jolie this is cheesy

Les Amis & Co. as ways I procrastinated studying in the last days
  • Enjolras:  There was a protest right outside my flat and they kept yelling slogans, distracting me.
  • Combeferre: I spent half an hour discussing the reasons of the protest with my flatmates and why it was counter-productive, 
  • Courfeyrac: I danced with my roommate to cheesy 90s songs 
  • Joly: I watched a video about how to survive a bear attack because you never know what might happen in the middle of a city. 
  • Bossuet: I made myself a cup of tea but while I was going back to the desk I hit my pinky toe and spilled the tea all over the book. 
  • Feuilly: I cleaned the flat because it looked like a dump.
  • Bahorel: My flatmates were discussing law and I just listened to them even though I was falling asleep. 
  • Jehan: I argued with my flatmates who want to convince me to wear fancy clothes tonight even if I don’t feel like it.
  • Grantaire: I wasted my time thinking “Studying this is pointless, I still won’t be able to make anything good in my life.” 
  • Eponine: I had left my book in the living room but in the corridor there was a person I didn’t feel like talking to, so I waited for them to go away. 
  • Musichetta: My flatmate was sick, so I made her a soup and a hot tea. 
  • Montparnasse: Someone stole my flatmate’s Nutella and we tried to identify the guilty parties.
  • Cosette: I argued with my flatmates because “No, girls, I don’t feel at ease going to a male strip club. Oh, the guest star is a famous porn star? Great. I still don’t want to come, thank you?”. 
  • Marius: I just spent some time headbutting the desk.
  • BONUS: Victor Hugo: I wasted my time writing this post. 
some festive joly things to consider
  • joly buying souvenir christmas baubles everywhere he goes
  • joly having the biggest collection of cheesy christmas movies 
  • joly mixing practically deadly christmas drinks insisting that they’re great cures for colds
  • jbm taking ridiculous selfies in the snow (bossuet has fallen over like five times and has a black eye) (chetta is wearing the earmuffs joly bought her and she complained but she actually loves them and she looks adorable) 
  • feuilly always makes things for his friends’ presents and throughout winter joly is frequently seen covered in a mountain of hand knitted hats and scarfs and gloves to stay warm (and also because he loves them and feuilly always picks lovely colours) (he also wears nothing but the awful christmas jumpers jehan has bought him over the years) 
  • his hands are always so fucking cold how is this possible
  • being determined to find ways to make his friends enjoy christmas even if they think it’s a capitalist mess or that it always ends up with the family getting drunk and arguing
  • joly and bossuet trying to untangle fairly lights
  • he has socks that play christmas songs

gotohellstephano  asked:

joly giggling whenever he hears a really cheesy joke and then immediately telling it to musichetta who laughs and snorts (which then in turn makes bossuet laugh). sometimes their friends will just see the three of them having a gigglefest and they just shake their heads with a smile bc they're such dorks

what dorks oh my goodness

okay well my personal favorite joke headcanons for these three are as follows:

joly is the master of puns and innuendo. and no one expects it because he’s like this little innocent ball of fluff but he can make anything dirty and has serious skill when it comes to ‘that’s what she said’

bossuet is the only person in the world over the age of seven who still likes knock-knock jokes but he tells them so earnestly and with such glee that you can’t just not laugh. also he’s a master of physical comedy, not just like tripping but the way he’ll stop and change directions while running is hilarious like he’s just naturally good at it

musichetta is excellent for two things: comical facial expressions, and stories. and i’m talking either really long, detailed, fascinating stories that she draws out for ten minutes that end with a pun or stand-up comedy level stories of hilarity that are so funny you don’t stop laughing the entire time she’s telling the story

/rolls around

I want to write a fic where Grantaire can’t shake off how much he’s in love with Enjolras but he tries anyway. I wanna write a fic where he has fun with his friends and kisses cute boys and kisses cute girls and loves people who don’t identify as either. I wanna write a fic where he’s in relationships and he goes on dates and his art gets featured in a local gallery and he’s actually charming- him, charming?!- at the reception ceremony and joly and bossuet are taking cheesy photos of him and Musi is all smiles and grace and “why, yes, I am the model for this painting. Thank you! Yes, I think he drew me beautifully, too!" 

I want him to move forward and stumble back and get back on his feet. I want him to have so much going in his life but Enjolras is still a weakness, still a pain, and its been two years but he stills looks at that man and he aches. He hurts. Because its hard to hear Enjolras laugh. Its hard to see him smile. There are still so many songs Grantaire can’t allow himself to listen to if he wants to feel okay. He can’t introduce him to his partners. He can’t go to the Mussain during low periods. He can’t be friends with Enjolras, no matter how much he wants to, no matter how much better of a person he has become. No matter how much this healing and happy Grantaire could actually, in some telling of their story, maybe even be good friends with Enjolras, he can’t.

He can’t.

He loves him and he can’t and that hurts.