially when you don’t even know him personally. The human race disgusts me. I can’t believe you people call yourselves his “fans”. 

You sit there and speak on how Jolie cheated on Mitch. How do you even know what happened in there personal life? You know shit about what went on in Mitch Lucker’s home life. All you people know is what he has posted, which was stated he was a bad alcoholic and it probably was all talk out of anger. You can tell Jolie Lucker adored her husband, vice versa. She has stood so strong with everything that has happened. or how big of a “bitch” she is because at his Vigil she was timing the moment of silence for Mitch. If you were a fan of Mitch’s band Suicide Silence and didn’t know that he was MARRIED and had a gorgeous daughter you were no fan. His family was his life. And you could tell that by the fact his whole instagram and twitter revolved around there well being!

Stop bashing, stop leaving her hateful things, just stop. Honestly, mitch luckers daughter will grow up one day and see what you all are saying about her fucking FATHER. HER F A T H E R. Her idol, her world. She will never get him back. She needs to know that Mitch was there for her no matter what the circumstances were and that he loved her and still loves her. He did not commit suicide, he did not die because Jolie Lucker let him walk out that front door. He was a grown ass man. He done what he wanted and she followed him. This is a horrific event. It has hurt MILLIONS. And the last thing this gorgeous family needs it to be hurt anymore by what you people have to say about what happened that night. It is NOT your CONCERN!

Make sue you guys go to the candlelight vigil for Mitch,I wanna see how many fans are still loyal. I wish I could go but I can’t. #oneyearaniversary #mitchslightpole #RIPMitchLucker #kenadeelucker #jolielucker #suicidesilence #WellneverforgetyouMitch #welovesuicidesilence #wemissyoumitch #thisyearhasgonebytofast #keepstompingmitch #dankenny #alexlopez #Chrisgarza #markheylmun #pleasewakeupmitch

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