This was pretty much a test and a challenge for myself to practice working in a limited palette with an eye toward making the sort of graphics some of the t-shirt sites require. It takes me a while to do this sort of art because it’s not anything like the way I normally work and makes me have to really stop and think about how I do things and then experiment a bit to make it work. This taught me a couple of things: I hate drawing guns and I detest shading hands in limited palette mode. LOL

Thanks to Lar De Souza for inspiring me to undertake this project and push myself to do something different. :-) He’s awesome. If you’re an artist, you should definitely join us to watch him draw on Ustream on Friday nights!


Sooo, I was SUPPOSED to be working on a fun piece of pangolin art I’ve been commissioned to do. However my brain, being the utter pain that it is, has totally locked itself into tribal mode which is not compatible with the piece I was supposed to be working on. >_<  And, apparently, it has two more ferret designs in mind and wants them all so we can make ferret themed wrapping papers and fabrics. (Sorry, Selentra! I promise I will get that pangolin done as soon as the stupid brain will let me!) *sigh* 

I tried something a little different on my last tribal piece (Fox Trybe) by putting some color behind it to make it pop more. I really liked how that turned out, so I decided to do a similar treatment on this one. It’s called Ferret Trybe: War Dance! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

I managed to get the fox head tribal cleaned up. I have a feeling this is going to possibly end up being 2 pieces: one with just the one fox head and some decorative stuff around it and one where it’s a 4 fox head mandala. Still haven’t figured out exactly what path to take with it yet.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not allow my work to be used for tattoos without a licensing fee being paid to me. So please do NOT post it to boards or blogs pertaining to tattoo designs or have it tattooed on yourself without permission. I’m disabled and on a very limited income. Using my art without permission and without compensating me is theft of earnings from my limited pool of funds!

Discontinuing Designs

For the sake of my own sanity, I have come to the decision to periodically cull down some designs from the online shops. These are items which have just not performed well over time. Some of my shops only allow me a certain number of sections for merchandise and keeping the stuff that isn’t selling will eventually get to the point of preventing the addition of newer works. So, with that in mind, the following designs will no longer be offered for sale after  March 31, 2016. While they will still be listed on the art site if they are currently on it, all of their shop presence will be removed. You can see where they are up for sale by clicking the provided links. If there’s a particular item you want any of these on which isn’t up in the shops already, now is your last chance to ask for it. Since they’re being pulled, you’ll probably have the only one to ever exist, too. That’s a plus if you just like having things no one else will have. After the above date, I will no longer take requests for these images.

Grok Me Amadeus!

Grok On!

Grok Rocks

Grok Salute

Grok Happens

I’m not posting the usual progression of WIP images because there wasn’t a whole lot of evolution on this one since it started out as a scanned sketch.  I completed it mostly while watching Lar DeSouzaon Ustream. Finished the rest after he was offline. I decided to keep the name that was kind of whispering in my brain when I did the initial Sharpie rough of it. I dub this piece of madness Downward Spiral. Cleaned up and completed in Manga Studio 5. I may offer prints and maybe a few other things later. It doesn’t lend itself to clothing or most items, really, so I’ll probably bypass doing a whole merchandise line for it anywhere. It’ll mostly be going to the more “arty” places like Imagekind and Fine Art America, I think. 

I have an unfinished work similar to this one that I’m about to scan in and start cleaning up.

Can’t sleep… angels will get me! X-D Up late and bored as hell, Can you tell? On a crazy whim I submitted this to Tee Fury. I don’t expect anything to come of it, though. I was goofing around with Adobe Illustrator to see if I could get my painterly brain to do something a bit more… graphical. I have to say, I like the calligraphic stroke tool for doing line work. The angel drawing was done ni Adobe.  I may have to practice with it some more. It could be handy for when I’m cleaning up my occasional tribal work. Then I ported the lines over to Paint Shop Pro and started playing with elements until I got this.

I worked on the commission I’ve been slogging on for a bit this evening while watching Lar DeSouza on Ustream. When the brain started balking at the complexity of it, I set it aside and worked on this idea that plopped into my brain at some point on April 2nd. I had noted it and made a quick render of the zombie dude head. So I pulled it together and finished it. I will most likely have it up in the NeatoShop before long. 

I’ve been working on a fairly complex commission as my health allows. I wanted to get some work done on it today, but my brain just couldn’t seem to stay focused enough. Rather than risk ruining what I’ve already done on it, I decided to set it aside.  

I still wanted to do something arty, though. I decided to crank out this more simple idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for a few weeks. It was modeled after an old Celtic angel design. I figure if Cas had a cafe he’d certainly make sure there was always pie in case Dean stopped by. :-D

I should have this up for sale in a few places shortly. 

So, I got some awesome news

The folks on Lar DeSouza’s Ustream got the advance notice on this news, but I thought I’d post it for those who hadn’t heard yet. I had been eyeballing Neatorama’s NeatoShop as a possible venue for my work for a bit, but I was kind of hesitant to try for it because it’s an invitation only sort of site and I saw that they already had a decent sized list of really popular and talented artists like DJ Kopet, Kharma Zero, Pig Boom and DooomCat. I figured they likely wouldn’t want my stuff because a lot of it isn’t the kind of work their hot sellers make.  But then I decided that I would lose nothing by trying. I got a wild hair Thursday evening and decided to send them a link to my website and the other info they ask for on their artist recommendation form. You can actually recommend artists to them, too, even if you don’t know them personally but are a fan. 

Well, I got an email Friday afternoon saying that they love my designs and that they wanted to invite  me to join the ranks of NeatoShop! I was a little stunned to say the least.  I’ve already started adding things over there now. The only downside is they have an image size requirement that’s WAY different than any other site I deal with, so I’m having to reformat everything I put up there. It’s somewhat of a pain, but Manga Studio seems to be doing a better job of this huge size change than Paint Shop Pro is. I’m really, really glad I got that for Yule as it’s beginning to prove to be quite a handy tool both for line art and for other purposes. 

This opportunity comes with some definite perks, too. They’ll actually give me shirts to do giveaways for promotions and send me free samples and things on occasion. So it is helpful in building up more fans and getting more of my work out there.  I’m hoping this means 2015 just might be a bit better year than last year. *crosses fingers*

I’ll be adding things slowly as usual, so keep an eye on the shop here:

Hope your New Year starts off with something good, too! :-)


Completed gift art of a My Little Pony original character for a participant in the Holiday Wishes group over on Live Journal. I hope she enjoys it! :-D

And, before anyone asks, I don’t normally do a lot of gift art or commissions. When I do, I charge an hourly rate and it can be quite expensive due to the fact that I’m disabled and making art takes me a while these days due to neurological issues which are getting worse as I age. I charge like that because pushing myself to get something done can cause not only frustration, but a good deal of pain. So, pretty much you have to make it worth me going through that.  :-p